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How to become beautiful? To love!

new day Is begun - our daughter Eve woke up, so also we woke up with the husband! This such happiness - to wake up all together: beloved husband and our most favourite baby!! Today there will be a remarkable day with good mood, with kind events, and I will be beautiful and cheerful today! I will create it it “today“! Why today? Every day!

So, woke up! We stretch, smile that both at the daughter, and at us with the husband day was taken since the morning today! We greet at a window with new day and we rejoice that it will be good! I indulge myself fragrant coffee. While is ready, I get the wadded sponzh soaked with green tea from the freezer. Five minutes on eyes - and here the express - result: eyes began to shine, and weight passed in a look too! Thriftily I collect the remains of a coffee thick in a pialochka - it is useful for the same fragrant srub in the evening.


. The daughter settled on a day dream. Before starting household chores, I make toilet. I do it quickly not to spend time and a charge of energy, I will relax in the evening. I give preference in personal care to means with natural or as close as possible to natural structure. A few years ago opened for itself the world of vegetable and essential oils. Now only I trust them the appearance bravely, for the rest constantly I experiment! For a smile whiteness on toothpaste I drip a droplet of essential oil of a lemon. Now it is possible to smile even more widely and even more often! A droplet of essential oil - in shower gel. What to choose? For cheerfulness I choose orange oil. Aroma is just tremendous, and still - the tightening and anti-cellulite effect for skin! A droplet of essential oil on a hairbrush - I indulge the hair an aromaraschyosyvaniye. It is one of my most favourite procedures. Hair become soft - soft, streaming and shining. At the same time and aromatherapy session. In the morning for hair I choose essential oil ilang - ilang. And still oil of a pine, bergamot, a lavender, rosemary will approach. After shower procedures surely 10 minutes I allocate for an easy make-up, it is more and it is not necessary. The benefit, once finished courses, and even in the decree this knowledge was useful. This my obligatory requirement to - to look good! And husband`s wish. And I do not need to explain twice.“ The woman who does not use cosmetics, too big opinion on herself“. It was told by Coco Chanel.

During the periods of wakefulness of the daughter - a maximum of mobility both at me, and at it. We dance, we jump on a fitball together and in turn. 10 minutes I give the press and I praise myself for the fact that I am not lazy! In general the daughter - my best exercise machine. The exercise machine with load of all groups of muscles - shoulders, legs, hands, a press, buttocks. We walk for 2 hours every day. Foot walks are a secret of a slim figure after the delivery of all active mothers. During the day, especially in a hot season, I do the fragrant and refreshing spray for the person: I add 10 drops of essential oil to a glass of the purified water. As essential oils in water are not dissolved, previously I drip on several pebbles of sea salt. I choose essential oil on mood and requirements of skin. It can be both a tea tree, and rosemary, and a lavender.

Each day I try to carry out

in good mood. Honestly, it is not always possible, but I always aspire to it. I treat with gratitude to everything that already is or appears in my life. I mean not only material things, but also experience - as positive, that and negative. “Our appearance is a reflection of our inner self, our thoughts. Thoughts set the identity seal to appearance, establish a bearing, the movements and gestures of all body“. It Milford Prentis`s words.

I am able to afford to enjoy

all procedures for personal care slightly longer in the Evening, than in the morning. To be lazy to look after myself is a crime therefore as much as possible I use all arsenal national and cosmetics.“ If the woman is ugly, then she is simply silly“. This is Coco Chanel again.

On hair - the 10th minute mask from a hair loss: I mix 1 portion of cosmetic clay with 1 portion of shampoo on hair partings I apply on hair before washing. While the mask keeps, I prepare a body scrub from a morning coffee thick. I mix the following ingredients: 0,5 cups of coffee, 0,5 cups of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 2 tablespoons of honey (when is in the house), of 2 - 3 tablespoons olive oil. Carefully I mix everything and I carry water to a consistence of dense sour cream. I apply on moist skin with roundabouts. A smell at this srub very tasty! Coffee has anti-cellulite effect, removes surplus of liquid, and aroma has anti-depressive effect. I alternate this option of a house srub to such recipe: 10 h l. sugar I mix from 3 h l. the green tea crushed in the coffee grinder (I always mill tea for emergency), I add 2 h l. oils of sweet almonds, 2 h l. oils of germs of wheat in which I dissolve 10 drops of essential oil (for example, a lemon or orange). All needs to be mixed very carefully so that there were no lumps. After a shower again an aromaraschyosyvaniye. For the evening very much I like to use essential oil of a lavender for this purpose. This aroma affects me magically - calms and pacifies, removes stress and irritation. I pay special attention to skin under eyes. For this purpose I use cosmetic oil of germs of wheat or grape seed. I put with very gentle movements a small droplet of oil. In similar leaving it is not necessary to be generous because puffiness can appear in the morning.

U of each of us the recipes of beauty are. But it is important not only their nobility, but also to use. Knowledge without action is a gap, it nothing, this knowledge does not make any sense.“ Sin if the woman looks less beautiful, than could be“, - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra said. And I would like to finish with such words of Francoise Sagan: “To be darling, it is the best of all to be beautiful. But to be beautiful, it is necessary to be darling“. Love! And let your love inspires you to be beautiful every day!

of Yuli