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We go, we go, we go to strange lands... The Beginning

Parents received less part 2

in the life of foreign travel, consider themselves deprived and hurry to meet a lack, it is necessary or it is not necessary. “I want to show to the child London“. Sounds nobly and vysokotorzhestvenno. Like, itself already how many time was, friends invited to a safari to New Zealand, but I endow everything for the sake of the child.


It is boring, but it is necessary, like a lesson of geography it turns out. I ask: “And you, of course, know London backwards?“ It appears, never there was. “And to the child, how many years?“ Four years... Well, the Tretyakov gallery was mastered already, of course, and here the Tower, of course, waits - will not wait when Vasya climbs there. It is clear, however, that at all not all children will remember what happened to them in the early childhood. Here since ten years - yes, here already much is remembered and it is easier to travel.

You a welcome to all we have?

Summer holiday is rich with the most different feelings, experiences, both positive, and negative. And what to do? Surely something will happen. But will be about what to tell that to discuss with colleagues. And in relation to a family the duty should be fulfilled. With the child - that has to remain in general something from the childhood or not? When parents cheerful and carefree also spend with it the whole days, anywhere slowly. It is pleasant to tell then someone:“ In total - our Kaliningrad zoo, I consider, it is better both Berlin, and Parisian: both animals it is more interesting, and location is more pleasant“. The statement in a trice gives the expert and the patriot, besides the careful parent - adults one by one, as a rule, do not go to a zoo. Means, the money saved on holiday is spent not for nonsense some, and for development of younger generation that causes respect.

What is done during rest?

Where it is better than

for the child?

the Consciousness of the adult demands to pay attention to the child, to give the rest of what was not given the rest in everyday vanity. Conscience whispers:“ You are a bad parent, with the child you are engaged a little, do not develop him, at others children of wons how many saw, all Europe, esteem, and you have all at the dacha yes at the dacha“. And at the dacha it is useful for the child! To it it is good with the grandmother and the grandfather, he needs to observe how carrot and cabbage grow as put and dig out potato, it is time to learn how sing birds in the mornings and from where milk undertakes. And to change climate as doctors consider, not really - that is healthy. Not very long ago doctors spoke: “If you go to the South, then it is not less than on one and a half - two months, otherwise the child does not adapt and will be ill more“. At the present prices very few people can afford it and present doctors advise other:“ The ozone gap promotes developing of cancer of skin; the kid, maybe, now will also not get sick, but any solar burn - and all understand what gentle skin at children, - it is fraught with negative consequences“. And why to go to the South if all the time from the sun to hide?

during rest can become

other person, to open in itself the hidden talents and talents. If at work parents are active, then during holiday - are passive, or on the contrary. Adults look for circumstances under which they can change, open new sides of the personality. It both extreme situations, and such affairs which hands, and amount of time found for relatives usually do not reach. For children it can be useful: to see that their parents can much more, than it was represented. In general representatives of modern middle class are inclined to entrust themselves to those who professionally think out entertainments for holiday. They believe that the place which is chosen by travel agency for rest is adequately equipped and adapted for stay, joint with children. That at observance of distinct and reasonable safety rules the child will not drown, will not prick, will not be bitten by a snake. That there will offer enough excursions including such to which it is possible to go with the child. That excursion will last exactly so much and will be so saturated as far as it is available to the child. That in appropriate time there will be an opportunity to have dinner, and the child will be given the special, suitable it food.

That the guide with himself will have water, means against mosquitoes, protective cream from an obgoraniye, the first-aid kit and the mobile phone of the doctor with whom the company signed the contract on ambulance. That heads of group will tell where it is possible to go that it is better to buy so every day it will be busy, but at the same time and free time will remain enough. Usually there is an opportunity to spend several evenings together with children, having visited interesting and for them actions: training in national dances during a national party in the village, show visit - a variety show or discos for all age, supervision over a decline in the desert, etc. If something is left at home, then it can be hired or bought nearby. Providing to solve all problems to organizers of a trip, the adult as if again comes back to the childhood, readdressing difficulties another. It pulls together it with own children. Quite often it was necessary to observe how in these situations the Russian adults asked children, it is better, than they, learned English to help them to understand what occurs so even in this sense there was a change of roles.

