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Landscape lighting will be very similar to writing of a picture, only not paints, and light. And in this case there is no decision for all sites: everyone, as well as a picture, is individual and that approaches in one case - unacceptably in another. There is a lot of methods of lighting. The most widespread options - illumination of facades of buildings, illumination of paths and an entrance to garage, nurseries and playgrounds, the Alpine hills and ponds, fountains, sculptures, various decorative elements.

should Begin with

creation of system with a well thought-out plan and drawing up the scheme of all elements - lines, lamps, protective devices. If you have a skill of work with electricity, then it is possible independently correctly and, the most important, is safe to bring together all system. Otherwise it is better to address the expert.

In an arbor...

Often after stuffy summer day somehow does not want to get into the house even if conditioners and ventilation are provided in it. It is much more pleasant to have supper with friends in an arbor or on an open verandah. Here and a mangalchik with brochette near it is easy to attach... Illumination of an arbor it is the best of all for p to do

two-level: the first - functional, intended for the general lighting when it is necessary to make something inside, the second - for rest. The first level is created in order that all volume of an arbor was evenly and is low-contrast is lit. Best of all here the console design of illuminants when they are not visible will approach, and light is radiated by space from above. The most acceptable color scale with warm shades of light. It is natural that the internal part of the room, but not border of a site has to be lit. At the second option lamps with an adjustable light stream that it was possible to create that level of illumination which is necessary at present most of all will approach.

the lamp, Suspended on a chain, is ideally suited for

for illumination of verandahs and arbors and fastens to a ceiling. The case of such lamp is made of nielloed aluminum or other metal and glass. Supply voltage - 220 V, a light source - a lamp with E27 with a power up to 100 W socle. Class of protection of the IP44 lamp.

... And on paths

Illumination of garden paths is considered the most difficult - it demands special approach. First of all garden lamps have to fit into a landscape both by the sizes, and on design. It is absolutely optional that all lamps were one type - for different places it is possible to use different. That which distributes light only on a surface of a path and nothing, except it, not lighting will be the most successful option of illumination of paths. For this purpose it is worth getting low (40 - 50 cm) the lamps giving a soft, diffused light. Originally paths with the lamps which are built in curbstone look. However, this decision expensive.

Extended routes of the country territory should be lit with

evenly, so that it was possible to be guided in space. Besides, light should not go to eyes to the pedestrian. Illumination which will only designate contours (so-called marker lighting) is suitable for small paths.

Advantage of unostentatious illumination of a garden - lack of the blinding operation of lamps at night and their invisibility in the afternoon that eliminates effect of invasion of an alien element into the general concept of design of a garden. Light sources at the same time can be low, settle down at ground level or in a path cloth, but the distance between lamps should not be big not to break integrity of perception of a footpath. If the case is made of opaque plastic that creates effect of invisibility, then it is difficult to find the lamp. The size of the lamp is close to the size of small paving slabs. As a light source the LED matrix is used. Material and a design of this lamp have the high mechanical durability and protection against water and dust (IP67).

the Classical high lamp for illumination of paths and avenues - the lamp - a floor lamp. Features of its design cause distribution of a light stream and down, and in the parties. The paving, and also trees and walls of the next constructions are filled in with a soft diffused light. Such lamp on a support will ideally fit into any classical design of a landscape.

Usually the case of the lamp is made by

of aluminum, plafonds from glass or polycarbonate. Design height - to 2,5 m. Supply voltage - 220 V, degree of protection - IP44, a light source - a bulb with E27 with a power up to 100 W socle. Now more and more compact energy saving lamps in which the effect of a luminescence is applied find application.

Care of plants requires so much patience, attention and care, and fruits of this work are so beautiful that there is a wish to admire the Alpine hills, beds, lawns and in the afternoon, and in the evening. It is no wonder that many summer residents go to the additional expense to arrange illumination of a garden.

