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Home accidents at children: we act quickly and correctly!

the Child aged from one till three years actively learns the world, practically everything is interesting to it around, but here danger level for the present is not realized and physical capacities are not big. Of course, the best prevention of injuries - constant parental attention and prevention of potentially dangerous situations. But everything cannot be provided therefore it is very important to be prepared and to understand how to work. Check as far as you are ready to give quickly and effectively help to the kid in emergency situation.

of NB: At deep injuries, burns, severe and big on the area, and other serious damages it is necessary to call the ambulance immediately!!

Unfortunately, during active growth and knowledge of the world almost all children are traumatized. Absolutely it is impossible to avoid it, probably, but it is possible to try to minimize.

the Reason of frequent traumatism at children - insufficient development of motility and coordination of movements therefore it is possible to reduce probability of traumatizing by means of active development of coordination and motility in children. The developing techniques allow children to become more dexterous and sure. And for the correct development the children`s organism needs to be provided with vitamins and minerals. And the more so vitamins B the rehabilitation period after injuries are important. Some parents ignore recommendations of doctors of reception vitaminno - mineral complexes the child during this period. But such approach is quite misleading: vitamins and minerals are necessary to an organism, both for establishing normal exchange processes, and for the further growth and development. by

As it is correct to p to choose vitamins for the smallest? There are several conditions to which there have to correspond vitamins for kids:

ALPHABET ® our kid - vitaminno - a mineral complex for children of 1 - 3 years:

  • Hypoallergenic. The Convenient form for reception by small children does not contain preservatives, dyes and fragrances
  • (powder for preparation of drink)
  • When developing a complex considered compatibility of components

Structure the ALPHABET ® our kid is developed according to WHO recommendations and scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science.