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The street kitten as a litmus piece of paper of

quickly came the Working day to a desired end. All staff of office, putting on warm coats and fur coats, cheerfully piffled habitual for this time of day - women about with what culinary delicacy they will indulge for dinner the families, men about where and as will spend evening after the difficult working day - all were joyfully excited - then they slowly and as if reluctantly stretched to a factory checkpoint.

Egor, without hurrying not to be pushed at a turnstile at the exit where all represented before each other slow friendly courtesy while wanted only one - to leave walls of native plant &ndash somewhat quicker; it was thoroughly clasped on all buttons, and, having taken a farewell view of the close place of the voluntary imprisonment - till tomorrow, my working vale! - an elastic step went to the place behind which freedom began.

On the street the opposite north blew, angrily vzvikhrivy in air flakes dirty - gray snow - factory furnaces smoked tirelessly day and night, diligently decorating everything in sad dim tone around. Even snow, without having reached the March melted pools, somewhere at height of these stinking infernal pipes, in some minute of the free fall down to the guilty earth, became absolutely gray-haired.

Behind gate, on broken, in ugly pockmarks - funnels as after air firing, a roadside, in single file, one by one and small groups who briskly, but the majority nevertheless was tired and with detachment works at plant, people - and actually, absolutely foreign men and women with nearby, same faceless and similar at each other went already such familiar to Egor in the last two years, factories, plants and offices. Everyone hurried home - to the families, the family - to husbands, wives, children.

Despite a sad March landscape, mood at Egor was excellent. Today at work, for long efforts which as it seemed to it, stubborn remained unnoticed by its administration, it, at last, the plant manager praised. Egor saw how for rage contracted in a thin strip of a lip of his immediate superior who held Egor for rokhlyu and the silly person capable only to bring confusion in his thinly deliberate plans - intrigues when he heard words of approval from “most“ - that of whose anger all were afraid and whose goodwill all looked for. But to spit! Not that Egor was eager for someone`s approval and looked for praises - no, he was not so vain and already learned glory of copper pipes, - but nevertheless, oh, damn, it is pleasant when your works do not take place unnoticed.

Besides, today there was a pay-day - than not a reason for pleasure? Egor was going to withdraw on the road from the account a little money and to arrange himself small and quite deserved drinking bout - and to come simply into the next tavern and to screw vodka from the sweating small decanter - gram so two hundred fifty under salty mushrooms yes a well-done pork flank - to hell soups - a poison from a package and fried potato in the evenings - after it was left by the wife, having called the loser in everything, he prepared for himself. And why and not to pokutit? Who will forbid it? He to owner!

The noisy flock of very pretty girls came across to it a meeting. They invitingly roared with ringing laughter, probably from some banal history from student`s life or a bearded joke in a new way, threw back the fine-molded heads back, bashfully and at the same time coquettishly covering with the handle of companies, at the same time conducting on the parties ruthless fire the eyes - eh to what studentochka are good! Egor with rather impudent courage which so is pleasant to women, but which not always finds itself at the right time examined with all the heart the having fun young ladies. Those favourably answered it with a playful look.

“Life, all - not such bad piece - if to leave behind day grieves where they overtook you, but not to drag them, besides their will, from place to place, indulging in the masochist of self-pity and to look at it, life, from other, light party“ - philosophically Egor argued with himself. “In life there is always a place good, in it always the mass of pleasant trifles, and it is necessary only to be able to notice them and to derive from them pleasure, without applying on bigger …“.

Suddenly, passing by a stop full waiting for the bus of people, at the left, among dirty pools and last year`s faded leaves, his look unexpectedly stumbled about something unclear red and live. Egor stopped. Looked narrowly. Kitten.

He sat directly on a footpath at a roadside on which hard workers scurry about, not always sober, hurrying in a roundabout way for work and from work, unnaturally small, a thin back to all, and somehow unnaturally rocked here and there as if meditated.

Having carefully come on the right side, Egor approached closer that properly to make out him. What he saw forced it to shudder for horror and to regret about the immense curiosity. God you mine! Saint Virgin Mary! All right side of an unfortunate animal was in baked, mixed up with dirt and crumbs of leaves, blood, his right eye completely swam away - most likely, an eye was beaten out and flowed out, having soiled with opaque slime everything the right side of a muzzle, the right pad was unnaturally twisted by the back forward - for certain, broken.

