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Final in details of

about 20 years ago experiences more and more sincere were associated with final (farewell to the childhood, dawn over the river). Now parents convulsively count expenses: on dresses, on restaurant, on show - the program... More and more expensively and more abruptly! And here at one of the Moscow schools of 10 of 40 graduates - 2011 in general refused to participate in all this. And this case not single.

of Mariyatrofimov, the graduate - 1982:

And at us the alternative was not: then all at the schools noted. An official part and a disco - in the assembly hall, and a buffet reception - in sports. We prepared a concert for parents in advance, and then they left, and we remained to dance.

the New dress for the king

- the eldest son was issued Seven years ago, - Anna tells. - I look at photos from that evening and I cannot keep from smiling. Near my child in an “adult“ suit there is a girl tortured by preparation for examinations - the typical four-eyes - the botanist. And on it - a magnificent dress in a floor (obviously pure polyester!) . And lean breasts in a deep decollete. So all children were dressed up then.

last year younger grew to final. And what we saw? His schoolmates, all as one, came in the fashionable, well sewed dresses from qualitative fabrics. But while I admired little girls, one of mothers whispered:

- the Crying shame! Here we have in Ukraine on what rather poor people, but on final dresses for daughters do not save: in total in crinolines, in spangles, with a decollete - you will admire! And it - that? As on weekday are dressed!

could not Answer with

to me: the final suit of the son consisted of white jeans and a striped jacket. By the way, it carried then both that, and another, literally without removing, all summer.

- Here and mine already declared that the final dress has to be such that then in a case it was not depended, - Valentina says.

- I too a suit will buy the son the most practical, - Olga picks up. - Probably, linen: that later to put on a jacket with jeans, and trousers - with t-shirts.

What was what became and what it would be desirable? Correspondents of “ZSh“ interrogated graduates of the former, future, and also their parents. And here that turned out. - We idea to note at school of a shallow at once, - Valentina, mother of the Moscow graduate - tells 2011. - In - the first, the director from thought that it is necessary to be responsible for everything to administration, was delighted not. And in - the second, after 9 - go a class already, and it was pleasant to nobody. Then the entertainment, decoration of the hall, the organization of a disco were undertaken by parental committee. I always entered it and I can tell that neither other parents, nor children sought to potter with something similar. And in an hour after the beginning children went home.

it was impossible to buy
A something decent 30 years ago. Therefore all ordered dresses from dressmakers in advance. And me mother sewed - on a pattern from “Wish-wash“.

On departure or houses?

But schools where the possibility to note final on the party is not considered in principle are.

- At us teach children from all Russia, - Sergey, the former pupil of school of Kolmogorov at MSU - So final - a holiday house says. By tradition on it there come parents, they also buy products, and school cooks prepare an entertainment. The invited actors too usually are not: the cultural program is provided with common efforts of teachers, children and parents. Solemn evening begins with welcome speech of the rector of MSU, deans of faculties, representatives of student council of MSU and the invited guests. And graduates of last years still surely come (they are called “super“). All of them are already students of MSU of Physics and Technology faculty, Baumanka, live in hostels, and our school for them as a home. And in general, for our children release is not a step to new, novel life. They entered the university by results of the Olympic Games long ago.

- the Director of our gymnasium wanted that noted at school, - Olga, mother of the Moscow graduate says. - But we, parents, decided that we will be most practical. A class at us small − 16 people. Children flatly refused to entertain themselves: told that want to relax. To remove the whole hall of restaurant for them and it is unprofitable to invite the host. Therefore will celebrate in the Kremlin palace: for 5000 rubles the buffet reception (drinks, fruit, pastries) and a concert are promised. Still we will collect for 1000 on a limousine (the bus for us is big) and for 1000 - on a buffet reception after delivery of certificates. About gifts to teachers solved so: each child buys a bouquet to the specific teacher plus a memento from all class. Allegedly it will be art albums. Such you will not buy yourself, and on books still it is possible also thanksgiving words and wishes to write. It still approximately for 2000. Plus tapes - hand bells. We expect to keep within 12 of 000 - 13 000 rubles.

Crinolines and a decollete give way to cocktail dresses: long live practicality!

“Dembelsky“ an album

the Separate item of expenditure for parents of graduates - memorable albums with photos of a class. Since February - March, that is long before final examinations, in search of customers on schools photographers and cameramen start walking. Offers which they do differ a little because that offers the Internet. Only the Internet is, as a rule, cheaper. What final albums happen?

the offer Most widespread in recent years - a multipage album with the place for photos and with sheets for wishes.

As a rule, in it on the first fly-leaf - the graduate`s photo with a tape and a hand bell. On other pages photos from the last call and production shots from school life usually are placed.

to us for memory took the big general picture: a portrait of each pupil, below - a name and a surname. Plus photo of all our teachers. Recently met a class, so I the day before got this photo to remember names of those with whom all these years did not communicate. Was very useful!

the Most creative pictorialists suggest to add a selection with amateur pictures: here someone incidentally fell asleep at a lesson, and someone tries to learn at least one ticket before examination. The general photo on the last fly-leaf crowns all this beauty.

- And we decided to shift care of an album to children, - Olga says. - Parents only paid a photoshoot for each child and bought nice photo albums. And what pictures to select what inscriptions and wishes to accompany them - all this we assigned to children. That is from us - money, and from them - creativity.

