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The Darvinian museum (a negative response and recommendations)

In these days off was in the Darvinian museum with the daughter (1,9 years). In advance told the daughter that we will go with her to the museum and that we will see animals there - a wolf, chanterelle, a bear, etc. And here on Saturday we there.

the Collection of the museum really very rich - a huge number of different animals (fifteen grades of foxes, are a lot of dogs, bears, a beautiful peacock, etc.) and well made landscape pictures. However my girl was not late anywhere - all the time “Mother, further“ and we go further. As a result examined all exposition, the only thing where were late a little - it is on the third floor at dinosaurs where they move (quite unnaturally) and to growl. Probably, when I told it about animals, she thought that we will see their live.

Me very much it was not pleasant to p - I for the first time was in the museum where effigies of animals are presented and it made very oppressive impression on me - never thought that it is so unpleasant - hundreds of the killed of animals (though I not the vegetarian or something like that at all).

Besides, it is possible, it and seemed to me, to a vezda there was a formalin smell (or something like that). So I warn - the Darvinian museum is not for all.

For me it is unambiguous it does not approach - I recommend to go better to a zoo, animals everything there - live.

For the same who did not decide not to go there - I give the reference to the website of the museum: Darvinian museum.

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Impression: it was not pleasant to b.

Here read


of the Recommendation to

about the museum of Darwin, a jimjams as if visited a crematorium.

Mother herself became puzzled a little, was not ready to forthcoming. Here also a conclusion arises: be not lost, tell that animals sleep that they hesitate that come to life in the evening, or not for all. Surely think up something.

of the Centers developing, the museums operating a little it is great that they in general are.

in principle it is possible for

bad to see everywhere: in a dolphinarium dirty water, in a zoo is a lot of to people. Let`s be able to concentrate on good. Negative responses are necessary:

  1. to be ready that maybe it;
  2. that there was no impression that here all only praise and are praised.

Therefore all would be grateful and grateful for the description of negative experience. You understand, not everything suits all. there were positive reviews of a zoo about the kid of our age, and we shouted there, looked... on people also fell asleep for fatigue. It was pleasant to us at Darwin, and to other mother is not present.

Only write

in more detail: Why it was not pleasant.