Travel agencies usually specify

about what resort of type there is a speech: whether it is suitable for family rest, rest with small children, for elderly people or for a honeymoon. Respectively, the public usually is selected same so the probability that at the child the circle of uneven-age friends is formed is high. For the sake of one it it is worth going to rest: today it is difficult to overestimate ability to find contact with new people, to think out entertainments for all company in which there can be also kids, and those who already entered mysterious tineydzherovsky age. Joint researches of vicinities, a tent construction on the thrown site, sitting on a verandah in the dark with telling of terrifying stories, jumps to the pool, construction of towns from sand, diving behind stones and sinks - necessary, according to most of parents, a stage of formation of the personality. Children learn to find contact without common language in a case when the children`s company is also international on structure: to play a ball, stones, tag, to catch fish. Quite often in habitat if the child gets to an environment where other language prevails, he manages even to learn for a short time very many foreign words and idiomatic expressions. In hotels there is also a foreign-language television. In shops - inscriptions in a modern language. Even supervision over the daily occupations of foreigners which are followed by remarks in their language allows which - to what to learn.

the General leisure for all family? Whether it is illusion? The family, as we know, is strong when all her members are fond of something together, and other addictions divide with friends. It allows to spend substantially time and houses, and beyond its limits, without bothering each other. In a family where there is a hobby for music, children from young nails join this art form, play in house ensembles. Therefore in a family take with themselves on rest musical instruments or leave there where it is possible to play. For such families will be organized also special summer camp in which there are occupations for children, parents, ensembles on age and mixed. All family camp proceed from three to ten days, usually five - seven days. During this time family members try to show the art in concerts, worrying and rejoicing for everyone. Other type of rest for musical at families - visit of musical festivals. Festivals usually continue 3 - 4 day and consist of several concerts which part is arranged under the open sky. Concerts different in character and it is frequent - especially for children, with the appropriate program and entertainments. But also during adult concerts children can be present at the hall if they not really disturb audience. The public at concerts under the open sky, especially on the jazz - and fate - festivals, is much more tolerant to children`s tricks, than prudish visitors of the academic delights. Besides, for children groups where it is possible to take away for a while the child will be organized and to give him on care of qualified personnel.

of Adults ask not to worry?


Choosing the permit, the western parent pays attention to whether the club or a circle for children is provided. All travel agencies offer for some, especially adapted resorts, the program of children`s rest. Usually it occurs so: the group of children of one or several hotels located in the neighbourhood gathers, the teacher meets them and will see off daily 2 - 3 hour (at different times days, according to in advance made schedule), arranging various actions (searches of a treasure, karaoke, a carnival in independently created suits, preparation of sandwiches, swimming competitions on air mattresses in the pool, on pass - to golf, on guessing of riddles, and also collective games, sitting at a fire).

Sometimes children think out a concert or a performance, and then show it to adults. Such actions allow parents to spend some time at discretion, without worrying for the child, and to children to make friends among themselves. Sometimes teachers will organize for children the special program during the general excursions. For example, adults go to the archaeological museum, and children under supervision and with performance of suitable tasks investigate ruins in the museum yard.

In some clubs of rest the program for children can be even more saturated. For example, parents go to a campaign on the mountains, and children rise by the neighboring hill; parents go to cinema, and show to children the movies suitable for them; parents leave for eight-hour excursion, and take away children in park. At the same time it is easier to work if children speak one language, but there can be also special programs of immersion in English, French, Spanish and other languages. In exclusive cases leisure options for children with different languages - each group in the language are offered.

Children`s amusement parks exist everywhere. A typical set of a zavlekalov - attractions like moon - park, the informative interactive museums where mind can be gained - to reason, to make experiments and researches and to try to make something with own hands. Lotteries, competitions on accuracy and coordination supplement the menu. In comparison with the city museums, local exhibitions have the facilitated character: show toys, minerals, amusing collections, photos of “wonders“. In some places do not let with children or with adults, in others - only both those, and others together. Aquaparks are designed, as a rule, for those who already well float; it is more useful to child to visit the training pool.

