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How much is to feed the child of

Any mother wants to buy only the best products for the child. But, as many think, it depends on thickness of our purse. In us quite often there lives the stereotype that the product is more expensive, the it is more qualitative. Whether so it?

On food of the kid about one year at a family today over three thousand rubles a month on average leave. The majority of families are not able to afford to buy to the child a full range of products of baby food. Among products without which as mothers consider, it is simple to baby not to do juice, porridges, mashed potatoes are called. At best the child is fed with specialized products of baby food about one year. To buy the same jars and boxes to children of the second and third year of life as that is insistently advised by pediatricians, for many it is not always possible. The baby food noticeably beats the family budget. And still, sometimes, losing necessary, we buy on the last money the most expensive jars and boxes if only the kid grew full and healthy, and he had all the best. But, whether you thought sometime of a true ratio of the price and quality?

what we pay for

Speaking about products of baby food, we traditionally got used to divide them on import and domestic. It is clear, that the first are dearer than our family. The price of a product included expenses on its delivery from - for a boundary. From - for commercial reasons, with the purpose to reduce the price for products of baby food, it was more favorable to many foreign companies to make the production in Russia. So name foreign, and product domestic. But whether it is worth paying only for a label? Than all - differs “expensive“ baby food from, figuratively speaking, “cheap“?

the Important moment at the choice of fruit, vegetable purees for the baby - their consistence. Depending on age of the child, development of ability to chew, he needs to buy products taking into account extent of their crushing - from pyureobrazny to small pieces. For this purpose, some foreign producers (for example, the Scourge Nat, Gerber) enter gradation of the production on age steps. The accounting of physiological features of the kid demands from firms - producers of application of different technologies of crushing of a product. Such approach, of course, is reflected in the price of baby food.

the Consistence of mashed potatoes and porridges, ready to use, depends on use of thickeners as which apply rice or potato flour, starch. They not significantly influence a nutrition value of a product, but change its trade dress: compare our liquid mashed potatoes and same on structure, but import. The last tempts appetite much quicker. Not all domestic producers add to products of baby food thickeners, for only that reason that they should be bought abroad.

If to speak about a nutrition value of products, then it is necessary to pay attention to structure.

many children lack for vitamins and minerals modern conditions. Their addition provides prevention of avitaminosis, raises a nutrition value of a product.

for the purpose of improvement of tastes of contents of jars some producers add sugar. However modern researches in the field of healthy food of children of early age speak against its inclusion in structure. It is shown that the excessive amount of sugar coming to an organism of the kid promotes development of caries, renders load of a pancreas, forms a habit to sweet. Safe in this regard, but more expensive, - sucrose or fructose. But, such processing of fruit or berries at which natural sweet remains is more desirable.

the preservatives which are Often found in modern products in baby food are practically not used by

. Good thermal treatment provides a possibility of storage of a product. In some jars the content of lemon acid speaks about cheaper way of conservation.

packing of a product is of Great importance. She not only creates its appearance, but also guarantees safety. So, mashed potatoes, porridge, or any other ready dishes packaged in jars with a screw lid can be stored in the refrigerator after opening of 1 - 2 days. However, such packing is bought by domestic producers abroad and its use increases product cost.

So you judge

what food it is possible to refuse and from what - no.


It is expensive - cheap

our adverse century in the ecological relation the increasing popularity begins to enjoy

B the food made on the basis of the products which are not containing the chemical compounds which are grown up in the environmentally friendly areas made naturally - without use of nitrates. Such way of production of food received the name of biotechnologies. Since then the bio prefix seriously took control of minds of consumers. And what to tell about baby food?

Production of environmentally friendly products well develops in Western Europe. However, this pleasure not from cheap. Therefore bioproducts are available not to everyone. Their price on average by 3 - 4 times exceeds the cost not of bioproducts. And what to tell about domestic buyers? We, so far, should dream of them only. Though the word “bio“ is very familiar to us too.

But even lack of baby food, made on so expensive technologies, does not speak about absence of category of expensive products. So why their high price?

One of the reasons - difference in the production technology. For example, juice can be done in two ways, - squeezing out of natural fruit, or, restoring it from mashed potatoes (concentrate). The first way becomes possible due to modern technologies of long storage of vegetables and fruit at which nutrients, vitamins do not collapse. Though the second option costs considerably cheaper.


In a price indicator reflects the level of control of quality of baby food, testing of products for the content of vitamins, harmful chemical compounds, and also the researches conducted by firm in the field of microbiology, technologies of storage of products.

On a price indicator can include baby food of firms of Gerberas in group of expensive products of baby food, Semper, Hipp, to rather expensive it is possible to carry baby food of firms of Nestle, Nutrition, Heinz, to moderated at the price - the brands “only Type-the Top“, “Winnie“, “Grandmother`s Bast Basket“, rather cheap - Azov, the Tone, Dink.