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Tightening without scalpel of

Many women perceive aging of skin as the tragedy. The soul is still young, feelings and emotions did not die away, and the person becomes covered by a treacherous setochka of wrinkles. Unless it is fair?


For those who want to look attractively, thought up various technologies of rejuvenation. Today they became a basis of very profitable and constantly developing industry. What beauty shops and cosmetic clinics - surgical and laser plastic surgeries, subcutaneous injections of special preparations, vshivany only do not offer gold threads, liftings, masks...

It is unconditional, these procedures in most cases yield good results and enjoy popularity, especially at our movie stars and variety performers recently. However for maintenance of long effect of procedure it is necessary to repeat through some time. For example, the injections straightening skin in the field of the deepest wrinkles - nosogubny and on a nose bridge, it is required to do each half a year. And if to consider that one course of such procedures costs more than one thousand dollars, then becomes clear that they are available to not everyone.

Reflecting over it, I thought that in the idea of rejuvenation only through external influence a certain commercial slyness is put. It is all the same that instead of systematic physical activities, it is the best of all training body muscles, to you suggest to use one pulverizing. Or when for elimination of some illness of which it is possible to get rid, having changed a way of life, importunate advertizing imposes expensive preparation or a food additive. Actually, no miracle cures will help if them not to combine with permanent and laborious job over.

the Swiss cosmetologist Benita Cantieni writes that reliably it is possible to resist to wrinkles only by means of training of facial muscles. Having investigated the most difficult anatomy of mimic muscles and their interrelation with emotions, she developed special gymnastics - a feysforming which on condition of regular trainings tightens face skin in a month.

the Lowered mouth corners, loose-hanging cheeks, the second chin, is considered by Benita, it is result of the wrong landing of the head and weakening of a tone of muscles about which the majority of us does not know and which is not able to use.

First of all should learn to be felt as

“Crown“ on the head on the head two areas - “a coronal star“ and “an occipital star“.

“An occipital star“ Benita Cantieni calls

group of the muscles over the most top vertebra raying on a skull and a neck. These muscles are responsible for the movements of the head forward and back, turns to the left and to the right Often tension of these muscles serves nearly as the main reason for headaches as migraine. In occipital area there are a lot of thin nerves tying a face and hands with the relevant departments of a brain.

“Coronal star“ is an area on the top of the head, differently - area of the top.

Sit down in a pose of “tailor“ on a floor or on a pillow. Elbows it is possible to lean on knees, stupnyam - in a floor. If you can, cross legs, as at meditation. But the main thing - you sit precisely on a tailbone that it could “flow“ without tension in a seat. At the same time the back itself will be extended as if. Relax a chin, slightly slightly open a mouth, breath free.

Stretch up a backbone as if an elastic band, from a tailbone through a sacrum, vertebras of chest department and a neck. Mentally prolong the line of a backbone up and present that you are attached to the sky for the top as if a puppet.

Freely allocate for

shoulders back and lower them. Actively relax, but do not settle down. The restoring relaxation means weakened, but a direct back.

When you learn to hold a nape weakened and free, you will have a feeling that the head “soars“ as a ball on a fountain stream. Strengthen this feeling of times from time, you will not feel on the head two areas yet - “a coronal star“ and “an occipital star“. It can be feeling of heat or a cool, tension, an itch or a pricking. Some, according to Benita, feel in the field of “a coronal star“ as if a small crown or a tiny nimbus.


that from the highest points of both auricles at you as the puppet, has threads to the top and connect to a gold thread on which the head “is suspended“. Now imagine a chain of the tiny eights which, as the garland, rises in the sky. Let your head follow it.


, exhale and try to feel the following:

  • your backbone stretches, becomes free and mobile;
  • the head “soars“ on cervical vertebras;
  • the nape becomes easy and long;
  • the thorax rises, and is relaxed shoulders fall back;
  • of a face muscle relax more and more: the lower jaw and a chin droop, corners of a mouth are released, eyes as if go more deeply to hollows, on a forehead there is no tension left.

Most likely, you will not be able to straighten a backbone at once and to feel how the head “soars“. At many of us the neck and a nape are constantly strained, and the backbone is habitually bent. Show patience and gradually awaken in them the new, or rather long ago forgotten feelings. Someone on it will need three classes in of 5 - 10 minutes, and to someone - and three weeks.

to Feel both “stars“ and to recover the power streams which are speeding up a muscle work such reception will help.

In the same weakened situation squint eyes on a nose bridge. Close them, continuing “to look“ at a nose bridge. In several seconds there will be a feeling of the beam of energy leaving a bunch eyes through a nose bridge. Now “shake“ this power beam, moving it the tiny eights is higher and higher in the sky.

Having learned to feel “stars“ and it is good to relax a neck, a backbone and face muscles, it is possible to pass to the first exercise of a feysforming.

we Will learn to move with

with ears

you Remember, in one of stories of Chekhov boys from there is nothing to do try to move with ears? Perhaps and you sometime tried?

It appears p if very much to want, it can learn, influencing some muscles located around ears. By the way, the same muscles are extremely important also for natural lifting of skin. Such muscles three, - Benita Cantieni explains. It is possible to define them by three points. Apply a tip of a middle finger before an ear opening. There is a soft point, as if easy deepening. You feel hardly noticeable pulsation under a finger. Through this point there passes the first (forward) ear muscle. It tightens muscles of the lower half of the face to an ear up.

the Second muscle passes

behind an ear. The second point will help to define it. Softly carry out by a tip of a middle finger along an outer edge of an ear. Approximately through a third of its contour you will feel again obvious deepening under which pulse is felt. Developing this muscle, you learn to operate “an occipital star“.

the Third muscle - over an ear. Two pulsing warm deepenings will facilitate search also here. Place tips of average and index fingers from the highest point of an auricle up on finger width. Distance between them - of 1 - 2 cm

Stimulate these points during the day as often as possible. Softly put finger-tips on deepenings and it is weak - poorly send a pressing impulse until muscles answer. How many it will last, depends on identity. There are women at whom muscles declare themselves the micromovement at once, and at others in these points only tension is felt.

For acceleration of awakening of muscles Benita suggests to think up some image. It represents what awakes six (on the account of points on both sides) small bright moths.“ I stimulate these points until seems to me that I feel waves of their wings“, - she writes.

What more often you will stimulate, strain and relax these muscles, that quicker they will restore the forgotten functions.