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How with cheerfulness to wake up

in the mornings What needs to be done that with pleasure to rise every morning? How to adjust work of the internal clocks, to adjust a food allowance and to cease to have a stress, having hardly got up - the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor of internal diseases at the Moscow medical academy of I. M. Sechenov, Vladimir Vasilenko will tell.


It is regulated the internal clocks

Many of us I face the same problem: it is heavy to wake up in the morning, and after a dream you do not feel like the holidaymaker. Especially it is actual in off-season. But in order that it is correct to wake up, it is necessary to fill up correctly. To go to bed optimum till midnight, but not to sit up late in front of the TV or the computer. At this particular time the nervous system has a rest in a dream. One hour of a dream is till midnight equated on quality to two hours of a dream later. Fans to sit up after midnight expects a syndrome of chronic fatigue. Each of us has internal clocks which define the periods of wakefulness or a dream. If you usually get up at seven o`clock, and on days off sleep in the forenoon, then with ease can break work of the internal clocks - and will feel even more tired. Partially it is connected with allocation of cortisol (the hormone which is associated with wakefulness) which begins to be produced at the larks who are waking up at seven o`clock between three and four o`clock in the morning, and reaches peak about eleven hours. If you remain in a bed after this hour, you suppress process of production of cortisol an organism. It can promote immersion of your brain in a dozing state on days off.

It is important

Instead of sleeping off in the mornings, on the weekend go to bed a bit earlier. And then your internal clocks will be in a full order. For all this it is only necessary to wake up every morning approximately at the same time.

we Wake up with a coffee cup

Is undoubted, the use of coffee improves mood in the mornings, creates feeling of cheerfulness and inflow of forces. Caffeine expands the vessels filling heart, strengthening blood circulation. In addition it possesses property to increase ability of an organism to maintain physical activities. Also promotes transformation of fat into fuel for muscles, it increases their working capacity. Effect of caffeine continues from two to seven hours depending on age and other factors, and most strongly it is expressed within the first hour.

And still, contrary to the occurring opinion, coffee, slightly influences a blood pressure - it just tones up. In medicine caffeine is applied not to increase of arterial pressure, and as a psychostimulator and cardiotonic.

It is interesting to


Psychologists claim: if you want to wake up vigorously in the mornings - it is necessary to love the work. It is necessary that favourite business brought moral satisfaction. Therefore it is necessary to remember accurately for what work is necessary: for pleasure or for achievement of specific goals. The desire to create something beautiful or idea to open something new in the professional area can become one of such manifestations. Then every morning you awake easier to get up, but not to persuade himself to roll about still a half-hour. You will have a strong incentive!

it is had Correctly breakfast

If in the products consumed by you for breakfast there are a lot of carbohydrates and not enough protein, you can feel fatigue already in the first half of day. It occurs because carbohydrates increase the level of the serotonin produced by a brain - the chemical making the calming impact. Protein, limiting production of serotonin, can counteract the drowsiness caused by carbohydrates. You do not need to reduce amount of carbohydrates at all or to increase protein consumption (carbohydrates anyway have to make a basis of a healthy diet, and as for protein, the majority of us already consume it in large numbers). Instead you watch that in your food carbohydrates and proteins were in ideal balance. Therefore porridge and light yogurt can become the best breakfast for you.

we Get enough sleep in only twenty minutes

to Any person, though in different degree, midday recession is familiar. This period is the share of an interval between one o`clock in the afternoon and four hours. At this time rolls drowsiness on us, the consciousness becomes dull, labor productivity sharply falls, the quantity of the made mistakes and even accidents increases. As a result we sicken, discontent with and people around, a stress.

Only 15 - 20 minutes of a day dream efficiency of activity of a human body and its endurance can increase

considerably. The after-dinner dream well influences a brain, improves mood, stimulates work of heart, restores forces and leads to the subsequent increase of labor productivity and creative activity. The short day dream increases working capacity. Thereby, at the person one day turns into two.

It is interesting to


the Siesta - ancient Roman and Spanish custom - into intellectual circles of Europe was entered by Winston Churchill famous for enormous working capacity, efficiency, cheerfulness and longevity. It did not break ritual even during World War II. Twenty by a minute dream the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher trained herself for a weekly meeting with parliamentarians.

we Return a tone to soul and muscles

the Physical culture and physical work are the most natural means of fight against chronically lowered blood pressure. Therefore in off-season, especially to people with hypotonia, it is the best of all to begin morning with gymnastics, for example east which will help to wake a body. And in the place with it and spirit.

It is important

One of the main factors of emergence of the lowered pressure there can be professional working conditions. According to the Japanese researchers the frequency of developing of chronic arterial hypotonia is especially big among bank employees, reaching nearly 40% at men, and women have 55%. People of physical work usually do not complain of hypotonia.

Even half an hour of ordinary physical culture in day are prevented by a set of problems with health.