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Why to read to the child of the book?

That it grew the person, but not a humanoid. The head and heart all the same cannot remain empty. If they are not filled by books, they will be filled with television, gossips, a musical pop-music - anything. But then it the person can be expected not human, but average zombie behavior.

Now as the statistics shows, children read no more than 9 minutes a day. And read about 30 minutes a day twenty years ago. There was neither so strong television, nor series, nor computer games, nor the Internet, nor social networks earlier. And all this wildly devours time. Considering, as the school program became more conspirational, time for reading has not enough. Many in general slip reading as a development stage. Absolutely. Then make up for a maximum on magazines.

still the problem of the starting book Is. Some book has to start interest in reading, to take, carry away, become a step to books to more serious.

It is very important

when the father and the son, mother and the daughter can read the same book. That there was the general subject for conversation that it was possible to discuss something more important, than the next examination or the next large purchase.

the Book word will not be able to kill with

either the computer, or the TV. So far there are people who want to think and these people have children - the book will live. Another thing is that the book never was for all. Really from all population of Russia reads... Well, one quarter.

What books I read

to the children? The most different. Astrid Lindrgen “Carlson“, Kipling of “Mowgli“, Milne “Winnie - Down“, Nosov, Dragoon. From modern writers the most nice to me - Vladimir Sotnikov, Ekaterina Matyushkina, Elena Nesterina. Still we with children many times re-read Tatyana Levanova`s books.

we listen to

audiobooks Much. Now it is real to download them on the Internet in a large number. Some texts better are perceived aurally, than an eye. First I treated audiobooks with scepticism, but now I belong seriously.

Some books have soul. This soul - love which is enclosed in them. If to enclose love, then it will be absolutely material. How it will remain - unclear. In letters, in words, in lines? In sluggishness a current of prose? But it will remain and will be transferred.
it felt

Ya in the childhood when took in library near the October Field subway the book “Winnie - Down“. It was torn, chubby, but I very much loved her love the person who has to leave that he loves.

Then I bought

many “Pukhov“, but the most down Down with Ernest X`s drawings. Sheppard. It seems there is also in them nothing special, even clumsy some, now in almost any publishing house would reject for 100% as “not a glamour“ and “not a photoshop“, but the soul of the text somehow very much is transferred.

the Most my dear books of the last years is a book - the collection “Father Arseny“. It is possible to re-read it a huge number of times.

Very good book for youth - A. Torik`s “Dimon“. It is written very just in the literary relation, but there such huge charge of the imagination and is a lot of bright images that we read it with great pleasure. Now it is one of the most favourite books of my children. Still the excellent book “Father, Mother, Grandmother, Eight Children and Truck“ - about a large Scandinavian family.

I still an important point - the value of the book has no relation to literary skill. That is the beginner can write the successful, brilliant, hot book of huge value - only as flash, without having even the minimum experience, allowing repetitions, stylistic mistakes, having a poor lexicon etc. It is unimportant. And another, having literary muscles of the size of the house and a lexicon as at Shakespeare, will write ten books and... It will be muck because there will be no love. And without love - all a corpse. Why memoirs, books of the person about his childhood etc. are so successful? Because there is a love to material, to real people and there is a truthfulness of a detail, and the stylistics are a cosmetics of literature. Its value is not higher, than lipstick value.