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We go, we go, we go to strange lands... Part 1

Some people admit that all their life is measured by summer holidays: they live from summer to summer. In the fall, in the winter, in the spring - routine: work, cleaning, washing, cooking, holidays, education of the child. All same - with small variations. It is difficult to remember when something happened: last year or when Lisa was two years old? Any support for a recall. What a difference holiday: in 2008 were in Turkey, in 2009 - in Spain, in 2010 in Turkey again... On Canary Islands it is recommended to be dug in in sand - it at them curative as the guide spoke there, - all table of Mendeleyev...

of What are wanted by children from rest?

not to go to kindergarten, is not that food which is given there, to get up late, to go to bed late, to watch TV, not to hurry anywhere, to play all day long with peers in interesting including new, games. To drive by bicycle, to lap in water, to pick more than all berries and mushrooms. There is an ice cream, fruit and sweets, to learn any features: to songs, rhymes, focuses, jumps, humourous catchphrases, jokes. To collect collections, to be enriched with impressions that was about what to tell when you return to kindergarten. There is a wish to leave far, to one or with friends, to make discovery, and then, maybe, to reveal to parents the secret or maybe not. There is a wish to get the animal at least temporarily, for the summer and to care for it.

of What are wanted from rest by parents?

to Relax and be liberated, have a rest soul and a body, to change a situation, to receive new impressions, to do what there is not enough time within working week or all year for. Among these entertainments there can be small adrenalinic pleasures like rise in the balloon, a litany on a parachute, descent on the mountain river on a raft. Parents still young, they want to feel that they can not only care for children, but also stay by itself - and suddenly, you never can tell, and to try something brand new. Many want to sunbathe, work sport, to grow thin, read books. Children disturb all this - unless it is possible to suffer if they quietly sit, will draw and will admire what busy parents, without irritating them with either questions, or shouts at all, nor we cry.

of What are wanted by parents for children during rest?

That they got healthier that the family turned into the solid collective united by the general adventures and experiences. That the child learned something new, learned new books - or even read something, did some exercises. That the live picture when he is told about knightly tournament or the reserved lake from now on arose in the head of it. That remembered names of new geographical points, plants and animals. That he learned to float and photograph, got used to some responsibility and independence that he was able to call the feelings and feelings words, to find new friends, and then, maybe, to correspond with them within a year.

of What are wanted by children from parents during rest?

That parents showed to

new ways of life, led towards to adventures, then it will be possible to be ahead of others in development of vital space. That parents bought the same that other children have, plus still something others do not have that, then all will come to play. That parents were at home, but were not imposed with the tasks, on the contrary, that they had a good mood, they would entertain the child according to the first requirement. That all children loved my parents because they are able to organize and think out everything for children, all to us would come, and I would be happiest because all would envy me.

As can cope with summer holiday at foreign mothers and fathers?

In very many countries - in any way. The majority of families does not go anywhere, spends holidays of the house, cleaning and usovershenstvuya the dwelling. Summer establishing order, ejection old and superfluous, the pleasure the home, sweet home (“the house lovely (sweet), the house“) in a circle of favourite books, things, without any obligations to strangers - for many is a pastime ideal. Here are engaged in the hobbies (display collections, cut shelves, replace flowers), sometimes going to swim for a while or take a walk in the wood. Rare departures are possible - to visit the distant relatives or acquaintances in other end of the state or even abroad. The short trip on 2 - 3 on the native land is not excluded day. Quite often on trips spend not holidays, and long weekends, having connected days off to a compensatory holiday or a holiday. Other families sign up for some new course: to learn a foreign language, for the first time to play a ping - a pong. It is absolutely normal and natural to go in the village to help elderly parents about the house. At last, if there is own dacha, it is simple not to spend a sin at it so much time how many it will turn out. Or to rent the dacha for a while.

More and more popular: them much in the Baltic States, in this case each family on forces of times a year is constructed to go to the new place; on bathing there are enough several hours, at the same time it is possible to make favorable purchases and still to see some ancient buildings. Other type of short trips - visit of an opera performance or circus, plus spending the night in hotel and a sightseeing tour. In Scandinavia and Britain it is accepted to travel around water to other country for one day (for example, from Stockholm to Copenhagen, Hamburg, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki and back). There are also cruises for day or for days with an exit in neutral waters so for parents there are possible purchases of tax free, and for children - all entertainments by the ship: in a nursery there is a sea of balls, hills, animated films, Nintendo, a coloring, competitions of drawings, focuses, a make-up, gaming machines, under the leadership of tutors competitions to prizes are held. At those who live on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea cruises along its coast or visit of islands are accepted. Trips across the Caribbean Sea or across the Hawaiian Islands became frequent: these types of rest became much cheaper and more available to any class - except for the unemployed. By the way, many modern grandmothers and grandfathers who in usual time live separately and participate in affairs of a family a little, sometimes take with themselves in trips grandsons at least once a year, and all are satisfied.

In many western countries to the warm sea go to trips abroad on only one - two weeks (some manage to carry out a half of term in one resort, and a half - on another). Almost there do not go Italians anywhere, and Spaniards and Portuguese prefer to go to the countries where speak their native language. It is considered that it is more useful to go to Egypt, to the Canary Islands, to Miami or to India in the winter: for Christmas or ski holiday - if the child goes to school. If the child of preschool age and work of parents does not depend on a season - then when cheaper and there are favorable offers. In a family several children are frequent, and then the general schedule adapts to the school student. In Germany the educational schedule is arranged so that in all lands vacation of school students and students is carried out at different times. Thus try to avoid traffic jams on which go to holiday on private cars, and also chaoses in resorts. In general, try to go on the North in the summer (to Iceland, Norway, Denmark), in February - March - on ski resorts (to Austria, Switzerland, Finland), in the winter - to the warm countries, late spring and in the early fall - to survey trips with visit of sights.

to afford such exotic trip as historical places of Mexico, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, Tasmania, much it is necessary to save means within ten years. Australia and South America, and in some of the African countries become gradually “closer“ (for example, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia) considers for itself obligatory to visit progressively conceiving representative of the Western world. Acquaintance to such countries is especially important for children: they begin to understand that they lead exclusive life that they can learn a lot of things in other places of the globe that there is a sense in trying to behave well and to travel with parents, and then and independently worldwide. They stop being concentrated on themselves and the claims, understand that there are people who should be helped. They understand how it is good to become the doctor, the teacher, the builder, the driver to be to rather useful people.

Foreigners with desire watch

at Russia and the CIS waiting for an opportunity to open for themselves tourist beauty to which we got used long ago. They want unusual, new, something that did not become boring. For them Russia - amazingly exotic country, where all “not as at people“.

Be continued.

From a grant for parents “the Little man. The hint for parents. “I go, I go, I go...“