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Face skin is shelled: what to do?

What to do if face skin reddens and are shelled? Whether this problem is seasonal? What doctor it is necessary to address? On all these questions the leading expert on hardware cosmetology of the International clinic of esthetic medicine of “Emerald“ Marina Feklina helps to find the answer.

About what the face skin peeling tells to

the Problem can be caused by various reasons. External factors: dry cold wind, long stay on the sun, excess use of a sunbed. Shortage of vitamins and nutrients is also capable to play a role here: especially in the winter and in the spring. In addition heating devices and conditioners bring a considerable contribution: they cause dryness of air which can affect a face skin peeling.

It is important

! Remember: if skin at you on a face is shelled - it is impossible to apply cosmetics which part alcohol or lanolin are. Alcohol will excessively dry already shelled skin. Lanolin is capable to cause an allergy - and then skin will begin to be shelled even stronger. And if washing by simple water nevertheless leads to a peeling, then try to clear skin vegetable oil - for example, sesame - it is capable to dissolve and delete many pollution.

Cosmetics, hardness of water, means for washing, use of soap and hot water during washing, in turn, can cause allergic reactions which are shown by dryness, reddening and a peeling of face skin.

Also the peeling can tell

to us about existence of skin diseases - seborrheas, psoriasis or eczema. Surely see a doctor if your skin is shelled for an appreciable length of time - and you feel a severe itch.

Marina Feklina:“ Signs of a peeling of face skin are reddening of certain sites, morbidity of a touch to them, feeling of a constant or periodic itch. Often on a face there are cracks. To the touch your skin becomes rough, loses the usual smoothness and elasticity“.

Seasonality of emergence of a problem

Usually dryness and a peeling are shown by

in the winter, in the spring and in the summer. In the winter it is caused by excess dryness of the air connected with heating by the room. The spring peeling and irritation of skin can be caused by a lack of the necessary minerals and vitamins B an organism. In the summer face skin suffers from excess stay on the sun. Plus lack of sufficient moistening leads to dehydration and a peeling even of by nature fat skin.

the Peeling of face skin is a frequent problem among women. It disturbs men much less often as work of their sebaceous glands differs from how this process happens at women. Irrespective of gender and age people with hypersensibility of skin and tendency to allergic reactions face this problem.

It is interesting to

! Nutritious butter cream will help to clean a face skin peeling. It can easily be prepared in house conditions. Carefully pound 1 tablespoon of soft butter with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of pulp of banana. Also the pulp of a kiwi, persimmon, sweet ripe pear, or apricots will approach. Put the received gentle cream on a face. For the best result, slightly driving in it into skin. Also leave on of 20 - 25 minutes, then wash slightly warm water.

Prevention of a peeling of face skin

For a start refuse use of soap of the deodorizing and antibacterial grades. Choosing means on care of face skin, give preference to the soft clearing means on a fatty basis. Delete the remains of moisture with light touches, a soft towel. It is better not to be fond of solar bathtubs. The sun overdries the top layer of skin that results not only in dryness and a peeling, but also presenilation. In the summer, at an exit to the street, apply special protective cream. Protecting the person from the scorching sunshine, do not forget to put on a hat with wide fields. Spray with thermal water will become irreplaceable means. And in the absence of a make-up - it is enough to wipe a face with the napkin moistened with mineral water.

in the Winter skin suffers from

from cold wind, a frost and dry air in the heated rooms. For half an hour before an exit, apply the moisturizing cream, and then a thin layer of powder. During the reddening and a peeling of face skin, make a compress of green tea. Moisten a gauze napkin in strong infusion of green tea and cover the person for fifteen minutes. Then oil the person the warmed-up olive. Ten minutes later, remove the remains a tissue. So you will be able to help the skin to be healthy and shining.

what expert should address

First of all it is necessary to understand the reasons for which face skin is shelled. Experts advise, for a start to exclude sweet, sharp, salty products from a diet, to refuse smoked products and a citrus. Set aside for a while use of the flavored cosmetics. If simple methods on change of a food allowance and ways of moistening of skin did not help, and the itch and a peeling still do not pass, then it will be more reasonable to pay visit to the dermatologist, or even to the endocrinologist. Only the expert will be able to reveal a clinical origin of your problem, and then will start its decision. Do not self-medicate as such manifestations as reddening, the peeling, dryness of face skin, can be both at allergic reactions, and at serious skin diseases.