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Chronic illness: to find a way out of

As a rule, the exacerbation of the chronic disease proceeding is hidden (latentno), happens unexpected. The person does not feel it for the time being or tries to pretend that he does not feel. I do not carry to these any diseases of ORZ - it is destiny of the students, children and parents who are not formed in health issues. First of all, diseases oporno - the motive device (osteochondroses - with hernias and without, arthroses), shown back and joints pains, and cardiovascular system, shown in an initial stage, as a rule, failures of arterial pressure, arrhythmias and pains behind a breast belong to absolute majority of chronic diseases.

If in former times lyumbago (a lumbago in a waist) and radiculitises (back pain), and also fluctuations of pressure met at people more often 40 years are more senior, then now the age of their emergence looked younger till 30 years. In it there is a regularity. The mankind began to weaken physically and to grow old biologically earlier and first of all began to spend more time at the TV and at the computer. People began to lose a possibility of physical overcoming of the weakness, replacing them with virtual sport. Children from - for the Internet - dependences began to mature on 7 - 8 years later as they obtain a lot of unnecessary, ballast information, forgetting to be engaged in self-development, to read books and to think.

Even exercise machines in uncountable fitness - clubs become more and more comfortable. Where it was necessary to bend earlier to change weight on the exercise machine, there are buttons excluding need of movements now.

I first that the person at emergence of unpleasant and even sharp symptoms of an illness (any of above-mentioned) does - addresses to policlinic at the place of residence or calls the ambulance.

A is farther than this person who is not realizing gravity of the events with its organism, “the river of an illness“ as the polyclinic service is, in fact, “a drugstore hand“ bears. And this “hand“ opens “a natural bullet-proof vest of a body“ and breaks the system of self-control of an organism presented to each of us by the Nature. Just pour a handful of the tablets poisoning all natural reactions of self-defense into an organism.

Loss of will gives rise to fear and laziness, and use of anesthetics of drugs does any consumer of these drugs, in fact, by the medicinal addict. There are diseases from treatment - yatrogeniya with which it is difficult to cope. I do not exaggerate. It is necessary to understand pathological physiology, i.e. the mechanism of gradual self-damage of an organism as a result of continuous effect of toxic agents to which it is possible to refer the majority of the anesthetizing drugs safely. But who will teach it? “And what it is possible to offer as an alternative?“ - you ask.

in reply I usually ask

a counter question: “What do you do for health?“ At the same time I do not mean sanatoria, a balneoterapiya, massage, game in soccer on Sundays and downhill skiing in the winter. In that case usually do not answer, wait for the following question. And I set it. “Why to the person of a muscle?“ Even doctors answer: “To move“. But it is possible to move also without muscles if to look at some dry old men, “put in half“, but moving. Muscles feed and feed a body, delivering food to those areas for which are responsible, and it is their main function. They kill pain as have own factor of anesthesia. But for same the will and time are necessary, and the patient has no time. Is not able to consider. “How long you are ill?“ - I ask patients. Call term from several months to several years.

“Kill to me pain now! And then I will be engaged in the health“. And the doctor of policlinic whom such person asked for the help it is natural (so learn), writes out the recipe on a pharmaceutical preparation which will kill pain, maybe, and quickly, but for a while. But, as show further events, pain comes back in the form of stronger attacks. As a result of such medical policy the muscle ceases to send signals of “SOS“ to a brain. Next time will show the discontent already other muscle which is directly connected to poisoned with drugs. If earlier the back hurt, then then the leg suddenly begins to hurt. At the same time the back does not hurt any more. Then legs cease to work, and the person turns into hardly walking disabled person. To it at the same time all of 30 - 40 years. What to do? To poison itself further? And most of people as the doctor prescribed medicine arrives. There is no other exit, apparently... “And you offer gymnastics? But I am not able to be brought up or I cannot any more. And what for? I am not an athlete!“ Of course, you cannot be brought up! I also do not expect other answer from people, physically myself not supporting. But back muscles (the breast, legs) can force to work. It is necessary to understand - not the nerve, but a muscle when is traumatized hurts or begins to atrophy. Drugs clean a pain signal, and pain remains. It in a muscle.

Present to

. In the room the fire begins. The alarm system warned about it the red bulb which lit up on the panel. The firefighter instead of suppression of fire breaks a bulb. There is no signal, and the fire continues. And with pain. Nerves do not hurt. They signal about a pain source (a joint, a waist, heart). The muscles which are actually forgotten by “owner“ hurt. They will atrophy, shortened, decrease in volume, cease to pump blood and through nerves notify on it the owner and his brain. And further it is necessary to think...

needs to force a muscle to work with

. It will allow to include its pump function as physiologists speak, haemo dynamic (and limfodinamicheskiya) the pump. The muscle will begin to pump over blood in the zone, passing on baton to other muscle in other zone, and so on all circle - big and small. Will occur so gradually and constantly. Day after day, from 5 to 20 movements on each muscle.

Instead of pullings up can drag out to a breast from a starting position sitting or lying. But the doctor - that at back pains and furthermore in heart, forbids any loadings? Think, reflect. Aging of an organism begins with loss of muscles. We have their about 700. And losses of muscle bulk begin early enough. It is not necessary to grow old! It is possible to live without muscles, but how? Under? In marasmus?

In understanding of doctors, any exercise is load of heart. The doctors not familiar with a modern kineziterapiya (such the majority), perceive the word “loading“ unambiguously - as it is told in Dahl`s dictionary:“ To load goods on a cart, the boat“. That is something imposed from above. But not any exercise loads a body as, for example, a bar.

always I offer

Ya in the presence of back pains and some cardiac pathology (a hypertension or arrhythmia) essentially other exercises unloading a backbone and joints and which are carried out in the anti-gravitational mode on the MTB exercise machine - 1 - 4. Such occupations are not direct loading. They not ON - gruzhat, and it is rather a TIME - gruzhat a body. The person who is carrying out these exercises, even rather elderly and with “bunch“ of diseases is capable to move in space to several tons (!) “freight“ for one medical occupation. And the most interesting - thanks to these exercises disappear or sharply sharp back pains decrease, the arterial pressure which rose from pain, fear and temporary immobilization is normalized. And all this is without tablets!

always I offer
Ya in the presence of back pains and some cardiac pathology (a hypertension or arrhythmia) essentially other exercises unloading a backbone and joints and which are carried out in the anti-gravitational mode.

Other question what to appoint exercises and in what sequence, taking into account associated diseases, anthropometrical features and the undergone operations. For this purpose it is also necessary to understand a code of health and keys to it. Lying in itself, i.e. an obezdvizhennost, promotes an overload of a cardiac muscle which is forced to work without peripheral heart of an organism as which physiologists rank skeletal muscles. The cardiac muscle, of course, does not cope, and cardiopreparations artificially tone up (“doping cosiness“) smooth muscles of arterial vessels, and the blood-groove slowly begins to work. Cardiologists got used only to such principle of restoration of the lowered blood-groove - medicinal. They do not recognize other mechanisms of self-control of an organism. But let will show at least one patient who recovered from a hypertensive illness and furthermore from IBS, by means of tablets?

the medicines Accepted orally or intravenously affect with

all central at once (and vegetative) nervous system, actually switching off self-control of an organism and affecting otravlyayushche even those segments of a body which do not need medicinal support. From here and the shown illness from treatment - a yatrogeniye. The more drugs - the it is more difficult to recover!

From the book “Life after a Trauma, or the Health Code“