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Early development is a normal development of

of People, is similar to many other mammals, begins to train the children since the moment of their birth. The difference only that animals transfer to the cubs the skills necessary for a survival in the nature, and the person develops at the child intelligence - necessary quality for full-fledged and successful life in the company of people.

Before animals is not cost by the question “how to train the cubs“. It prompts them an instinct. It is not enough to person to train children only by means of traditionally developed ways. Progress in development of human society happens immeasurably quicker, than evolution in fauna.

If we teach

the children only “as we were taught as our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were taught“ if we do not begin to stimulate cerebration of the child from the very first days when physiological formation of a brain of the person begins, progress will be impossible.

Traditional argument of opponents of early development of children (I call them supporters of late development): “Why to take away the childhood from the child? Here we to nothing of that kind to school were taught, but, thank God, life we lived not bad“. Notice, they are still living, and often already speak about themselves in past perfect tense:“ lived“, write off themselves ahead of schedule.

meanwhile, they agree

A with it or not, intellectual development of the child begins already with the moment of its birth. And what it is accepted to call early development of the child - actually simply normal development.

what it is accepted to call early development of the child - actually simply normal development.
When games begin


can Even be played with the newborn child, involving all his sense organs. Mother`s touches already give it pleasure; his still not created sight already allows to distinguish the mother`s person when mother nurses it or when bends over it; his sense of smell helps it to find a breast; he gets used to light and to noise, and soon begins to react to a mother`s voice.

Therefore it is very important to p to talk to the child long before he begins to murmur. If it is difficult for you to find subjects for continuous talk, just comment on all the actions, tell the child about everything that you do at his presence. At the same time your kid learns to listen, begins to learn words which he often hears long before he itself can say them.

The is become more senior by the child, the more variously there has to be a set of games with it. The disregarded child begins to lag behind in the development. It is good when it in a family not one. Look how kittens, puppies play as kids at whom horns did not grow yet butt.

But if the child in a family one or it is the first child, the main partners in games are his parents. Anyway parents need to learn to play with the kid. Games have to give to the child pleasure and, at the same time, help it to master world around, to promote its intellectual and physical development. Everything that pleases the child, besides and develops him: and when mother touches to it fingers and when does it massage and when over and over again lifts the toy thrown by it and when the brother carries it on a floor in a box from footwear and when the father throws it or carries on shoulders. But to play with the child - does not mean simply to tickle him and with delight to observe how it chokes with laughter. Do not do of the child a toy for yourself!

Now the great variety of the developing games exists, it is impossible to capture them all. Parents need to work to find in literature, on the Internet, in children`s shops what will be pleasant to them and that will promote all-round development of their child. In it they will be able to be helped with children`s consultations, at good schools of early development. If it is necessary, experts will help to pick up the corresponding games for every month, for every week of development of the child, will prompt when to hang up over it a rattle when to start a duck in a tray when to begin to show bright pictures and when to begin to read it rhymes and fairy tales when to begin to draw fingers and when - felt-tip pens when to sort toys by a form and by color when to build of tower cubes. It not only games, but also creation of the developing environment.

the Child at this age should not be provided by

to himself, it has to play under the leadership of adults. To one and a half - two years it is not obligatory to drive the child on occupations in schools of early development. Mother can visit them and without child if she itself wants to learn how to play with him houses. And after two years of children it is desirable to drive in one of such schools, and then and in good kindergarten. The child since small years needs socialization in collective. He will learn to communicate, be on friendly terms, to advocate the interests there or to concede, participate in collective games with competitiveness elements. He should not grow up as Sergey Mikhalkov wrote, “at the father with mother on a look as a plant a mimosa in a botanical garden“.

to Parents needs to learn to be played with the kid. But do not do of the child a toy for yourself!

A house occupations with kids (if it is possible to call it occupations) represent various games of the child with mother on several minutes from time to time during the day. It both transfusion of water, and oversleeping of a sand, both folding of pyramids and Montessori`s framework, and drawing up patterns of Nikitin`s cubes, and looking at pictures in books, and first even a breaking of these books, and learning of rhymes, and mother`s reading fairy tales, and much, many other. In a word, the child it is necessary to develop since the birth.

Such children not only are more developed by

(and it is the base for the rest of life), but also brought up: by three years they already developed ability to concentrate on some occupation or game. The developed child consciously perceives standards of behavior and by four years already obeys adults that for this age is obligatory. He cannot expect consequences of the acts yet and voluntarily will always choose receiving the greatest pleasure at the smallest expense of forces. It is natural. And as a result, the child who orders the senior family members will gradually lag behind in development.

At the same time needs to warn excessively fond parents: be not overzealous in the obsession children. Parents should not devote to children all the time, they have to go about the own business, live life, and to give to children an opportunity to play pranks, gambol, play. When mother or the father plunge into parental cares, at children arises and wrong idea of own importance, that their opinion has to be the law is strongly fixed. And as it brings up in children also helplessness, over time turns into continuous parental guardianship and sticking with unnecessary councils to already grown up daughters and sons.
is closer than

to the third birthday of many parents the question begins to concern: “But whether we miss time whether it is time to teach it to read to consider, to write?“ From them it is possible to hear often: “By Glen Doman`s technique of children learn to read from the cradle. And Masara Ibuku wrote:“ After 3 - x already late“

Should understand

that Glen Doman`s technique is valuable not the fact that it allows to teach the child to read at infantile age (to read he is comprehended all the same will begin only by four years, even by this technique), and what from first months of life develops his memory, creates an intelligence basis.

A how to be then with Masar Ibuku`s caution? Read more attentively it the book. Masara Ibuku did not consider at all that by three years the child has to be able to read. He spoke about need of all-round development of children for early age.