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Where the chair was gone?

our intestines - the great toiler, in it comes to the end digestion of food. And if its work is smoothly running, all nutrients, necessary for an organism, get to blood. However often its function is broken. One of the most widespread disorders of activity of intestines is the lock. Statistically, it is observed at 80%naseleniya.

This problem arose not today. There was it earlier. Catherine the Great, for example, was in, at first sight, strange habit to accept the highest dignitaries of the state and to carry on talk with them on important subjects, sitting behind the screen reaching it a breast. On it it had a good reason - the empress suffered from heavy chronic locks. Or even two she daily spent not less than an hour on burdelyu. (So in those days called a night vase.) And it remained nothing else how to use also this time for government. Eventually, making an effort behind a screen, Ekaterina died of a cardiac rupture.

Doctors always looked for ways of fight against locks, seeing in them the reason of various illnesses. I remember, in the childhood I was treated by one elderly doctor. From a hall he shouted to me: “Borya, language!“, and when approached my bed, I already sat with the put-out language. The doctor at first looked at language, and then did not disdain to glance also in my pot. Both that, and another told it a lot of things about a condition of my intestines, liver, pancreas. Than I was ill, he first of all prescribed me castor oil to clear intestines. Since then I acquired that it is necessary to monitor work of intestines first of all.

Patients often tell

: “At me with a chair everything is all right, I go to a toilet nearly an every day“.“ And whether you know, - I answer, - that it is almost, as a rule, trouble for an organism?“

If does not have

of a chair daily, then intestines get littered sooner or later because on its walls every time something surely remains. From these remains in blood toxins are soaked up. And as we often eat incorrectly, offering intestines the unreasonable volume of work, the layer of the remains is constantly thickened, turning into the most real stones.

What happens to accumulation in intestines if to them not to help to leave? The organism tries to solve a problem independently. The part of products of an exchange is removed through skin pores. Another - through kidneys and a liver. At a metabolic disorder in bodies sand and stones are formed. Salts can accumulate also on skeleton bones.

Here not the full list of illnesses to which leads “dirty“ intestines: diseases of kidneys, a liver, a pancreas and the intestines, adjournment of salts not only in extremities, but also in a backbone which can give any complications - from brain angiospasms to diseases of a reproductive system, noninfectious diseases of skin, allergic reactions, the general decrease in immunity, a metabolic disorder and even failures in activity of nervous system.

Each of us has to care for the intestines daily. First of all it is necessary to organize the correct drinking mode. In the morning, right after awakening, it is necessary to drink a mug of cool boiled water, having added to it a teaspoon of lemon or cranberry juice or a pinch of table salt. And it is even better - both that, and another. After that it is necessary to massage the vigorous movements a stomach - from a podreberye to a groin and then roundabouts clockwise. I know from experience of the patients - when work of intestines is adjusted, after drink of water and massage there will be only thirty seconds on the road to a toilet.

needs to accustom to drink water and for all day. Clear water if to drink it regularly during the day, irrigates intestines, washing away from it any, even long-term stratifications.

Many people in general drink

very little, some do not finish drinking even a morning glass of tea. I can advise them to do at least on two - three drinks of water each of 20 - 30 minutes. In a day (taking into account a morning mug) on - to drink at least five, and at most - ten glasses of water.


In plentiful drink of water it is not concluded any risk if there are no direct contraindications - a serious illness of heart, kidneys or constant hypostases. The water coming to an organism in the small portions will not create overloads for an organism.

Still the wrong idea of a water role exists:“ Than to whip water, would drink better than a milk or compote“. And tea, soup, milk, juice, compote are not considered as drink - it is food. But if you want to be healthy and to have healthy children - drink simple water and you watch that it was drunk by children.

At locks also the diet is very important

. Each meal should be begun with vegetables or fruit on a season: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beet (crude or boiled), radishes, pumpkins, apples, water-melon, melon etc. Well bananas clear intestines. In the morning shortly before a breakfast it is useful to drink juice. Favorably influence work of intestines plum, tomato, pumpkin, carrot, beet, apricot, apple. With grape juice it is necessary to be careful: it ferments in intestines and a meteorizm (abdominal distension). Pear, quince, garnet juice can fix therefore it is better to drink them in combination with apricot or plum.


to Normal work of intestines are helped by fennel, parsley, cilantro, onions, garlic (it is only necessary to consider that at colitis garlic is contraindicated). Porridges - buckwheat, pearl-barley, gerkulesovy, especially are very useful if to add the prunes soaked in water, dried apricots and a fig to them. Fried it is necessary to avoid. Fish is more preferable than some meat, and nuts, cottage cheese, fermented milk products is more preferable than fish.

If such drinking and food mode to observe

at least month, work of intestines will improve.

precisely to return to

the “lost“ chair, besides observance of a diet and the drinking mode it is necessary to accept special laxative infusion or broth of medicative herbs. These herbs: listsenna (or buckthorn bark), immortelle (or corn rylets, or sporysh, or calendula flowers), linen seed and nettle.

This collecting perfectly restores work of intestines.

Infusion prepares so. To mix 50 g of each component, 1 St. to fill a spoon of mix in a thermos, to fill in with two glasses of boiled water, to draw of 15 - 20 minutes. For broth preparation to put 1 tablespoon of mix in a pan, to fill in 1,5 glasses of cold water, to bring to boiling and to cook one minute. It is necessary to drink both infusion, and broth on a half of a glass (to children - on a third of a glass) in 20 minutes prior to food.


The a thicket (to of 2 - 3 times) first the chair, the more useful to an organism will also be more plentiful. Stout persons can grow thin, first of all, because intestines will unload. Thin will begin to gain weight because comprehensibility of food considerably will improve.

For those who need to go every day to work on weekdays can reduce a dose, and to carry out fuller clarification during the week-end. Generally collecting has no contraindications. Senna`s leaf is not recommended only to pregnant women.

If to add a teaspoon of a root of a valerian, a pustyrnik or thyme to the main collecting, then broth will become also soothing. And the teaspoon of a dry leaf of blackcurrant will help to bring excessive salts out of an organism.

This remarkable grass collecting not only normalizes activity of intestines, but also improves work of a liver and gall bladder, intensifies circulation of energy in an organism, clears skin, improves health, increases working capacity. However, some components of this collecting have contraindications: at stones of a gall bladder it is necessary to exclude an immortelle from it and corn a rylets. But also without these ingredients collecting will have very salutary effect.

Normal work of intestines prevents many diseases. If you suddenly notice that intestines are cleared irregularly, treat it seriously. Pay attention to whether enough you drink, introduce amendments in the food. If it does not help, drink infusion or broth of laxative herbs.