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- The day after tomorrow, 1 - go May, on meeting to the devoted Day of solidarity of workers, from our department there has to be one person. Who will go? - the head of supply is interested. Enthusiasm nobody shows - at everyone the affairs, the problems and to spend the only day for numb standing in crowd to you similar, without seeing anything and without hearing, there is no wish to anybody.

- Myamlikov?

- Well, in general that I gathered to the mother-in-law, and then on economy … I do not know … I …

- Zanyatkovskaya?

- I cannot, to us matchmakers will come, it is necessary to meet them how it is necessary, a table to lay, tide up, to wash clothes …

- And presence voluntary or obligatory?

- Of course, voluntary, Daredevils. Not those times. Not the Soviet Union.

- Then do not count on me.

- And you that, not part of collective? It does not concern you? To you all the same?

- Well, you told - business voluntary. And I cannot. I …

- Here we will also send you. The day after tomorrow in nine thirty - as a bayonet. And that argues here: “I cannot, I do not want“. There is such word it “is necessary“.

- Ivan Ivanych, illogically somehow turns out - voluntarily and “as a bayonet“ … - Daredevils, under an angry look of the chief, stops short, becomes silent and is guilty looks down.

1 - go May it, with the given tag and a ball which will need to be returned after

of meeting to “generous“ labor union with a bored face costs in many thousands crowd of same “activists“, as well as he.

Stands of speakers are too low or Daredevils is not too high that over the sea of tops on them to make out someone.

Loudspeakers are too old or Daredevils is not too sensitive on an ear that, except the hissing bukhanye and a hoot to catch something.

Everything that he sees it sad faces of protesters who cautiously look around from time to time back - “when will end this standing torture and we, at last, will be able to slip away slowly from here“, - and which automatically, by an example ahead of the standing companions, unwillingly slap hands together when the next speaker finishes the ardent speech.

Sees daredevils that, as well as it, the majority of attendees understand all uselessness of the happening action. Even those who scramble on a tribune not always willingly play on stage of this theater of absurdity. But, to live and work, be heated by the May sun, to drink draft beer, to buy on tick machines and home theaters, to go to Antalya in the summer, and there is a wish to celebrate Christmas and New Year by everything in the winter. Without exception. Therefore, “World, work, May! Hurrah, companions, hurrah!“.

- Today all of us to herself to shish kebabs are invited by Natalya Ivanovna - the commercial director declares.

- Hurrah! the Spring sun, a green grass, brochette! Beauty! On how many we chip in together? - violently expressional Tatyana Nikolaevna reacts.

- “Should be drunk again and with counterfeit interest all evening to listen to the senior companions“ - with melancholy about himself thinks Daredevils.

- ten will be enough. After five, all in single file not to draw attention, go to the parking. Valera on a bus will wait there.

The whole day of Daredevils thinks of how not to go to the planned party. Yesterday Easter and as he did not try was

, it was necessary to drink with the neighbor - invited so what to refuse - means to offend. And so Kolka pouts at him that he it does not want to comply Daredevils. And then two more friends - those still debauchees were brought up, and it was not succeeded to escape from their joyful embraces any more. You want to maintain good-neighbourhood - be ready to the victims.

At half past four he comes into an office commercial and carefully declares that he will not be able to go.

- was necessary to accept Yesterday much on a breast. The head still around goes. Neither the food, nor drink in a throat climb. I, with your permission, will not go today anywhere. I cannot. To you I wish to spend time cheerfully.

Commercial attentively watches minute at the subordinate, and that has a shy

hope that his chief now fraternally will tap of him on the shoulder and will tell: “I understand. Search. To health it is harmful. Go home, have a rest“.

But instead hears Daredevils: “And you think, I want to go? Yes I cannot see these ugly faces. But it is necessary. And therefore you will go too. I advise how the senior companion. Corporate ethics. You know, what is it?“.

All evening of Daredevils struggles with desire to leave “in English“. Despite intelligent

attempts at a table not to drink, or to drink less, than all others, it nevertheless should do it almost on an equal basis with all. “There is nothing to idle. Yesterday all touched, well and what?“.

