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How I treated cracks of

the Mother`s milk - vivifying force, the most important that is necessary for my baby now. Her eyes trustfully look at me as if there is nothing more important than this minute of proximity between mother and the child when the kid with such ecstasy, greedy sucks mother`s breast.

my history of feeding by a breast did not end with

yet, to my baby year was executed, and still gives it huge pleasure to drink a mother`s milk. However not all began so smoothly.

in the Early spring when snow did not descend from streets yet, in our house the little girl, our daughter appeared. In my breast of milk was very much that the baby did not manage to exhaust it. I had to refuse sweet tea, kefir for the night, suppers, so at the night of a breast were poured by milk with such force that it was impossible to sleep peacefully. Each feeding by a breast was followed by intolerable pain, nipples were in cracks which did not manage to dry up between feedings, despite alternation of a breast and processing of cracks special cream. Here I made a mistake. To anybody did not consult, continued to nurse, suffering from pain though it was possible to resort to decantation of a breast or to try slips. It was anyway necessary to receive the help of the expert, then it was not necessary to deprive the baby of a milk for the whole week...

Once again I was going to feed with a breast the baby and noticed that cracks on nipples of my breast festered. In panic I began to call the husband. Called in hope that he will tell that there is nothing terrible though perfectly understood that it is impossible to nurse the child with purulent cracks as it is possible to transmit an infection. Cried in a tube, hardly squeezed out from itself words that he could understand that he happened. It reacted quickly enough - calmed, brought mix and a milk pump. Next day I went to the doctor. I understood that the quicker I will begin treatment, rather I will return to feeding by a breast.

In registry of policlinic when explained the situation, tears poured down from my eyes again. However I found understanding - accepted me without turn, appointed treatment which lasted about a week, the inflammation did not fall down yet, cracks did not begin to live. Houses I went on a belt undressed that my cracks dried up quicker, processed them anti-inflammatory ointment of orange color. I ceased to cry, and to me there was a funny case.

Walking up and down on the apartment with orange nipples, I, without having looked in a door peephole, assured that the husband came, opened a door and saw before herself together with the husband of the neighbor with widely open eyes who incidentally rendered in it the moment on a landing. I do not know that he thought about our family, but it is sure - nothing bad because at him the son was born not so long ago, and problems of cracks of a breast do not avoid practically any feeding woman.