The kitten was incredibly small - as if just been born - with it is white - a red hair in dirt lumps, fragments of branches, leaves. It in a strange and some terrible way as drunk, rocked here and there, every time failing below and below when the weight of his tiny body fell on the right unnaturally twisted pad.

Egor sat down on hunkers, with horror examining unfortunate an animal. It was obvious that the kitten is absolutely bad and long will not stretch. Or on it unintentionally there will step some drunk worker, or it will freeze same night, or he will die from the got wounds the next day.

From these thoughts Egor`s heart painfully clenched, and in the pit of the stomach unusually drained in - a strong indication of faintness. Without thinking twice - it is sometimes not necessary to oppose to the main instincts, asking different “civilized“ questions - our nature knows better us as we should arrive otherwise - he slowly gave the right hand, carefully clasped with fingers a tiny little body of an animal - the kitten did not even react to a touch - and, having lifted it on hands, carefully pressed it to the right side, having covered with the left palm from cold wind and inquisitive glances, carefully not to disturb a kitten in any way, began to mince through crowds of people towards the house.

It was inconvenient to go - Egor had to hold both hands on the right side as if he was wounded in the right side. Hands, fat from blood, felt warmly small lump in which the life remains still glimmered.

In the head flew that to withdraw money from the account it will not turn out any more, and about an evening holiday with cold vodka and a juicy pork flank it is necessary to forget too.

Egor very much did not want to refuse the modest plans. He even felt sorry for himself. “Can leave it where - nibud in bushes where nobody will disturb it and to allow to depart quietly to the cat`s paradise? All the same, will not survive“.

But, having mentally abused itself for cowardly egoism - as it can come to mind when, perhaps unfortunate life of this God`s creature depends only on it now! - and carefully continued the way.

To the house it was remote and hands already became numb from an uncomfortable position, and Egor decided to pass three stops by trolleybus. And from there to the house already no distance.

Having waited at a stop no more than five minutes, he sat down on the appeared in time “two“, and is careful, under inquisitive glances of passengers, fell by a free seat.

The full lady standing near it, in a fur collar up to the eyebrows, with a fastidious grimace looked that Egor so carefully pressed to himself, most likely, trying to make out that she for a dirty piece of wool looks out of his palms.

He from cowardice did not decide to look at a kitten, understanding that he will see nothing consolatory. He also understood that his jacket was soiled by blood and dirt, and the look to his respectable citizens seemed unusual and even suspicious.

The girl`s hands sitting on right - teenagers, one of whom listened to a player a minute ago, pulling as clockwork in a step the head, and another with a crunch chewed something - whether chips, whether still that, - ceased to listen and chew, and, for some moment, froze stared at the blood-stained and dirty ball which decided to give signs of life to this moment and began to move in Egor`s palms, sticky from blood.

The trolleybus stopped at a stop, having opened only a forward door. The salon included the man and the woman with nominal tarketka on a breast. Control. Egor suddenly bethought that occupied with thoughts of even live corpse in the numb hands - hooks, he absolutely forgot to punch the coupon. “Now will fine, and at me and will not be enough for a penalty of money“ - began to knock in the head. But its fussy awkwardness right there disappeared, having given way unclear from where the undertaken quiet confidence - that confidence which happens when precisely you know that you are right, despite everything.

- Your ticket - the woman - the controller not really kindly asked.

- I have no ticket. Excuse - Egor quietly answered.

- Why? You pay a penalty.

- You see, hands are borrowed from me. I could not punch the coupon. And then

all of them in blood to climb in a pocket - is sure, itself without learning the voice, Egor almost whispered.

The woman - the controller as on the madman or that it is worse - the murderer, stared at him. Then it translated a view that Egor carefully and carefully pressed to a breast.

- You Leave. You will go to police station.

- Sorry, but I cannot. I have on hands an animal who perishes. Therefore

I did not punch the coupon and therefore now I will go home. I think, you understand.

- Sergey, go here - the woman - the controller - this

the citizen without ticket began to yell on all trolleybus! The penalty does not want to pay! Moreover it is lucky some rubbish in hands! Weigh in blood!

The passengers who remained in the trolleybus began to be indignant. All of them, say,

after the difficult working day hurry on deserved rest, and here, from - for one “hare“ there is all trolleybus.

- Yes bring him, at last! - the full lady who five minutes

drilled Egor with the frown back zaprichitat.

To the aid of the woman with a tarketka the second controller, Sergey as his

appeared in time the woman - the controller, the man of a dense constitution with the killed nose which look, appear, suspected all and all called.

