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That to me snow that to me heat...

True friends... I they think exist.

The real relations without falseness, without lie, without subservience, without benefit search, without economy. Just we sometimes are not able to notice them.

When you study at university when you are young and carefree, you have hundreds of friends in contact.... Hundreds of birthday greetings, you embrace every second at a meeting at university, and kiss every fourth on a cheek.... And all seem such friends, such family and darlings, such remarkable that when you begin to think of what will be when you will cease to visit this place of study every day when you disperse on the different parties of this life - you will just wither as a flower without water, being without these people and deprived of an opportunity to continue to live so carefree and cheerfully as you already managed to get used to live.

But there passes time, and you understand that all this there was just an illusion. All that pleasure which you allegedly feel on yourself at a meeting with the person, not always such and joyful... And you try to clean, for interest, date of birth from the social page and to look who will congratulate you just because he remembers when you have a birthday, but not because of it he was reminded by clever contact or schoolmates. I can tell with exact confidence that quantity of congratulations will decrease many times. And at first sight it can seem sad. But I see in it another. Believe me, it is much more pleasant to receive such congratulations from people who really want to congratulate you, but not from those who do it for show. I do not congratulate everyone long ago of whom the popular social network reminds me. I will congratulate only those whom really I want to congratulate. Yes those who can take offense at it will forgive me... At least, I honestly tell it.

And still I often call... It is much more pleasant to hear a voice, to hear emotions, I can even sing the song if it wants to me! And you cannot even imagine as far as the pleasure from a call will exceed pleasure from the read message. It is so easy! It is simple to call! But at this moment you from the ordinary person turn into the wizard capable in 3 minutes to make other person absolutely happy. Just try! It will become a pleasant habit!

Also it is not necessary to be sorry about that with whom you the destiny parts. This person already means played a role in your life, and it is necessary to wish him the whole KamAZ of good and pleasure.

And those people who continue to be with you, nearby or at distance, those who are always ready to listen to you and in response to your happy exclamations that you at last found that person who loves you... By a cold quiet voice to tell that you are worthy much bigger than what you consider the thought-up happiness.

Those who are ready to rush for you anywhere... At least to reach to you and to bring you home.

Those who having seen your entering dump and calls back that you did not spend the blood.

Those for whom you undoubtedly will give life even if still you do not know it.

Let such people will be practically nothing. Let them will be two. Let it will be one. But this one person will cost the whole one hundred others those who remained behind. And thank God. If all richness of human soul is collected in one miracle the person whose photo is stored at you in memory of phone, believe me, no collection of congratulations is necessary already to feel on the present as the happy person!