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I create seven secrets of beauty of

Ya myself... Massage and aerobics, masks and cosmetic procedures, special diets and a healthy lifestyle - all this helps to be to me always in a tone, to keep beauty and cheerfulness, good mood and thirst of life. It would be desirable to provide you my plan for personal care “Create yourself“.

  1. “Smile to Life, and she will surely smile to you in reply!“ Teeth: cleaning, periodically - bleaching.
  2. “Eyes tell to
  3. more, than words“ Eyes: I do daily massage a century, massage by ice around eyes, warm tea sacks for 5 minutes on eyes, ink, shadows, foundation around eyes if I do not sleep. Eyebrows: periodically small correction of a form, I paint itself in house conditions paint. Color - graphite.
  4. of the Lip: daily lip balm, hygienic lipstick; on walk - gloss.
  5. Person in general: gel for washing, periodic face peel in house conditions (plates purchased or self-made of milk and gelatin), foundation sometimes.
  6. Hair: vitamins A and E inside, masks for hair (folk remedies of times a week), I rub two times a week burdock oil, henna for giving of a shade, shampoos firm and pharmaceutical liquid, combing, a minimum of laying means: serum from the splitting ends (also disciplines tips), smoothing cream (sometimes), drying by the hair dryer (very seldom).
  7. Body: an epilation, salt bathtubs, olive oil, foot cream, massage of a back, morning exercises, daily exercises for hips and a waist. When becomes warmer, I will run still.
  8. Would like to share

    the special recipe of leaving for a body of times a week. It is a chocolate bathtub for a beautiful figure, soft skin and great mood. 200 g of cocoa, natural without artificial additives, - powder to make with 1 liter of the hot, but not boiling water. To carefully stir, add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 5 - 6 a thaw of almond oil. To mix and pour out mix in the bathtub filled warm (37 degrees) water. In what advantage? Favourite chocolate is vitamin-rich groups B, contains antioxidants which well affect skin, humidifying and restoring it. In addition chocolate will relieve of a depression...

  9. of the Hand: hand cream daily, I cut nails and a zone of a cuticle. Manicure - the strengthening varnishes I first of all try to obtain to look most natural - it and there is beauty. To be beautiful is to be natural.

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