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Silhouette on a black background, or It is checked on itself

... It is good that on preliminary consultation the doctor warned me about everything. Otherwise I, differing in the thin sincere organization, could and become puzzled. Where a cabin, how on a cryotherapy session? Why instead of a cabin I am stacked on a convenient sofa and offer tea, coffee and magazines? Distract attention, fool by fine words? What silicone capacity with unclear clips is?

And, above all why I am undressed, turn sideways to a lens and photograph on a black background?

But preliminary consultation helped, and I was morally ready to everything that I saw, heard and felt during the Coolsculpting procedure on the device Zeltiq - “holodovy plasticity of a body“.

However, about everything one after another.

my background

Generally my weight only 55 kg that with a growth in 164 cm quite keeps within initial norms. But there is one “but“ - and it is the opposite roller on a stomach which appeared after the delivery. Than I only did not bring him! But it turned out that it is not “become loose“ press which can be pumped up, and fatty tissue. And its “rocking chair“ you will not get.

my attempts to grow thin by means of diets came to an end with failures - grew thin, grieving me and the husband, a breast, legs grew thin, hands grew thin... And the roller remained on the place.

Therefore, having studied the market of modern “anti-fatty“ procedures, I also stopped on this. The beautiful name “Holodova the sculptor“, the clear description, the promise of excellent result and lack of the period of rehabilitation - unless it is not enough?

As it was

Passed three months, and I remember everything as though it was yesterday.

Of course. And the word sounded absolutely another - “kriolipoliz“, or “destruction of fatty cages cold“.

At first to me suggested to undress and photographed me in a profile on a black background. The matter is that the silhouette best of all helps to trace effect of procedure. So, on an initial photo my enemy - the roller on a stomach... Generally, it was swept very up; it was much more, than I expected.

fixed by

On my roller the device applicator - it only one and if to me took in head to clean local fat on symmetric zones, then two procedures would be necessary.

Together with the applicator we reclined on a couch. Feelings were as in the childhood when mother put to me cups on a back, is only stronger. My enemy was in the eyes involved in a translucent silicone sack - the applicator, and changed the color. It was not sick, and here it is unpleasant - yes. However, absolutely not for long. As explained to me, vacuum together with low temperature give effect of loss of sensitivity, and in a few minutes I already quite could relax and begin to derive pleasure. I derived pleasure, having combined Coolsculpting on the device Zeltiq with procedure of manicure - it is as it appeared, quite usual practice. Earlier never did me manicure in such situation! It turned out so pleasant that I dozed off. Hour (procedure of “holodovy plasticity“ lasts so much) past quickly.

That there was then

what I saw right after removal of the applicator, could discompose me. The enemy became bluish and somehow hardened. However, during 5 - 6 minutes it took the habitual form and there is no visible trace of procedure left on my body.

I wanted to shout: “And where result?!“ But I did not begin to shout as I foreknew - the result will not be momentary.

in itself deletes nothing with

of Zeltiq, does not exterminate and does not squeeze out. It just starts the mechanism of selective natural destruction of fatty cages. Natural, safe, but faster. Therefore the fatty fold “grows thin“ gradually, during 2 - 2,5 months losing up to 25% of “weight“. It can not affect total amount, and here a silhouette... When in two months after procedure I came to the center again, and I was photographed in a profile on a black background again - the difference was very noticeable. My stomach became tightened and almost flat, and the silhouette was accurate and young, upon my life!

Of course, perfection does not have limits, and, perhaps, through some time I will repeat procedure finally to destroy the personal enemy.

But so far me everything is pleasant to


of Zeltiq. It works. It is checked on itself!

to Look with

at results from the Coolsculpting procedure.