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Massage: indications and contraindications of

the Session of massage are not only a way to relax or cheer up. Except the calming and toning action it possesses medicinal properties and helps to correct many diseases. About in what cases it is necessary to sign up for a massage course and in what - it is better to refrain from it, the diplomaed massage therapist with medical education Sergey Polikarpov tells.

Types of massage

Massage happens different: there are several systems (Russian, Finnish, Swedish and east) and types of massage:

Plus nonconventional types of massage: to shiayets, stone - therapy, the Thai massage. All of them are constructed not only and not just on mechanical how many on bioenegretichesky influence. So, for example, the stone - therapy - massage works with use of stones. He practiced throughout many centuries, but stone - therapies described a set of massage receptions, systematized and Maria Nelson - Hangnigang patented as a method. On its system methods of deep massage (with use of 54 hot, 18 cold stones and one stone of room temperature) are supported with methods of acupuncture which open power channels and help an organism to balance and normalize work of the systems.

Krom of the basic principle of impact on an organism (at the European and east schools), massage differs on speed, duration and force of influence - and therefore gives absolutely different effect. Massage at fast speed increases excitability of nervous system, on average speed calms, and in slow - weakens.

It is interesting to

! The American researches showed: the Swedish massage influences endocrine system - considerably reduces the level of an arginin, aggression hormone, and level of cortisol, stress hormone. Besides, after sessions of massage the quantity of antibodies increases, so, organism resilience increases.

Massage in accelerated, as a rule, superficial, the massage therapist does not apply big force and does not study each muscle. Its task - to achieve the toning effect. And here the weakening effect gives deep massage at slow speed. Its task - to remove stress, fatigue and to calm nervous system.

Massage receptions

of the Main massage receptions only a little:

Sergey Polikarpov:“ Combinations of massage receptions can be absolutely different. It depends on a set of factors and, first of all, on a state of health of the patient. Only the direction of massage movements - on the course of lymphatic ways (towards the next lymph nodes) and on the course of the blood-groove going to heart does not change. It helps to improve blood supply of fabrics, to oxygenate a cage, to bring lactic acid out of muscle fibers, to eliminate developments of stagnation and to normalize exchange processes in an organism“.

the Aromatherapy It is interesting to


! Historically massage of the head is connected with two schools - the Indian Ayurveda and ancient Tibetan medicine. The Indian massage of the head more vigorous, toning: it stimulates blood circulation, including in sheyno - a vorotnikovy zone and a humeral belt. The Tibetan massage of the head quieter, weakening: he uses methods of acupuncture and restores balance of energiya, helping to put nervous system in order.

Full, 1,5 - the sentry a massage session when all body is massed, from the head to toes - the best remedy for chronic fatigue and fast fatigue, from the muscular neck and back pains caused by a “sedentary“ way of life. To remove a nervous tension and completely essential oils help to relax. For example, light oils with thin texture: lavender, jasmine, bergamot, ilang - ilang, oil patchoulis and a tea tree. They possess antistress action, easily and quickly warm integuments and prolong the weakening effect of massage for of 40 - 90 minutes. apply other set of oils To the toning massage: mint, geranevy, lemon, juniper, rosemary.

of Contraindication

But needs to be considered that preventive massage has contraindications. Therefore before registering in a session and furthermore the whole course of massage, it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to specify whether it is fraught with complications.

So, preventive massage is not recommended to carry out:

Medical massage

Krom of preventive massage which restores working capacity after intensive physical and intellectual activities after the postponed diseases and injuries, is medical massage. Usually it is appointed at problems with oporno - the motive device - in a complex physiotherapy exercises. Medical massage renders not only the all-strengthening, but also correcting influence:


Besides, massage appoint at chronic gastritises (with raised and, on the contrary, the lowered acidity). Vigorous, deep massage of an abdominal tension stimulates motor and sekretorny activity of a stomach in the first case, the lymph improves - and blood circulation, reduces pain and an eructation air (at an empty stomach). In the second case, at the increased secretion of gastric juice when there is heartburn, the easy, calming massage consisting of strokings and grindings is carried out. It well influences sympathetic department of vegetative nervous system which frustration causes failure in operation of the sekretorny device of a stomach.

on it medicinal properties of traditional massage do not come to an end with