Where to go to study?

the Adult aspiration to make rest not only pleasant, but also useful, can be satisfied. The children`s museums are appreciated more: in them the pleasure of game and knowledge of world around is combined. Suggest to get into live heart, to take a walk in a mouth, to visit in a volcano, to do some flying the planet around the Sun, to try the abilities in different professions. It is possible to check how it is easy to lift freight weight in ton or itself in air, to imagine how life of blind people is arranged, to try to send the letter written by invisible ink, by air, to speak by phone from cans. At last it will be possible to dig out a skeleton of a dinosaur and to put an animal, and then to define from whom exactly there were these bones.

In the children`s museums happen strange things which it is possible and it is necessary to tear, rumple, push, listen, to overturn, at the same time something happens to them. Learn to grow up crystals and to do chemical experiments, to bake pizza and to break a pharmaceutical kitchen garden, to do animated films, documentary and game cinema, to spin rugs, to make hats, to impose a make-up. In the summer many museums suit special expositions for children: research of flowers in life and in art, fairies and gnomes in stories and subject culture, tattoos in Asia, surrealism the hands, jewelry of waste materials and garden scarecrows from garbage.

On a farm can milk a cow, to feed pigs, to tire out home geese. In the greenhouse suggest to flirt behind plants. In the house of butterflies - to observe how the doll turns into an insect. In caves - to polazit with a small lamp and to pass along a route. In the house for ghosts - to open mysterious doors. At ancient factory - to imagine that you a log: you will be sawn, will make paper stock, and then turned into the book, a napkin or wall-paper.

Children`s excursions on the museums, fortresses, locks, confectioneries differ in

from adults: it is possible to change clothes in an era suit, to participate in a detective story, to become the little Indian or the Chinese therefore the child is learned to experience what way of life is connected with history and traditions. By the ship tell about piracy history, on the submarine - about cold war and espionage, by helicopter - about the help to people in emergency situations. In a fire brigade show how train and firefighters act in case of need. In one room it is possible to be transferred to Ancient Egypt, to another - to the future, in the third - to learn how hurricanes and a tornado are born.

In general culture for children - the developing industry. Adults are ready to pay for visit of an exhibition, park and museum when new experience, new experience which will be interesting to both generations is offered to them and the child. Therefore the special children`s guides to the similar cultural centers allowing the kid to have the entertainments are even more often published: to find the specified details in hanging pictures, to find object of a life-size, to compare statement and a still life, to make the copy of a picture, to find at an exhibition ten birds, three frogs, etc. Besides, all museums and galleries try to provide fascinating special displays for children and an opportunity to work something in a nursery. For example, if there takes place the abstraction exhibition - to make the picture in the same manner if show art of India - to create the figurine with jewelry if clothes models are exhibited - to draw the sketch, to try on a dress or to make on the basis of paper slippers unusual footwear with patterns and details. Of course, such “courses“ usually paid since a lot of material is spent, but the turned-out result is worth it. However, some “workshops“ absolutely cost nothing: for example, at the Philadelphian National center of the constitution during Christmas holiday it is possible to paint free of charge a snowman and to cut out a snowflake, with own hand to sign the constitution and to receive the corresponding certificate, and but - to receive the image of a banknote with the portrait for money, etc. If children were tired, take away them in a nursery where they will be able at the speed and under the leadership of the teacher not only to study history of the American banner, bell of freedom and an eagle, but also to sew a flag panel, to investigate a sound of bells, to get acquainted with the different coats of arms and to think up to itself own. Many family walks (it is natural that in this case the discount is provided, stimulating adults to take with itself children; sometimes the child with the grandmother or the grandfather in general passes “for so“) assume that guides will give information so that it will be interesting to each member of group, dosing it and directing interest of visitors. It is obvious that children cannot watch at exhibits as long as adults, and to have at the same time the same feelings.

time (on the beach it is impossible to lie long, to swim too much harmfully, and sometimes and cold, especially in the ocean, and in the pool not safe bleaching powder, all routes of an iskhozhena, and souvenirs are bought) On vacation is no place to put

- means, organizers need to think out urgently, than still to entice visitors. Here also various imitations of Indian and Chinese villages, hen houses and gadyushnik, desert gardens, ice open the palaces, banana and coconut plantations, safari and other pieces containing the elements which are specially addressed to kids. At the same time do not forget that it is important to child to carry away something with itself: it is given a small souvenir, and parents spend the sum ten times big in shop at the exit.

From a grant for parents “the Little man. The hint for parents. “I go, I go, I go...“