Most important - to decide by

on the general concept. Possibilities of light are surprising: he allows to create mood, to make a garden mysterious and mysterious, festive and magic. If to highlight flower beds, a lawn from top to down in dark time, they will look habitually as in the afternoon. And here when light and shadows are interchanged the position (there is it in case illumination “from below up“ is put), there are interesting effects. Beds and the Alpine hills - the most various objects of a svetodizayn on the applied techniques. Here the bright and muffled light sources, various types and flowers are used. Them have over, around and even in object.

can establish to

Under stones of the Alpine hill the bright lamp directed up so that light made the way through cracks between stones. If the light source rather strong, arises illusion of the shining “stalks“ growing between stones. It is necessary to remember that the powerful light source is capable to overheat a korneobitayemy layer, and then the plants living on a hill at best will strongly suffer, in the worst - will die. Besides, it is necessary to use the light source adapted for these purposes (degree of protection not lower than IP67).

With masking of lawn illumination usually no questions arise - easy to hide it in green fences, in a lawn grass. In shady places with dense vegetation where illuminants on solar batteries suffer a shortage of the sun, it is possible to use lighting systems of a low voltage (12 V). They the real find for summer residents.

the lamps made of steel with the console and an edge thanks to which fast installation in soil is possible can be Other example of the low-voltage equipment. A light source - a halogen bulb of a low voltage of GU 5,3 with the maximum power of 35 W. The top part of the lamp with transparent glass and the changing head tilt angle. The design of the lamp and the material used for its production guarantee high mechanical resistance both high water - and a pylenepronitsayemost. Degree of protection of the lamp - IP65. Height of the lamp installed in soil - of 15 - 25 cm the Angle of adjustment of a reflector in the vertical plane - to 1800, on the horizon - to 3600.

Water, water, water

Producers of the equipment for ponds release a circle several types of the lamps calculated on operation on water and under it.

the Floating lamp on solar batteries is the most economical and safe way of illumination of a water smooth surface. The mysterious light flickering in the depth of the lamp thanks to a white light-emitting diode, a silvery surface and an original form reminds the reduced copy of an UFO. The waterproof basis from plastic allows the lamp to float. It automatically will join with nightfall and will be switched off at dawn. Food of a lamp is carried out from nickel - cadmic AA accumulators which are charged by means of solar batteries. They are mounted on a device cover. Current which is created by batteries makes 600 - 1000 ma, that provides up to 1000 cycles of a charge - the category and serves as a guarantee of long-term work.

Service life of lamps - 10 years. Full day recharge (not in cloudy weather) is enough for 12 - 14 hours of continuous work. A light source - a light-emitting diode of white color of a luminescence. Lamps are not afraid of a rain, snowfall and other atmospheric precipitation. Maintain difference of temperatures from − 300 to 500. Power of lamps - no more than 2 W. They do not demand leaving, expenses on the electric power, for their installation wires are not necessary.

Tremendous effect floating lamps which remind the drifting giant bubbles on water give

. In twilight and at night such shining sphere looks very unusually. Its beams disperse on 1800 that allows to highlight not only a bottom of a reservoir, but also coastal plants.

the Easy spherical plafond of the lamp is made by

of transparent colourless plastic. It keeps on water thanks to a plastic float which internal space when lowering works for a water surface as an air chamber. A light source - a “filipsovsky“ halogen lamp of 5 W. Its waterproofing is reached due to use of a sealant. Connection to a source of tension is arranged on the lower party of the case, under water therefore it is not visible. The lowering transformer 220 - 240 / 12 V with an eurofork and degree of protection of IP24 which is established in the room or under a canopy is included in the package. Power of lamps is small therefore lamps are not suitable for intensive illumination of a reservoir, but they create the cozy atmosphere.

Length of a connecting cable usually to 7,5 m. At assembly, dismantling, maintenance of the equipment it is always necessary to disconnect devices from tension source.

also underwater lamps of the European firms which are suitable for installation under water (degree of protection of IP68) Exist. The tight lamp of projector type with a halogen lamp (the of 20 - 35 W HR GU5,3 brands) and a mirror reflector, color light filters, the lowering transformer on 12 V and the platform - a basis for installation on a reservoir bottom is included in the package of the lamp. The tilt angle of a searchlight changes over a wide range therefore the light picture can be very effective at the direction of a beam from - under waters to a surface or the direction on the falling water from the fountain. Simultaneous use of two - three searchlights with various light filters gives a unique combination of flowers and shades in water.