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Beauty? It with happiness!

always seemed to me that beauty directly depends on welfare. Well, you see, all stars and celebrities just smartly look in the, for example, 50! And it is valid what to them not to look good with such money? Also expensive procedures in salons, and cream of good prestigious firms, and any plastic surgeries on which to us, mere mortals, never not to pull out means from the family budget are available to them. But over time my opinion cardinally changed.

It appears p, the secret is simple, and business at all not in money. About 6 years ago I quitted the good, just fine job. Left itself, foolishly, but the result from it did not change: there was not enough money, and there was a wish to eat. And I did not think up anything cleverer as quickly and as then it seemed to me, it is easy to earn money... I got old “six“ and went to work. Easier to say - to bomb.“ Easy“ the way of earning money was not such and many situations both terrible, and funny, and ridiculous, and pleasant (in respect of money) were a lung, but about one case I want to tell especially.

As that in the morning, hours in 11, I went from the suburb of Moscow. Traffic jams were not such any more opposite as at 8 - 9 in the morning, but the movement was not really - that and “worker“. I just serviced the vehicle, products in the refrigerator were available, it was possible and to pokapriznichat, but not to grab any offered money, but nevertheless in a purse wind walked. On one their streets I saw the voting girl. Cars slowed down, drivers asked something and went further, having left it on the place. Usually in such situation there are two thoughts at once: or not enough money offers, or to go to the traffic jams. And such person sense does not have to stop (well if only to you not on the way), and usually I passed by. I on “earnings“, but not on a charitable reception. But when I already almost passed by, the girl cast away a bang, at the same time having a little cast away the head back, and I, without expecting that, stopped. Behind her back a wave as if fantastic falls, hair to the knees zastruitsya. Brilliant, well-groomed and healthy. It seems never for herself noticed envy signs...

- it is far? - I asked.

- In the center, - she answered, - 200 rubles.

“In such traffic jams moreover for such money... From there then an hour more to arrive home, I will burn more gasoline,“ - I thought. And suddenly told:“ You sit down“.

the Girl turned out

extremely sociable, and behind pleasant conversation I did not notice how we reached. She asked to stop about small little shop of cosmetics and, having paid off, asked to wait 2 minutes if I do not hurry. I did not hurry already anywhere and therefore 2 minutes - not such and a waste of time. It came into shop and almost right there returned also a heap of various samplers (pieces 15 or even 20) different firms unfamiliar to me.

- Me it was very pleasant to p to go with you, - she told, stretching brilliant bags, - indulge yourself.

- Thanks, good to you day, me was pleasant to communicate to you too, - I answered, having taken stretched to me. Having closed a door, I started in a way back. Houses I considered “riches“. The cream moisturizing, a mask and many other things. For the sake of interest I got into the Internet to take an interest in firms in producers and gasped. All firms were very expensive. Probably, therefore I also did not know their names. When you reflect what to buy, that is cheaper or what money will be enough for, hardly you will pay attention to cream for 6 - 8 thousands of rubles. Generally, I decided that the fact that I brought this girl is absolutely quite good, and for a week had a good time experiments with various samplers which were suitable for my skin. I presented what did not approach to one of the girlfriends. When I put before it several brilliant bags, she was delighted!

- You represent what is a treasure? I somehow bought cream of this firm, - and it stuck with a finger into a pink bag, - it is just divine! The effect is visible almost instantly.

generally, this history and would end with nothing if in 1,5 weeks I, passing on the same street, did not see this girl again. This time I did not reflect any more, gave a signal and waved with it a hand. She was delighted as if we were old acquaintances. All road I asked her, and she with pleasure told me about cosmetics as it is applied in these or those cases that the shop is it and what all this began with. When we arrived, I came to be curious and felt the child in toy store. Earlier I would also not pay attention to such shop, now I was lost in admiration!! The whole racks of creams and masks, various lotions and serums, “revolving objects“ with varnishes, lines for care of hair, natural soap. She with pleasure told that for what and as it is correct to apply all this. Having spent more than an hour in shop, I did not even notice the flown by time. At parting we exchanged phones, and having got a piece of good advice concerning my person (and in addition small cream which will help me to clean which - what shortcomings). Generally, I began to carry it almost every day, but an essence not in it. From this day I began to be engaged in the appearance closely. Bought many any means on care of skin of which I also would not think earlier. Began to watch the nails and hair. I had a huge choice of nail varnishes and a lot of various orders, it is impossible to carry under different nails one and too a dress! And still I got the good girlfriend. Along with these events practically all my affairs began to go uphill. We with the husband distributed all debts, tension fueled against problems was improved before, through some time bought the new car. And approximately in 4 months offered me a good position in very decent firm. Began to pay attention to me men, my appearance, undoubtedly, improved. In few months of work at me increased, and I, unfortunately, could not carry the new girlfriend for work any more. But we continued to communicate, I enough - often came to it in shop. Two - three times a week we called up to it.

problems in my family began

Three years ago, was there is nothing any more. Divorce to nobody added health yet and did not lighten mood. In a year I married again. And in a year there was a tragedy in my life. My daughter Varenka died while giving birth. Some time seemed to me that I came to be in hell... And then apathy came. I ceased to watch myself, recovered, ceased to put on normally. To me was on everything to spit. I lost work, debts appeared again...

Recently I passed

near shop of my friend and it became a shame to me because we did not see each other one and a half years. I came around. We were very glad to each other to see again, spoke two with superfluous hour. And at the end of conversation it, being confused, told me:“ You look very bad. For that time that I did not see you, you as if grew old for 10 years, I, of course, understand, it is so much problems and grief fell down your head, but you absolutely ceased to watch yourself. Life goes on!“

of the House I long thought and came to a conclusion. Beauty - not from good expensive creams though it is necessary to watch himself, of course, beauty is visible when you are happy when around you remarkable friends, the loving husband, good work. When the woman is unfortunate, her world falls. When there is a grief, on a face wrinkles develop. The “pale“ look is not of the lived years, it from the postponed losses, losses, problems. Be happy! And let all will see what you are beautiful!

of Lang