From Internet forums

of Lia
U me was a year ago. Noted in “The lock of entertainments“. Hardly stayed an official part because was very hot, but almost all cried... Attesgata - rewarding - the response word of graduates - a proshurshala dresses on the city - unforgettable night. By the way, dawn was not found - send it to meet almost in mornings.

of of Nastya
U us in Volgushe will be then we go to Moscow on Red Square to meet this dawn.
10 - I the school in bowling noted

of of Anechka. It was quite good. Without incidents... Though the host got awful. We only came, sat down at tables, wanted to have a bite at least, and it clung with some competitions at once... But parents with teachers then all evening burned down more graduates. I can precisely tell it. The director in a kerchief drove round dances, the historian danced - a show, so to say, not daily.

of of neua Noted
in theater. One bottle of wine on 5 people and a lot of parents + protection. Appropriated us strictly for a list at 5 in the morning.

the Problem about which do not speak

- studied At our school, generally children of workers of the next plant, - tells 50 - summer the native of Ulyanovsk. - And to bring on final binge was it seems as valor. We with Slavik and Sank, for example, bought secretly from parents some plodovo - berry rubbish. From it carried us so that personally I do not remember action. But Sana`a it was even worse, and we from Slavkaya led it home. At first under hands dragged, and then exhausted, released, and it at once fell. Then we took him by hands and dragged. Dragged to park and grew weak. But not to throw the friend! Generally, we prikopat it under a tree in dry branches and went home to sleep. In the middle of the night I jumped up as stung: “Sanek - that in park!“ Waved away from mother`s questions, put on - and again in park. San so in branches also slept. I recovered already a little, picked up it which - as dragged to the apartment, leaned against a door, called - and down a ladder. But managed to hear: the door opened, deaf knock of the fallen body and shout of Sankiny mother was distributed. Then we from Slavkaya went to study to Moscow, and Sanek came to a military college. But also today, more than 30 years later, he is already retired colonel of rocket troops - categorically does not want to recognize that all this happened to it. As they say, there were years, got dark...

this night children choose as
the worst From all privileges of a maturity? Parents, without panic!

- On final we on the apartment drank on vodka half-liter, then arrived to club, there near an entrance still drank with the boy 3 liters of a strong beer for two. I got on a roof, fell from there, tore jeans... In club won a chup - chups, - it already shares impressions on one of the Internet - forums the graduate - 2010 from the small northern city. And nobody at that forum is shocked: on the contrary, the youth competing in speed discusses who how many drank it and as whom flattened then.

I Remember
, our parents thought up quite strange cunning: diluted Pepsi champagne - Coca 50 on 50. It seems graduates also drank, and observed the external proprieties. But all the same then there were those who drank in a toilet. Also felt sick them in the same place.

So, a problem “the drunk graduate“ over the years does not lose relevance. Plus break school to have fun those who left after 9 - go a class, and graduates of last years. How the school administration seeks to prevent an outrage or at least to decline all responsibility for them? As in each large city is at least 3 - 4 large an entertainment complex, there now graduates will be taken. Offer the halls, an entertainment and entertainment program and many restaurants.

- the Most important - there three rows of protection: on approaches, on an entrance and inside. So neither the stranger not to pass, nor not to carry by alcohol, - the director of one of the Moscow schools explains.

the Calculator - in hands

In Moscow the ticket price on final in a large entertainment complex fluctuates from 5000 to 7500 rubles. For this money delivery by bus the buffet reception or a banquet, the concert program are guaranteed against school and back. In St. Petersburg for the same ask from 6500 to 9000 rubles. The school and parental committee undertake the organization of fun? Let`s count:

  • to invite the professional leader: 15 000 - 30 000 rubles in 5 hours;
  • a top - the leader (for example, the participant of KVN, etc. ) − 40 of 000 - 150 000 rubles;
  • of di - Jay - 20 000 - 30 000 rubles;
  • registration of the hall balls - from 5000 rubles;
  • gift bouquets - from 2500 rubles;
  • photo albums - depending on cover and the number of sheets the price fluctuates from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

Well and about beauty:

  • a dress - from 4000 rubles;
  • a suit - from 3000 rubles;
  • a hairstyle, laying female - from 2500 rubles;
  • nail extension (professional) - from 2000 rubles;
  • a hairstyle, laying man`s - from 2000 rubles. The top level of the prices is definitely not defined - perfection does not have a limit.

Glory of amateur performance!

- And we prepared evening, - mother now of the first-year student Denis from Ryazan tells. - My son and his friend We were leaders in advance found approximate scenarios in the Internet, the best ideas adopted. One of the most successful - interview with teachers and graduates.

For example, the leader asked the class teacher:

- your first impression about this class? Whether you who more all of you amazed remember? And than?

- For these years you, probably, learned the list of children by heart. Who in the list at number 6,11,21?

- Never regretted that presently corporal punishments are forbidden?

- Tell the fortunes of your pupils. Questions to pupils were such:

- How many steps on a porch of school?

- In what party doors in a director`s office open?

- How many teachers at school?

Then children guessed - extended tickets with “destiny“. And so seriously treated it! Then chose “Ms. Obayaniye“, “Mr. Vseznayka“, “The main thing of the school macho“ etc. All - both to children, and their cool, and to parents - it was necessary to try. But it was cheerful, and it was worth it.

the Budget of a holiday (generally we spent for a modest buffet reception and for services of firm which decorated the hall with balls and provided a qualitative sound and light) - on 5000 rubles from the person. And memoirs - for many years!