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My incentive, or Let will be spring!

found remarkable lines which if to trust the Network, belong to M. Langer In the Internet.

the Family is happiness, love and good luck!
the Family is in the summer trips on the dacha!
the Family is a holiday, family dates,
Gifts, purchases, pleasant expenditure!
the Birth of children, the first step, the first babble,
of Dream about good, nervousness and awe.
the Family is a work, about each other care!
the Family is an a lot of homework!
the Family - it is important!
the Family - it is difficult!
But happily it is impossible to live to one!
Is the poem my vital motto now!

my good mood, my pleasure, my happiness is my family! When in a family harmony, heat and tranquility, then life in pleasure then I shine and I shine. These are my incentive to live and overcome obstacles.


When in a family it will not be waited a moment, and you do not notice the sun on the street, all paints dim and sad. But as soon as the bad weather is replaced by warm rays, and you blossom under them!

When we got married the husband, the father told the correct words that the family is the most hard work in life which cannot be replaced, it is necessary to work on the family relations every day, each hour, every minute.

Sometimes it is very hard for

, overflow offenses, “plays“ pride, little by little - and all: back it can already be not expensive, unfortunately. It is difficult to create, and it is possible to destroy suddenly. Love it is difficult for p to find

, and to keep even more difficultly. It is given us from above, and we destroy it. You appreciate and protect the family and darlings.

Now according to a calendar spring, but snow filled up everything. And so there is a wish for the warm sun, a gentle breeze which smells of freshness and new life... And on the street it is still cold! You do not despond, still ahead for now it is possible to arrange spring of the house, having presented warmly to the family! And this heat will return to you several times stronger, and here will see how under this heat we will blossom also you after long winter. As the snowdrop which appeared from under snow! I wish to all families of harmony, the world and understanding! Then all in soul will have a spring!