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Dawned on me!

How many times you watched road accidents on TV? And how many times you sympathized with them? And how many times you thought when you got into the car, about it? And somebody represented himself on their place?

Today was the most successful for the last 3 years of my career - I was approved for a role in some next series.

On a shooting stage was to so many people that it was very difficult to breathe. The cigarette smoke as if moved from the conditioner. Suits became permeated with the smell of a smoke and spirits.

the Director just explained with

to me and my workmate dialogues as suddenly the door opened, and the inspector of police entered it, and at once came across the director:

- I Apologize where I can find Andre Golinelli?

is I! - at this moment I for some reason thought that I parked the car in not put place, and it was taken away by the tow truck.

- I Ask to take place with me, - the police officer growled, it was developed and went to a door.

the Director turned to me.

- In an hour we begin, - with a dissatisfied look he muttered and buried in papers.

Ya trudged to a door. I looked under legs and thought: “Some teapot again is dissatisfied with the parking!“ Before my eyes there were brilliantly polished boots.

- you will eat with me on an identification now. Then the driver will bring you back.

- What identification? Whom? Where? Why me? - in my head 1000 questions turned.

In response to my questions I only heard one phrase:

- we Will arrive to the place, and all will explain to you!

our car stopped opposite to the white building. The door opened, and the police officer led me to the building. I was shocked. I drove thoughts away. Me was in a fever a little, the putrid smell punched on nausea. We went along corridors which never will come to an end, I thought. The man made advances us in a white dressing gown. On his head there was no hair. Growth was about 160 cm, weight about 100 kg.

“Kolobok“, - I thought, and right there myself straightened out.

- Hello! I ask to pass with me.

We came into the room. At the left there were tables, and on the right - iron boxes with numbers.


“Kolobok“ one of them and extended on itself. On a body the white sheet with brown spots lay. Me banged. Cotton wool with sal ammoniac did not help any more.

“Kolobok“ cast away a sheet:

- he was hit by the car. The driver was in drug intoxication and passed on red light.

- you recognize this man? - by an iron voice the police officer


On the cart my husband lay with the punched head.

U me on a body the shiver ran. The lump stood in a throat. In eyes darkened, the body became wadded.

When I recovered, I began a hysterics. Feelings of a hopelessness, helplessness pressed on me as if a concrete wall. I spun some nonsense, type: “Or perhaps it is the double, and, maybe, it is a mistake?“ I rushed about on the room with velocity of light.

Is not present

, is not present, My God, why with me?! Why me? Why it? I began nervous itch. I tried to ask something these people, but tears were driven to a throat, and prevented me to speak. Instead of words I howled. I fainted again.

- the Pussycat, the pussycat, wake up!

Ya opened eyes, my husband shook me for shoulders. I understood that I cannot breathe that the nose is clogged. My pillow appeared damp - I do not know, from tears or from sweat.

But I was happy

. I embraced him for a neck and burst out crying even more loudly.

When he asked

: “What dreamed you?“, I answered: “Nightmare!“

But did not begin to tell

to it.

Now I treat it absolutely in a different way. The socks thrown under a sofa, the plate left on a table etc. - for me happiness is simple. As I could not appreciate it! As I could cling to it! Life can strike so, so why I have to spend the time, the forces for such trifle as socks...

to me it was rather terrible

, terribly for the first time. I still am afraid to lose it.

you Appreciate

that you have.

P. S. History is based on real events. Accept my condolences, those who lost the relatives during bespredel around the world.