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Refined seafood dishes were appreciated by gourmets at all times. The World Ocean generously shares not only fish, but also other inhabitants among whom invertebrates are considered as a delicacy. These are Crustacea (crabs of a shrimp, lobsters and spiny lobsters), clams (oysters, mussels and combs), cephalopods (squids and octopuses) and erinaceouses (trepangs, holothurias and sea hedgehogs). The most part of mollusks and Crustacea is preserved or frozen, some are on sale live.

Seafood is widely used by

not only in a daily diet as a part of salads, soups and second courses, but also in medical dietary foods. In meat of invertebrates the content of irreplaceable amino acids is high, there are more than thirty eight minerals: copper, cobalt, zinc, manganese, nickel, titan, chrome, arsenic, iodine and others, and also vitamins, including groups B. On nutritional value these high-protein products are much higher than some meat of land animals and river fishes.

Meat of squids is on sale in the form of the frozen semi-finished products. Before preparation it is thawed, delete a superficial film, carefully washed out in water and cooked at weak boiling of 3 - 5 minutes (on 1 kg of squids - 2 liters of water and 15 grams of salt). Ready squids cool in broth. From meat cook cold appetizers and hot dishes - salads, forcemeats for baked puddings, a stuffing for coulibiacs, pies and pancakes, add to vinaigrette. Squids are well combined with vegetables, grain, bean and fish.

the Mussel is rich with high-quality protein, in it there is a lot of fat and carbohydrates. Surpass proteins of meat and fish in richness of amino acid of methionine of a squirrel of mussels. Fat of these mollusks differs in exclusively high content of irreplaceable polynonsaturated fatty acids and fosfatid, especially there is a lot of cobalt: is almost ten times more, than in a pork, beef and chicken liver. At mussels there are also other minerals, and also B1, B2, B6, PP vitamins.

Edible parts of a mussel - a muscle with a cloak and interiors. Meat is cooked, salted, overworked on canned food, cook salads and second courses. Mussels are recommended for dietary food, especially at atherosclerosis. In some countries the patient needing digestible and nutritious food cook the concentrated broth from mussels. However, it is necessary to know that they can cause strong allergic reaction.

of the Oyster all irreplaceable amino acids contain minerals, vitamins of group B and C in quantities, necessary for the person, and in their fat there is a lot of pro-vitamin D which in a human body turns into D3 vitamin.

To a table are given by only faultlessly fresh oysters. Having opened a sink, remove a small shutter. Fans water meat with juice of a lemon and send to a mouth to crude. The oysters strewed with grated cheese and baked in an oven directly on deep shutters are not less tasty.

Crabs and shrimps possess exclusive gastronomic and delicious properties. These Crustacea - a valuable source of proteins and mineral elements. For example, iodine in shrimp meat is almost a hundred times more, than in beef.

Meat of crabs, as a rule, goes on sale in the form of the ready to the use and soldered in vacuum packing fillet. Crude frozen shrimps are lowered in the boiling added some salt water and cook 15 - 20 minutes. Their meat is used in salads or as a ready dish with lemon juice or sauce from equal parts of sweet ketchup and sour cream.

Spiny lobsters and lobsters - the most tasty seafood, on protein content and minerals not inferior to other invertebrates. They go on sale live or frozen. When cooking they are placed in a pan with the boiling added some salt water and cooked about 20 minutes. Further: dry and cut on a belly surface in half, take out a stomach and special nippers get to the core of claws that and from them to take out meat. Serve lobsters and spiny lobsters with boiled rice and fresh vegetables salad.

Accustoming the child to the dishes prepared from seafood you do his food full, and health - strong.

Salad potato with squids: boiled meat of squids, boiled potatoes, pickles, green or onions small cut, add sour cream, greens and salt with pepper to taste.

Siliculose haricot with squids: boiled meat of squids, onions, a garlic glove and greens small cut, add boiled green beans, fill with vegetable oil, add salt.

Squids in sour cream with buckwheat cereal: meat of boiled squids is cut and fried with onions on vegetable oil, add salt and pepper. On the oiled frying pan or in a form spread the cooked buckwheat cereal, from above - a layer of squids, fill in with sauce (1 - 2 teaspoons of flour slightly fry without oil, mix with 2 - 3 teaspoons of butter and 200 g of hot sour cream, well stir, fill with salt, pepper and cook 3 - 5 minutes), strew with grated cheese and maintain in an oven before formation of a ruddy crust.

Baked pudding from mussels: boiled mussels is passed via the meat grinder, added some salt, mixed with mashed potatoes and baked in an oven.