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Soon in maternity hospital?

By the end of pregnancy the woman so are tired of it that each change in the state perceives readily immediately to go to delivery room, hoping that at last “hour X“ came. But often the alarm is false, and the moment of a meeting with the kid should be postponed for some time again. Let`s try to understand what changes demonstrate fast childbirth.

of Fight of Braxton - Hicks

They carry the name of false or training contractions. It is the earliest sign of the coming childbirth. During fights there is a preparation of a uterus for the child`s birth. They promote a neck softening, but do not lead to its disclosure as it occurs at the real fights. Braxton`s fights - Hicks irregular, have incidental character, do not bring discomfort, painless and disappear after short-term rest, stroking of a stomach or a warm shower.


of a mucous stopper

At the tservikalny channel slime which together with other mechanisms of protection throughout all pregnancy protects a fruit from an infection is present. For 1 - 2 weeks or 2 - 3 hour before childbirth the mucous stopper can depart, and it demonstrates that the neck of a uterus began to reveal. The stopper is a small transparent and colourless dense lump, sometimes with blood streaks. It can depart entirely or parts. You should not worry that its otkhozhdeniye before childbirth threatens the kid with an infection - it is protected by amniotic covers. Otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper demands medical consultation and survey, only if it occurred earlier, than in 2 weeks prior to estimated date of childbirth.

Decrease in body weight

Before childbirth the endocrine system is reconstructed by

- progesterone is succeeded by estrogen that leads to loss of appetite, reduction of hypostases and depletion of intestines. Progesterone which reduces all pregnancy sokratitelny activity of a uterus in this way affects also smooth muscles of intestines, and it leads to frequent locks of pregnant women. In addition progesterone promotes a liquid delay in an organism, being the reason of numerous hypostases.

Reduction of standing of a bottom of a uterus

Is a changeable sign and it depends, first of all, on prelying of a fruit. If it is in head prelying, then approximately in 2 weeks prior to families of the woman note that it became easier for them to breathe, and the stomach fell. The head of the kid nestles on basin bones more densely, preparing for birth.

the Listed above symptoms or signs are not constants, can be shown to a greater or lesser extent at different women, and are not a signal to a trip to maternity hospital. And here at emergence of the following two signs hospitalization is obligatory.

Most often childbirth begins

of Fight with fights which are shown by reductions of a uterus, nagging pains in a waist and in the bottom of a stomach. The main difference of labor pains from training is their regularity, increase of intensity and shortening of an interval between them. Optimum time for a trip to delivery room is the interval between fights of 5 minutes. But it only if the woman is near clinic.

amniotic waters Are normal of Izlitiye`s

of amniotic waters stream in the second phase of childbirth, but sometimes it occurs long before the beginning of fights and even before estimated date of childbirth. If waters streamed in one stage, it is necessary to notice it, but often the rupture of a bubble is too small, waters only leak, and women just note increase in quantity and change of nature of allocations which become waterier.

Premature izlity amniotic waters and a long waterless interval are dangerous by a fruit hypoxia, development of the wrong patrimonial activity, and the most important - penetration of an infection into a uterus cavity. Therefore in case of an otkhozhdeniye of waters or their insignificant dribble it is necessary to address surely to maternity hospital even in the absence of fights.

However often pregnant and doctors doubt available a gap and an izlitiya of waters, especially at small dribble. The doubting woman, as a rule, stays at home, continues to wait for more strong indications of childbirth, putting at the child at risk in case of existence of a gap, and the doubting doctors prefer to stimulate patrimonial activity in order to avoid infectious complications. In such ambiguous situations it is the best of all to use additional methods of diagnostics which are microscopy of dab vaginal separated and various diagnostic tests. But the majority of the methods of diagnostics existing today give high percent of mistakes (20 - 40%), and already an hour later after the last episode of dribble at all on informational content are equated to usual gynecologic survey.

the Only method of diagnostics yielding nearly 100% result (98 - 99%) - is the test Amnishur. It is approved by the European Association of obstetricians - gynecologists and is successfully applied also by doctors in clinical practice, and independently women in house conditions. Its principle is based on detection in a vagina placentary and - a mikroglobullina - 1 which normal is present only at amniotic waters. On test results Amnishur impurity of sperm, urine, blood in vaginal separated or infectious diseases, as do not affect other tests. It is so exact that it is capable to reveal even protein traces 12 hours later after the last episode of dribble of amniotic waters. Its important advantage - a possibility of independent diagnostics in house conditions. It allows to take necessary measures at a rupture of fetal covers in time or to avoid unnecessary hospitalization and medicamentous therapy at a false alarm.

the Rupture of a bubble and premature izlity amniotic waters can develop at any woman even if it is absolutely healthy. But nevertheless there are certain criteria by which it is possible to reveal pregnant women from risk group. It helps the doctor and the woman to react quickly in case of suspicious situations and not to allow development of complications. Patients from risk group are always recommended to carry at themselves the test Amnishur to have an opportunity to confirm or disprove the suspicions and in the shortest possible time to be the clinic brought to specialized office.

you Remember
: if izlitiya of waters or dribble occurred on term till 34 weeks, it is necessary to insist on hospitalization in the perinatal center (they exist in all regions now). A positive test result Amnishur - I the basis for such tactics even if it was conducted independently in house conditions.

How to define whether you consist in risk group? For this purpose there is no need to re-read the sea of professional literature. It is possible to ask the gynecologist about it or to pass special free on - line the test which will allow to define whether there is a risk prenatal an izlitiya of waters and as far as it is high. The test consists of short questions, having answered which during of 5 - 10 minutes, the woman obtains the developed information on the risk group if it exists.

on the basis of results of on - line of the test or just at desire to learn about a dribble problem more, it is possible to use on - line consultation of the specialist in questions of a premature rupture of fetal covers. It will help the woman to orient with the state, to understand what happens to her that doctors in case of a gap have to undertake and why it is necessary to work so, but not differently. On - line consultation is a way to be prepared for internal visit of the gynecologist to have an opportunity more in detail to communicate on the interesting subject and the nobility about what it is worth taking an interest at the expert, proceeding from the individual clinical data. it is important to p to remember

: on - line consultation as well as on - line the test are not alternative of internal visit to the doctor and do not cancel it. They only help the woman to understand an essence of the events and to be prepared for hospitalization in case of need.

Existence of regular contractions, an izlitiya of amniotic waters and disclosure of a neck of a uterus testify to the beginning of childbirth and appearance of the kid on light.

At disputable situations when patrimonial activity irregular, and the test is negative, further tactics of conducting pregnancy depends on its terms. At pregnancy till 40 weeks about the woman after carrying out the whole list of analyses observe still within a day and allow to go home. If pregnancy - 40 weeks and more, then hospitalize the woman in office of pathology of pregnant women and decide on a rodorazresheniye method.