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Two different stories of one mother of

U me are 2 different stories about breastfeeding. Perhaps, both will be useful to someone.

the Oldest daughter I gave rise to

in 23 years, in 3 months prior to me my friend gave rise and successfully nursed. Looking at it, I was sure that at me too everything remarkably and just will turn out with feeding of the daughter. How so... My milk came for the 14th day after the delivery, by that moment I was already on the verge of psychosis, I was forced to feed the child with mix - I had only couple of drops of colostrum. I put it to a breast every time before feeding therefore when my “long-playing“ milk came, the child with pleasure took a breast. But there is a milk from a breast the child refused. Fought in the different ways (and that could know young 23 - summer mother having kind relatives who nursed about one one or one and a half months). As a result passed to the decanted milk from a small bottle, then to mix. Then it was treated for mastopathy, and the mammologist by results of ultrasonography in general told that feeding by a breast is not given me - actually there is no ferruterous fabric. Here with such experience of breastfeeding I approached the second childbirth.

the Second daughter I gave rise to

already being versatily grounded. I was engaged in studying of the matter - the Internet, girlfriends, Sirza, even the consultant for GV. I was ready on feeding by a breast “at least till 3 months“ at any cost. And what my surprise when milk came was... in 12 hours after the delivery! Also came in such quantity that, probably, half-maternity hospitals would bring up. The pleasure was replaced by an unexpected problem - how to cope with the breast full of milk. From midwifes in maternity hospital the sense actually was not any: they pressed on a nipple - milk goes, so sit itself rastsezhivaysya. The milk pump brought by the husband did not help in general! Panic, temperature increase, the child who just physically could not take a breast... I sat at half of the night and was decanted on a diaper when the breast became more - less quiet - I put the daughter, it rastsezhivat a little more, new milk came then... And all around. But “have no 100 rubles, and have 100 friends“ - I was called by my friend who successfully brought up 3 children. And it by phone taught me to be decanted by a milk pump, explained that my task - to decant absolutely - absolutely slightly - slightly - so much that the child could take a breast. And it is necessary to put the kid as often as possible. And my small “molokootsosik“ in a day coped with my problem.

Happy and happy we were discharged by

from maternity hospital and arrived home. In 3 weeks I faced a new problem. Which for me already was “habitual“ - milk became sharp less. But I did not lower a nose, mix and small bottles in our house was not essentially (I remembered the first experience). Nearly two days the daughter hung on a breast without interruption. Yes, I was exhausted, things were not done, the oldest daughter began to miss. But by the end of second day everything was adjusted - I felt how a hot wave the milk came, the child zachmokat enough and in 5 minutes fell asleep a blissful dream. From this point milk began to come accurately to feeding and in that quantity which was necessary for the child.

By 5 months at the daughter the lock began

. No measures helped, 4 days we were without chair, on 5 - “everything happened“ and again the same. The child it, it is necessary to tell, not strongly upset, but I understood that time to enter a feeding up came. Probably, I am self-confident mother, and we entered a feeding up according to my own schedule, “in the old manner“. The first tried an apple, then an apricot - and rebenkin the chair entered norm again.

my Following problem. I speak about a lunch. After vegetables with myasky the child a breast did not want and was put to bed without breast. And milk - that came, the breast hurt. Again got a milk pump - I decanted milk (gram on 250 - 300) and froze “on everyone the firefighter“. I tried to decant every time on 10 - 15 - 20 gram less that pain left a breast. And in one or one and a half weeks at this particular time milk ceased to come in the necessary volume. By the way, the frozen milk left on the first squashes. Since then the cycle of arrival of milk became other - it did not come in advance and as soon as put the kid - the breast was poured by milk in the necessary quantity.

As to me was pleasant to be nursed! Never there was a problem that the child got hungry and he should be fed urgently with something - to part, warm, pour. To go to the secluded town and to give a breast - as easy as shelling pears! We traveled much, went on all my affairs, on shops, to girlfriends, to relatives - and it was not necessary to drag on itself boxes with mix, heaters, small bottles, to worry that there will be nothing to feed the child if you are late on a visit for an hour - another.

Being extremely lazy mother, I can tell that night feedings by mix for me were a real nightmare... To trudge several times in a night on kitchen, to prepare mix, to wait when water gets warm... And at this time the child hungry from shout overstrains. Put under a flank, gave a breast and further to yourself you sleep. The child gorged on - released a breast and too quietly snuffles. Shift in a bed or leave with yourself (well, here to whom that is pleasant more, we slept together after half a year). Did not notice teeth at all how got out - when the daughter was capricious, gave a breast more often, that`s all. Yes, I still very much was afraid that she will bite me new teeth - never bit for a breast!

So I blissfully fed with

till 1 year and 2 months. I ceased to feed for several reasons, main of which was such is. The grown-up baby ran up each 5 minutes to me, and it was all the same where I am. Lifted a jacket, got into a dress decollete... The child demanded a breast! These are still half-troubles... When the daughter took a breast, milk came. And she spat out all this and left, and I remained to be filled in with milk which is not necessary for my child. For the second or third day I did not sustain and told: “Enough!!“ Woke up in the morning and did not give a breast, put on a polo-neck and all. The daughter tried to borrow actively with another matters, to distract - she till the evening about a breast did not remember. For the night gave the bottle with mix which is providently bought in shop. The daughter drank 2 bottles and fell asleep. So there were 3 more days, for the 4th day no small bottles were required.

Milk did not plan to leave, and by the evening the breast was just stone. Under a shower I rastseditsya to a condition of ease, next day too, for the third day there were no problems any more.

In such at me turned out two absolutely different stories. I can tell mothers at whom it did not develop to feed for the first time that nothing means! And still - breastfeeding not an occasion to refuse to itself delicacies. Only the delicacy should choose the most useful. I did not keep to a diet for feeding all the time - began with 2 - week age gradually everything is and to observe how my child reacts. The kid was not the allergic person so difficulties did not arise.

A still I will share recipes which helped to increase amount of milk. Apilak, mlekoin (according to the instruction), is a lot of liquids, nonalcoholic beer. A handful of walnuts to make 300 grams of the boiling milk in a thermos and to draw 2 - 3 hours, to accept it. To put the child often, it is better to suffer couple of days and then to enjoy feeding (it very much - very much - very conveniently and is useful for all - both mother, and the child). To trust in the forces. By the way, after the first daughter I had a mastopathy, was treated half a year. After the second daughter - no problems existed that once again proves advantage of breastfeeding both for the child, and for mother.

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