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Why the quiet perception of reality is better, than excessive emotions?

Due to the huge breakthrough in scientifically - technical progress, development of the Internet and the opportunities connected with it of the huge choice in the field of goods, services, kinds of activity, at the modern person run up eyes. What is this abundance and what emotions dangerous by it can cause?

We left from the Soviet Union, left from the Soviet way of life, the Soviet people less and less, this generation dies out per se. However in Soviet period there was a discipline, there was common cause, the general ideas (Komsomols, parties, pioneers, Octobrists). Whether it did well to people or drove them into the deadlock?

It appears, in this time everything is there were more pluses, than minuses. Take as an example of your grandmothers and grandfathers: quiet, balanced, intelligent people who had no cell phones and the Internet, but they felt and still feel happy: in advance stipulated meetings at movie theaters, theaters, the museums. Not always there was an opportunity to peredogovoritsya about a meeting, and at the last minute it could not be made in general as there were no ways of fast communication, namely - the mobile phone. People did not have urgent affairs directly before a meeting (as it occurs in the modern world). There was no such wide choice and throwings concerning that whom to meet and where. Lack of cell phones affected human discipline. If you cannot warn the person, you were obliged to come to a meeting and, at least, to tell the person personally that some affairs appeared.

There was no excess vanity, equality very well promoted discipline. There were no excesses, a wide choice. At the person eyes in that degree in which run up now did not run up. The person was quiet.

The modern world So all

in a hurry, in gadgets, devices, in cafes and shops with such choice that eyes not just run up, and climb on a forehead. Also it is possible to buy now everything that only you will want. And even if you do not know any more what you want, creative producers of different spheres and designers to you will think up something brand new and will sell the ideas and products. It is so much ivent (events), it is so much meetings, all it is necessary to be in time: there is no time to approach on some seminar or conference - it is possible to participate directly from the house, office, park. Only the laptop and the Internet is necessary. And wi - fi is now everywhere, that is from any place it is possible to be connected to the Internet. You should not follow the purpose, the purpose itself goes to you. And gradually you become lazy.

Certainly, there are also pluses of the modern world: this convenience, availability of all (sometimes even for some reasonable money), the choice (but there is too much it). And how all this turmoil influences the person?

A problem of the present are the spent nerves, and the most important problem is a vanity: all hurry to put correctly themselves in society, to recommend, give importance to actually unimportant things, are not able to distinguish that is really important that not really that is paramount that - no. Create importance everywhere and do important everything. The excess, unnecessary potential bringing in a result to a depression is created.

The person just does not manage to process information given him, more precisely, its quantity. It tries to become torn and everywhere all to be in time because there is a lot of offers and everything is interesting, and there is not enough time and forces. He begins to be nervous. Expectations do not justify reality, the mood spoils. Generally, “rest only dreams us“.

Solutions and exits from current situation

Well, in - the first, needs to react to everything more quietly. Sounds as simple truth, however, in the modern world this truth not always works.

If you the person by the nature impressionable and restless, you need to learn to distinguish important things about which really it is worth worrying (for example: relatives, their life and health, creation of own family, planning and the child`s birth - that is those things in which it is necessary to direct your energy and force). Work could be referred to category of importance too, but it is not so important, how important a family and close relations.

Nonsense like posts on Facebook, unpleasant messages from people whom you do not know at all have to be completely ignored. It is not necessary to try to look for situations, to adapt to people and to seek “to spend time with the person who does not want to see off it with you!“

How to learn that it so? You will just hear avaricious phrases in reply, about continuous employment of the person, at the same time seeing him in the company of other people in photos on Facebook. Here with such people it is better not to develop the relations at once, not to get used to them. It is difficult to emotional people to make it, however, here it is necessary to discipline itself and to give installation, to try to address these virtues of our grandmothers and grandfathers or even to talk to them that they once more reminded of a cast-iron discipline.

As for actions of various character and their choice, here everything is not so difficult. You want to go for two or three actions which take place in at one time, but in different places, and on subject they different too. There is such simple and old concept as intuition: here without excess logic and Beautiful Mind it is simple to release a situation and to understand to what the soul at the moment lies. It. Not reason. As he will say to us that it is necessary to go for more serious action (for example, an exhibition of inventions), and we want flight in the balloon (more mad, hazardous hobby, maybe, more expensive, but we want it). However, sometimes we want also an exhibition of inventions. Here it is necessary to understand that a lot of things depend also on our mood that day in which we gathered somewhere, both from health, and from weather, from inspiration, from desire of excessive happiness and filling of emotions that day, or, on the contrary, from filling of knowledge and from desire to subordinate itself to laws of logic.

You surely will understand what you want from life in this or that day if you open the heart. And it is optional that it will always be something mad or romantic as weeds in the balloon. Heart sometimes and too is on friendly terms with reason, and something wants to poizobretat too.