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How to paint eggs: new ideas of

With approach of a holiday of Easter all look forward to the most important stage of preparation - painting of eggs!, It seems, from year to year same, the same eggs and the same paints, but every time when all family gathers at a kitchen table, making the decision on that how many eggs as well as with what paint to paint, some magic when nobody hurries anywhere soars in air, and just enjoys warm family communication.

We paint already so many years with

eggs by Easter that it seems as if nothing new can already be thought up, what we only did not try. In our arsenal there was everything - both an onions peel, and food dyes, and various stickers and even a mysterious thermofilm with sophisticated patterns! But new or at least the ideas which are not tested by you will be always. In this article we will offer you several new or well forgotten old ideas how to paint eggs.

should be Begun with

, probably, with the soft muffled colors fashionable now and with interesting effect of uneven coloring. So, how to paint eggs such unusual colors moreover and with original effect? For this purpose it is necessary to forget about modern achievements in the field of chemistry and to remember, than our grandmothers painted eggs. About an onions peel all therefore there is no sense know to tell about its advantages once again, but not all know about other natural dyes. For natural green color use 50 grams of tea a mat on 1 liter of water, bring to boiling, put the eggs cooked in abrupt in water and leave for 1 hour. If there is an opportunity to get juice from elder berries, then heat it on fire and put in it the cooked eggs, in an hour they will gain gentle lilac color. To receive eggs of yellow color, use curry powder, add 50 gr. a curry in 1 liter of water, bring to boiling, put eggs in water and leave for 1 hour. Light-brown eggs can be received, having left them for an hour in coffee made of 50 grams of ground coffee and 1 liter of water. Blue or blue eggs can be received if to leave them for an hour in broth of bilberry, prepared in a proportion 250 gr. bilberries on 1 liter of water.

How to paint eggs to achieve interesting effect - a pattern of leaves? For this purpose it is necessary to sort a herbarium or, as a last resort, the bouquet bought by chance paintings of eggs by Easter holiday. Leaflets of different forms and the sizes, petals and the whole heads of flowers will be necessary. Also not to do without dyes, it is possible to use both natural, and industrial paints, and still it will be necessary for you, be only not surprised, kapron stockings or tights. Begin just with stockings, cut them on pieces so that in each of them one egg was located. And now the most interesting begins. Dip into water of a head of flowers, petals and leaves, and stick them to egg, by means of water they will adjoin more densely to a shell, and under them paint will not get. Now accurately wrap up egg fabric from a stocking, pull it and fix by threads. Fabric has to fit very densely egg that leaves or flowers could not move. If fabric not rather densely fits egg, then the necessary effect will not be gained because paint will flow under flowers and leaves. When all eggs are packed into stockings, lower them in dye, wait until the shell is painted, then take out eggs and wait until they dry. When eggs dried, accurately take off a stocking and remove flowers, petals and leaves. If all of you made correctly, at you the same beautiful festive Easter eggs have to turn out.

If such difficult and demanding a huge number of free time ways of registration of eggs not for you, and all of you still ask a question how to paint eggs for Easter, then pay attention to the following idea. This option is suitable for the hostesses appreciating multifunctionality of the used materials. Vozdushno - the bubbly film can carry out functions of a protective packing material for fragile things, and still it is all the known podnimatel of mood and means of removal of a stress, but on it its useful opportunities do not come to an end, this film can be used for creation of original Easter eggs. Generally, if you want to surprise guests, then use this idea. You need several long rectangular pieces vozdushno of a bubbly film, water-soluble acrylic paint, a big flat brush and boiled eggs which you will paint. By means of a brush apply paint with an even layer on the bubbly party of a film, also arrive with the remained pieces of a film and other flowers of paint. Take egg and begin to roll it on a film, holding for the tips. On egg there will be interesting prints. When the first paint coat on eggs dries, roll it on the following film with paint of other color, and so until bothers, but it is better to be limited to in 2 - 3 flowers. Guests will be very surprised, and the question how to paint eggs to achieve such interesting effect will become the main thing for discussion at a table.