- You che become impudent, the guy? Give, leave! Give! Give! - he shouted, at once

having lost patience.

- Sorry, but I will go further. Unless you do not see that on hands at me

the animal dies? Really in you there is no pity at all? You are people.

- Pay a penalty or leave! Give! And to argue and fairy tales you will tell

of the house! - Sergey shouted, swinging hands as if was going to use force - Also do not detain!

- Leave the guy alone! - the bass at me behind the back &ndash was suddenly distributed; At it animal

perishes, and you here for three kopeks are ready suit Lynch`s court!

Egor turned the head and looked at the defender, expecting to see

of the impressive sizes the man. But instead of the imagined Ilya Muromts, he saw the low little man in kersey boots and a quilted jacket full of holes. “To complete the picture there is not enough tsigarka in a corner of a mouth“ - Egor thought.

- Release it. If it is necessary I a penalty I will pay. How many? - the evil was asked by the little man in

tarpaulin boots.

Checking hesitated, exchanged glances then the controller Sergey whether in which that

the fallen-down conscience woke up long ago, whether he did not want to contact one more “conscious“, waved a hand and proshamkat:

- The Devil with you. Let go. Let`s go - he told, addressing the workmate.

Both of them it is dissatisfied as if offended in the best feelings, fell out of salon, and the trolleybus started further.

Egor descended at the following stop and in five minutes was already at home. Having laid an unfortunate animal on the old piece of foam rubber sprained under a hand at the warm battery, he carefully examined its wounds. The pad was broken so that the bone was visible. The hair on a breast was to such an extent blood-stained and dirty that to consider a wound, without preliminary processing, it was not represented possible. As for eye bruise - that, judging by the white substance which soiled all right side of a muzzle and part of a neck of an animal, an eye was lost forever.

Kitten sides poorly rose - what meant what was not still lost. Egor understood that he by own efforts and knowledge simply will not cope with so difficult wounds. The bone should be set, wounds to process, do vaccination - or that there - against tetanus.

without wasting time, it learned in help number of veterinary clinic. Without delaying, called there. The phlegmatic female voice told him that working hours already ended - bring the &ndash Jolly-boat; or who there at you - tomorrow since morning.

- Till the morning my Jolly-boat can not hold on! - having lost patience, Egor shouted in a tube.

- These are your problems - the woman also phlegmatically answered and hung up.

- Well for freaks! However, to them on people to spit - not that on Jolly-boats!

B help it learned number of paid veterinary clinic. Called. Already through

twenty minutes the young man in a white dressing gown sat near the dying kitten.

- The Case is almost hopeless. It is how possible to judge by external survey,

for more detailed inspection needs to do a X-ray. Several edges are broken, the thorax - from here so much blood, &ndash is cut with something sharp; open fracture of a bone of the right extremity.

- And eye? - with emotion Egor took an interest.

- What eye? Just severe bruise. And so, an eye on the place - answered dog

the doctor.

- And what it is possible to make, the doctor?

- What to make. To lull that did not suffer. Kitten still small, weak.

I Think, he will not get out.

- But, nevertheless, doctor. And? - Egor was sorry to tears of this unfortunate street cat whose

he knew two hours from a sort.

- Well, the bone of a paw can and be set now. Let`s make an ukolchik that not

was sick. Let`s impose the tire. Let`s process wounds. And there - you look.

In half an hour the veterinarian left. The bone was set and plastered. Breast and eye wounds are disinfected and processed by peroxide and iodine. To a kitten anesthetic which was also sleeping pill from what the animal in general ceased to react to external irritants was stuck. Also dog doctor left some vitamins B a type of drops - for maintenance of vital forces.

In an hour of treatment at home Egor laid out one and a half thousand - a robbery in broad daylight, - but to it was to spit absolutely. The main thing that there was a hope that the cat, perhaps, will recover and that already now is not as painful to him as was before.

Long after midnight, Egor, hungry and not changed clothes, sat at the bedraggled piece of foam rubber on which the unclear red being in bandage and iodine lay. Non-Christian and never earlier not happening in church, never praying, he as who is brought, with tears in the eyes, repeated the same mantra: “My God, let he lives! Let him only live, My God! If you are if you hear me, rescue and keep this God`s creature! Do not allow to die to this piece of meat. Do not allow it to die, My God! My God, you hear me?! Do not allow it to die, do not allow it to die, do not allow it to die …“.