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Sinks for kitchen - a crib of the buyer

Incorrectly picked up sink for kitchen is capable to turn process of cooking into the real torture. And it not exaggeration. Scientists counted: nearly two thirds of cases in kitchen are anyway connected with a kitchen sink. How to make so that it served for many years, and also was convenient, stylish and functional? What is an ideal sink for kitchen? Read councils of experts in the choice of kitchen sinks and you watch a photo of the best models of sinks for kitchen.

What sink will be suitable

for your kitchen?

to decide on what model of a sink will best of all fit into design of kitchen, we will make the list of requirements to an ideal sink.

Moika for kitchen have to be

rather capacious. In it usually wash not only plates and cups, but also pans, frying pans, baking sheets and other kitchen utensils. The good sink has to bear high temperatures, casual blows and influence of various household chemicals. At the same time it is easy to use and keeps excellent appearance at a minimum of efforts.

need to Look narrowly at a kitchen sink after you decide on style of your kitchen. Then she will harmoniously fit into an interior and will be combined with furniture for kitchen, equipment and accessories. Surely take culinary habits of your family into account - as often you cook food what products you at the same time use and as a lot of the dishes should be washed daily.


In advance what form of the mixer to choose what objects you will hold about a sink whether you will put the filter for water and a grinder of waste.

the Size of a kitchen sink and depth of a bowl

the sink Size for kitchen depends not only on personal preferences. If at you small-sized kitchen, most likely, it is necessary to refuse a volume capacious sink with two or three bowls. The angular sink for kitchen can become a solution in this case. Most often it consists of two rectangular bowls. They can settle down on one line or at an angle to each other. Such sink not only allows to involve an “inconvenient“ corner, but also looks more compactly.


Besides the size of a kitchen sink, it is important to decide on bowl depth. You should not choose very deep sink, otherwise it is necessary to bend down constantly. If the bowl is too small, in it the high ware will not be located. According to experts, depth of 160 - 200 mm can be considered as optimum - both it is convenient to the hostess, and the sink will be rather capacious.

a sink Form for kitchen

of Moika for kitchen can have the most bizzare shape. Modern materials allow to realize courageous imaginations of designers in combination with a professional advice on kitchen ergonomics. Classical sink, as a rule, rectangular or square. It is quite often possible to meet round sinks. More rare - sinks with an oval or triangular bowl. The choice of a form of a sink is influenced by convenience reasons. For example, round sinks for kitchen at the equal volume with sinks of other form often are more capacious. Besides, it should be taken into account what form of a sink will organically fit into an interior of your kitchen, supplementing it on style.

the good sink for kitchen can have one, two or three bowls. To what option to give preference - depends on your desire and financial opportunities. A qualitative sink with two or three bowls will be more expensive than usual. It is simpler to wash sink with one bowl, however it is less convenient for washing of ware and processing of products. The kitchen sink with two bowls is much more convenient and more functional. Thanks to it they are very popular. Sink with three bowls can become the real working center in kitchen. As a rule, it has two big bowls and one small which is located between them.

Moika - cut-in or laid on?

Kitchen sinks can be cut-in or laid on. The first crash into a table-top, the second - are just imposed on furniture from above as a cover. Laid on sinks will suit those who do not plan large-scale changes in kitchen yet and are not going to change kitchen furniture.


material to choose for a sink?

the Choice of material for a sink depends, first of all, on style of an interior of kitchen, and also desirable characteristics of a sink and your budget. In modern style the sink from a stainless steel or composite materials will be suitable for kitchen. In strict classical kitchen or cozy kitchen in style of a country sinks from metal, an artificial stone or ceramics will well look.

Kitchen sinks from stainless steel

the Stainless steel - perhaps, the most popular material. Modern sinks from this metal strikingly differ from the predecessors on quality and characteristics. However, also are more expensive. The qualitative stainless steel contains chrome and nickel. They add to a kitchen sink beautiful gloss and reliably protect it from corrosion.“ Corrosion-proof“ sinks have one essential shortcoming - noise. However, producers propose the solution - sinks for kitchen from thicker steel with a sound absorber from soft materials under a bowl. Sink from a stainless steel can have a glossy or opaque surface. Sometimes it is decorated with the engraved drawing. To be convinced that the attracted sink is made of a qualitative stainless steel, use a magnet. If it is valid a stainless steel, the magnet to it will not be attracted.

Ceramic sinks for kitchen Such sinks do


of porcelain. They very resistant to superficial damages, but fragile. Such sink is not afraid of scratches and high temperature. However they quite heavy can also be sensitive to blows.

Kitchen sinks from composite materials

the Only lack of a composite sink - rather high price. So, the granite sink for kitchen will manage, on average, in of 200 - 500 dollars, and sinks from a korian - of 600 - 800 dollars.

However such “minus“ with interest are compensated by their qualitative characteristics. Composite sinks for kitchen are very eco-friendly. They will remarkably fit practically into any interior of kitchen. Easily wash. Have a temperature maximum in +280 degrees. Are not afraid of “chemistry“ and absorb a sound of the flowing water. Composite sinks do of the stone crumb mixed with an acrylic weight. Their coloring can imitate a natural stone of the most fancy shades. At each firm - producer composite material is called differently, however its qualities from it do not change.

What to add with

a sink for kitchen?

the Obligatory element of an ideal sink for kitchen - a wing, or the dryer. It can settle down on the one hand sinks or from both. Its function - to serve as a support for ware, products or hot pans and frying pans.

the Modern kitchen sink - the real working center which part the set of additional accessories is. They can be on sale together with a sink. In this case they with guarantee will approach it on design and technical parameters. However, they can and be picked up independently. Producers quite often supplement “clever“ sinks for kitchen with grinders of waste, sets of knives, graters, baskets for washing and drying of vegetables and fruit, dispensers for soap, and also chopping boards which form repeats sink contours. All these devices very much facilitate life of the hostess and save precious working area on kitchen.

Where to buy a sink?

Experts advise

to buy a kitchen sink in specialized shops. The ideal option - if is official shop of major company which is engaged in production or import of sinks. It not only guarantees quality, but also gives the chance to save a little. In the markets it is too often possible to meet cheap fakes of Asian production which quality, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.

the Famous producers of sinks for kitchen

the Best reputation have sinks for kitchen of the European producers. First of all, from Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. The most known of them - FRANKE, TEKA, BLANCO, SCHOCK, NAYES, ALVEUS, REGINOX.