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English for kids. What technique is the most effective?

are much more important For studying of language free inquisitiveness, than terrible need.
Aurelius Augustine

Is more increasing than mothers and fathers want to train the child in a foreign language. It not only interesting and fascinating occupations, but also excellent prospect for the kid. At first successful receipt and training at language school, then at university, creation of successful career and the organization of rest without language borders.


it is Scientifically proved that optimum years for unconscious language acquisition are the period since the birth till six years.

the Myth is the assumption that there is a certain genetic code thanks to which the child speaks a foreign language if his parent knows language in perfection. Development by the child of language happens in the natural language environment. The child will speak those languages which he hears around and which are actively used by him in the speech. If parents communicate with the child in English, in Spanish and in Russian, the kid will speak the same three languages.

Children are linguistic geniuses from the first day of their life. They are capable to remember any foreign language involuntarily, without its transfer to native. Children think in a foreign language, without thinking of what is meant by this or that phrase in their native language. It distinguishes them from adults who understand language only thanks to the translation.

Children`s intelligence allows to achieve great success in learning of foreign languages. The most intensive development of a brain happens within the first six years of life.


It is interesting that children can distinguish languages since the birth. At university of British Columbia during experiment established that till 9 months children only on visual signs distinguish languages in which adults talked. Kids are able “to read“ lips.

of Supervision over children from families and children at whom in the course two or three languages, allow to draw a conclusion: early training in foreign languages promotes formation of positive motivation of children at the subsequent studying of language. These children continue training at school with much bigger pleasure, interest and ease.

the immersion Technique on language Wednesday represents the most effective method of studying of English. It is that in life of the kid immersion time in language appears. And such moments (from 5 to 30 minutes) become more and more thanks to what the child freely passes from communication in the native language to communication in English. And vice versa. The language environment is necessary. And then the kid will learn not just to repeat after you the English words, but also to understand, play, think in English! Optimum, if in English you constantly communicate. Some claim that simultaneous training in English and Russian can cause confusion in children. But practical experience completely disproves this statement.

the immersion Technique in language forms the game developing environment, at the kid razvivayutya linguistic skills, ability to perceive the English speech aurally, memory, attention, thinking and the speech.

Thanks to a variety of activity (outdoor games, reading, drawing, the account, a molding, applications, the elementary house experiences, skills of self-service) in time of one immersion in language, at the kid interest in new occupations amplifies, the positive motivation to studying of English is formed. Classes in a technique of immersion bring pleasure to both mother, and the kid.

In what training in an immersion technique on language Wednesday consists?

During the day (when the kid woke up, goes to wash, eat, walk, play, to draw, read the book etc.) you on several minutes communicate with the child in English. Mastering the English speech as much as possible approaches assimilation process native: without the translation, by means of real objects and pictures, in real situations, in a game form. For this purpose cards with pictures, words, figures will be necessary for you, materials for creative occupations etc.

As there takes place occupation?

Be switched by
  1. to English (by means of a corporal formula, calling in English parts of a body and pointing by gestures to them).
  2. Play
  3. with the kid, using English (a molding, drawing, songs, verses, outdoor games, applications, hand-made articles, house game experiments). It will allow to master language material in the game environment, natural to the kid, and will create a favorable emotional background.
  4. Comment on actions of the kid in English. It will provide to the kid continuous stay in the language environment, mastering the speech will happen thanks to her perception aurally.
  5. Show to
  6. cards with words and images. It will create a lexical stock, necessary for communication, and will teach the child to read the whole words.
  7. you Watch the video disk or listen to an audiodisk with the English speech (best of all than a song - a karaoke, a povtoryalka, rhyming).
  8. Praise the kid, you embrace, kiss, clap! The emotional component is very important to the child! It is guarantee of love to English and further occupations.
  9. Be switched by
  10. to the native language.