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Little fidgets: the instruction on management

of Restless children often you will not force to be late behind the book and a couple of minutes, games for them have to be full of movements. When parents want to share information, important for its development, with the child, they should go on tricks, to connect a ball, cottons to exercises, to ask the child answering to stamp legs, turns and to spin. And it is an indispensable condition of any occupation: mother and to fathers it is necessary to get out literally.

However entertaining the kid similar games, you not only develop his logical abilities, but also gradually accustom to work according to the instruction, to play by rules, to order the activity.

By gradual inclusion of intellectual rebuses in mobile game and steady increase in a share of static exercises in it, you is imperceptible for the child you impart to it love to training, you form aspiration to knowledge, intellectual work.

Approximately also you accustomed the kid to a new type of food: gradually added a new product to a habitual diet. In the course of training of the child the rule remains: 30% of “exercises for mind“ at least at the beginning of training have to fall on 70% of game material.

In excessive mobility if to look, it is possible to find even the pluses. The little fidget with pleasure will show geometrical figures, letters and figures, using the body, to decipher your signs, carrying out visually - effective instructions (“bring“, “put“, “put there where all toys“, “put there where toys begin on a letter A“), and instead of joint reading to participate in simple performances.

can be Beaten the movement practically any occupation: working off of logical receptions (classification, generalization, a seriation, analogy), work on the instruction, rules, development of figurative and abstract thinking, the speech through acquaintance to signs, letters, figures, statements.

Main - to find
to the kid approach, to understand that to it really to liking, and then, gradually complicating habitual and long ago the game which is fallen in love to the kid, it is possible to introduce in it elements of any intellectual task.

So, short rules of work with the fidget:

With what to begin


Begin to train the baby from the awakening. The kid constantly stays in the movement which part, however, is already ordered by the mode.


that if the baby did not get used to observe the mode, to it it will be very difficult in the principle to realize need of rules. On the contrary, bringing up in the child of assiduity, accustoming him to the organization of own life, you create favorable circumstances for assimilation by the child of other rules.

So, we start training, using for this purpose regime procedures within which some rules for the child are already clear.

Since the morning, still being in a bed, the kid is most weakened and inclined to perceive new information most fully. We use this time for intellectual gymnastics:


(a name of the child) , rise,
Forward to legs bend,
the Handle to the left, to the right allocate the Handle for
, All movements repeat
again, by
I consider them: time, two, three!


every morning with repetition of the main directions (forward, to the left, to the right), the child in the course of cheerful game learns to be guided in space of own body, to consider the movements. If subsequently you suggest it not just to take away hands in the parties, and will take each toy, located from this or that party, the kid to learn to be guided in wide space. Adding to instruction tasks “choose and take a round (smallest) subject“, “shift only toys (ware)“ you improve logical abilities of the child, acquaint it with concept a geometrical form, the size.


(a name of the child) , rise, to the right allocate the Handle for
, round take a ball to it,
allocate the Handle to the left for (to choose a round ball from toys), it big take a doll,
the Head to legs incline (to choose the biggest doll),
I back, for a back clean all toys!

As day you will begin (we hide for a back only toys), such it also will be. Having got used to think since morning of where it pulled a hand that took it where shifted, the kid will want to continue cheerful game, investigating space. Help it to consolidate obtained useful information, using various entertainments.

is Told, during food it is impossible to play. It agrees. And here to it - it is quite possible to afford. Charge to the baby to put a salad bowl in the center of a table, put a pan pile on reduction / reduction of their size, to carry and put a missing fork in the left far corner, to distribute bread pieces to the audience at a table, being guided by age (growth) of members of household (to the father - the biggest, mother - is less, itself - the smallest).

However to play it is possible to begin already in a bathroom, putting in order hands before food. Turning by means of a rhyme usual procedures in magic, fantastic, try to suggest the child to wash away dirt from palms, having touched soap from a soap tray certain. Having filled a mystery voice, address the kid: “Hey, small, I a mylets of snow-white purity, want that you took the handle left me!“

A at dinner count all pieces of cheese on a dish and ask the kid to take that piece which has the largest holes (their greatest number):

cheese Pieces, be under construction in a row,
Ya your chief, you - group,
pay off From left to right -
One, two, three, four, five - everything, it is free,
A you, with large holes, - remain!
Spread out bread slices in a bread box on reduction of the size:
Group of bread, is ready for a lunch?
Well - get up pieces in a row,
First - the biggest,
Second - average,
Third - the most smaller of children.
First - for the father,
Second - for mother,
A third - your, tiny, as you, small!
I at last, sort products in kitchen: Dairy products count
, the Finger on everyone bend
Cheese, kefir, sour cream, banana yogurt,
Cottage cheese, milk, fermented baked milk, egg,
, How many them everything? And how egg?
Is correct, not dairy product it!

Cheerful rhymes will help

with any situation. When your kid gathers for walk, take for the rule to prompt it an operations procedure an amusing quatrain in the course of which he will get acquainted with the concept “size“, “which“, will learn to compare, consider on fingers:

the Right hand take

trousers and the left trouser-leg pull
on a leg! the Left hand take
in an armful
With ties short a cap,
Put on? And boots was not in time? Give
rather, take from a row the third pozhivy, I will lace up
Ya, and you look for the fourth so far,
Found, check, it is not wet?
Here a couple of boots on your legs,
A you will be able to show me pair of fingers on the hands?
Well, the good fellow, prevail a coat,
the Size it now, you see, it is less than mine,
A at boots at yours what size? to me it measure
by the Palm,
I unlock rather a door!

Having fallen in love with

to carry out cheerful instructions between times, within everyday regime procedures, the kid can over time suggest “to train“ it. At this time try to arrange a task so that the child had an opportunity to interact with materials habitual to it in situations habitual to it - so to it it will be simpler to allocate signs of objects and to analyze them.

For example, the child can sort in a hall footwear by increase or reduction of the size, to form of boots a row in a certain sequence according to the drawn sample from color circles, by analogy (a red boot, black, brown, and again red, black, brown), to sort by a certain sign (the size, color, a nose form), to make in a row, to recalculate and choose the second or ninth.

Gradually within habitual game you ask the child to sit down at a table. “To disguise“ a statics, accompany its period with cottons (it is so possible to voice result of calculations), stamping of legs (same strong as footfall of big father`s boots in a hall or same silent as footfall of small children`s sandals), catching of a ball (with the subsequent answer to a question) etc.

Only do not forget that boring occupation turns into cheerful game exactly while cheerful transformations begin: material for occupations - in magic heroes, instructions - in verses and humourous catchphrases, estimates - in embraces, and the kid - in the hero and the pioneer!

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