But that it we all about difficult and about opportunities of dyes. Sometimes so there is a wish to take a brush, paints in hand, and to draw something. The imagination carefully palms off on our look the most real masterpieces, and in practice the things far from an ideal, as a rule, turn out. What to do and how to paint eggs if the artist in you lives somewhere absolutely deeply in soul? The main thing - to begin, to take in hand not a brush and paper, and, for example, a toothpick, acrylic paints and eggs. On eggs which will be served to a table nobody will begin to draw something very difficult and demanding big time expenditure. The simple pattern moreover and put by means of a toothpick, will be able to draw everyone. Do not think that if drawing simple, means bad or ugly. Even the simple pattern can be beautiful, original and interesting. Boil eggs and paint them the colors chosen by you. Discover paints and prepare toothpicks. Dip a toothpick tip into paint and apply several five-leaved florets on egg, easily touching with a toothpick tip a shell. Dip a tip of a pure toothpick into paint of other color and also draw with light touches a core of florets. If colored eggs decorates 3 - 5 such painted eggs, the easter table will look very festively.


One more simple, but interesting answer to a question how to paint eggs for Easter - to make them in peas. More simply than a pattern in peas yet nobody thought up anything, but a thing including the eggs painted with such pattern look just smartly. As you know, peas can be made large or absolutely small, everything depends on your desire. But about everything one after another. Let`s begin with small peas. Eggs, food dye in which you will paint them, and also two or three color contours for glass will be necessary for you. Paint eggs, well dry them and by means of contours put volume points - small peas. Completely the contour, as a rule, within 24 hours, but as practice shows dries, in 12 hours such eggs can be taken safely in hand or to give to a table. Large peas on eggs are drawn also simply. In the same way at first it is necessary to paint and dry eggs. Now prepare white acrylic paint and a pencil with eraser on the end. Dip an eraser into paint and use it as a stamp, draw with it peas on all surface of egg and leave on five - ten minutes before paint drying.

How to paint eggs so that on it is mute were geometrical figures, various lines or crosses are visible? All ingenious, as always, just to impropriety. You need a usual adhesive plaster, it is necessary to use not a modern plaster, but the most usual, white, at what the sticky party does not pass through itself anything and it is pasted tightly. Also the painting adhesive tape can be suitable for these purposes. Cut out from an adhesive plaster or an adhesive tape of a strip of necessary length and width and pour also them on eggs. Carefully press a plaster at the edges. And having only convinced that it was pasted very well, lower eggs in dye. When the shell is painted, dry eggs and only then remove an adhesive tape or an adhesive plaster. On the place of a plaster there will be an initial color of an egg shell, and egg will get an interesting pattern.

How to paint eggs so that any more anybody had no such eggs nor on one table? What we only did not use in a pursuit of beautiful eggs what only means and secrets did not use to answer this question, but today we will prompt one more idea of creation of original Easter eggs. For certain many of those who celebrate Easter holiday periodically visit church and bring home candles. This time the simplest thin church candles will be necessary for us. Boil eggs to readiness and carefully dry them. A candle write on them names of the invited guests or on each egg write on a letter, and on a table then lay out from them the word Easter or any other, symbolizing this holiday. When all words, names or letters are written, lower eggs in dye. Those places which wax from a candle concerned will remain not painted over, and you will be able to treat guests with nominal eggs or to surprise with the interesting decoration of a table which is laid out from such eggs.

there are more and more ideas Every year how to paint eggs by Easter, but, as a rule, all these ideas were to some extent used by our mothers and grandmothers. However now and to us is what them to surprise and to please, and such opportunity therefore arm with ideas cannot miss, stock up with eggs, dream, create and paint eggs so that your table looked brightly, festively and very beautifully!