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One more history of fight for breast milk

it is surprising, but the nature so conceived that the little tiny man, having only been born, already knows how to it to suck a mother`s breast! It is the so-called “genetic memory“ which got to us from ancestors, cares for it. And if the kid is not able to take a nipple and it is correct to suck, then it speaks about deviations in work of a brain. And the nature took care of production of mother`s milk, of the correct work of mammary glands. And it is not so simple: both receptors, and channels, and vessels, and glands, and hormones are involved... Generally, it is difficult even to imagine all mechanism. But despite all foresight of the nature, this process it is very fragile, there is a set of conditions which should be observed. This and mother`s tranquility, good dream, strong nerves (and this the most difficult after the birth of the peanut), confidence and desire of feeding by a breast, healthy nutrition of mummy and regular decantations (though many doctors against decantation - the nature knows everything how many and when it is necessary milk for the child).

After the delivery for me the most difficult. Though I also was as if prepared (read a lot of literature about breastfeeding, asked doctors, consulted at recently given rise girlfriends), but it was difficult for me. We were fed on demand, but it seemed to me that the child undereats. No, he did not cry after feeding, but it was difficult to tear off it from a breast. Doctors in maternity hospital abused me, said that it is necessary to feed no more than 20 minutes for time, and we could be at a breast and for 2 hours. After arrival home came the children`s district doctor and told that the child in the father - long and thin what should be finished feeding mix. And I very much did not want to transfer the kid to artificial feeding because a product, more valuable and useful to it, than a mother`s milk, it is impossible to think up. Then - that I for myself resolved: I will nurse only. And here - that fight for milk also began.

All problems I left

“for tomorrow“, nothing could break my tranquility: even if the world would fail, I would not be nervous. The saw special tea on herbs for increase of a lactation, was decanted manually after each feeding even if there were couple of drops. Ate walnuts on 2 pieces a day (it is impossible more - there can be an allergy at the child). But the most important is an accurate and sure installation that milk will come! It should be wanted, to want to be closer to the kid, to want to give him love, to give the most necessary and valuable - the milk.

I here - that milk came in full. Only then I understood that the words “milk arrival“ mean. The breast inflates extensively, go, and from you this milk drips, when pressing a nipple splashes in different directions in several streams. And the child sharply began to recover. In a month gathered even 1000 gr. But washing pleasure lasted not for long...


Ya that the scary word laktostaz means. It with anything incomparable feelings (well unless with fights, approximately identical force of pain). The matter is that the kid sucked one breast less since there it was more difficult to him. Respectively, milk in it became too less. It was enough for two feedings a day. Once my peanut was capricious and refused to take in general it in a mouth, and I did not find time to decant: thought, I will be in time in the evening. In the evening when I touched a breast, felt one mumpish continuous bruise - to move it was sick. I tried to mass, but not here - that was! Tears were shed by a stream involuntarily from pain. Probably, I would be taken away in hospital and cut if not my mother-in-law.

We within a day rumpled this unfortunate breast. When hands at the mother-in-law were tired, I was connected. Pain was infernal, I both roared, and shouted, and was ready for a wall to climb... As I will remember - so I will shudder! Generally, joint efforts we slowly “broke“ all lumps and decanted. Milk came out dense - dense and, of course, with severe pain as channels did not get used to such consistence of milk. Temperature rose to 40 degrees. Called an ambulance, they told what needs to be “broken“ and massed further that it was milk arrival, and I gaped this moment, was not decanted. Here also I disentangle. It is good that near me there was a skilled and strong mother-in-law ready to come to the rescue! Otherwise mastitis would be provided to me, and as a result - operation and any breastfeeding. So my second mother rescued me 4 times. Each 1,5 months I had this most “arrival of milk“. I do not know how other mummies coped with it. Understood, felt that milk arrived? I have every time as the first was, and I felt wrong only when the breast turned into bruise. But all - I kept chest feeding, and my kid eats a mother`s milk still. What I wish to all mothers and their children.