Even the women who are jealously watching as if their husbands did not touch, amicably persuade Smelchakov not to lag behind. Corporate ethics.

At a table jokes and humourous catchphrases of all entertains commercial. All amicably grin. Corporate ethics.

At last, evening comes to an end. The hostess of the house takes offense at Smelchakov for what that does not wish to drink with all one for the road.

Having appeared at home, he almost in unconsciousness falls on a bed and goes off to a leaden sleep.

The next morning to it it is even worse, than in previous day.

He looks in a mirror and sees dead a pocket-eyed pale face. But it is necessary to work. Or at least to pretend.

Uvidav in what it a state, colleagues swing the heads and invite “to undergo treatment“. From one thought of alcohol of Daredevils becomes covered cold then, hardly overcoming itself.

He is summoned by commercial. Looks at it attentively. Then swings the head:

- You in a mirror saw yourself? It is impossible so. Give, get it together.

And Daredevils takes. Hardly, but nevertheless takes. Corporate ethics, however.

Smelchakov is called in a human resources department.

- We want to suggest to pass to you to the contract - the chief of shots Elena Sergeyevna, the plant manager`s daughter says.

- And what it gives? - politely is interested Daredevils.

- Well, in - the first, a salary will be five percent higher. In - the second, according to the conclusion of the contract at you will not be the rights will leave at own will. Only the director will be able to dismiss you. In - the third …

- Tell, it is obligatory or on my discretion?

- Well, of course, it depends only on you. It voluntarily.

- And why chose me? As far as I know, we in department, at all have contracts.

- you were chosen by the director because it is pleasant to it how you work. Young, vigorous. It does you credit.

- I can think?

- Well, of course.

- Thanks. Good-bye.

All vividly inquire in department why Smelchakov was called in a human resources department. He tells. All amicably discuss. One speak about advantages, others about shortcomings. Someone congratulates, someone is sorry.

- I did not tell yet is not present, yes. Early you lay a table - smiles Daredevils.

It is carefully hinted that if the director suggests it to pass to the contract - to refuse is more useless.

- But business that voluntary. Therefore I was also let time think. And in general, let`s stop this speculation and we will be engaged in business.

In the same day Smelchakov is called to the director. In a management office there is a planning meeting, is full of people. It sits down on a chair edge. Waits when the director is released and will pay the attention to him.

- And, Daredevils - the director speaks in a deep voice - it is pleasant to me as you work. Not that some - the director askances towards the oldest workers. Those it is guilty look down.

- What you think of passing to the contract? And?

- Elena Sergeyevna told me about it today. I should think. To consult to a family.

In an office there comes the death silence. It is heard as on a window sill two flies fight. The director lours at Smelchakov, then blurts out:

- Well, think. On Monday you will tell. Go.

Daredevils leaves a management office with strange feeling that it made something not so. The truth that, he cannot understand.

All inquire in department as as.

- Well that. The director offered the same. I promised to think. It is necessary to consult to a family.

of the Colleague significantly exchange glances. Some unclear awkwardness soars in air.

- What? I not so told something? - Daredevils guesses.

- In vain you told that you will think - the skilled lawyer Valentina Nikolaevna explains. When the director to someone proposes marriage, it is not accepted to refuse.

- I also did not refuse!

- You told that you will think. And it is necessary to agree. At once.

- But all this voluntarily! I and in shots was told “on my discretion“. And then, suddenly I do not want to pass to the contract? I can have the opinion?

- Opinion that perhaps. But in vain you so told.

All second half of day Smelchakov is tormented by sense of guilt as if he was guilty of something.

Houses he consults on the wife and agrees that it is necessary to pass to the contract.

Next Monday he waits all morning that he will be summoned by the director. But nobody causes it. And on Tuesday. And on Wednesday. And next Monday. The contract is forgotten. Colleagues significantly are silent.

Daredevils continues to work at the same conditions to this day.