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Pilots on service of babies of

Today Maclaren is considered one of the most successful enterprises which are engaged in production of baby carriages. The company cooperates many years with the mothercare brand. Thanks to this union carriages had additional accessories (head restraints, soft inserts for seats, overlays for seat belts, etc.) bilateral coverings of seats, holders for small bottles, sun-protection umbrellas.

Effective cooperation of the companies introduces amendments not only in functionality, but also in appearance of carriages. New coloring go over test drive in mothercare since buyers of this brand besides quality and safety of production with especially close attention treat also its style with success. The carriages developed especially for mothercare then are on sale worldwide and enjoy popularity at parents and in a small Spanish small village, and in the noisy megalopolis - such as, for example, New - York or Sydney. If you saw the inscription “Exclusively for mothercare“, you can be sure that this model of a carriage Maclaren conforms to all necessary requirements for functionality, to quality, safety and is at peak of fashionable tendencies.

the Maclaren Company always anticipates needs of consumers. These carriages are innovative, and the level of their safety 10 times more officially accepted standards for goods of motherhood and the childhood. Already 45 years of Maclaren - the legislator of new, more perfect quality standards, functionality and safety of folding carriages.

during existence of the company in a structure of carriages considerable evolution happened: there were a foot brake, elementary function of folding of a design one hand, hinged wheels with clamps, the five-dot seat belt, ergonomic handles reducing load of a brush, springs at forward and back wheels, water-repellent impregnation of materials, an adjustable back and a footboard. It is now each carriage possesses such characteristics but first all these inventions experts of Maclaren introduced. They thought up a removable covering of a seat which can be erased a basket for purchases, the raincoat which is completely closing the kid, peaks and windows with protection against the ultra-violet radiation of UVA and UVB, reflecting elements and many other things. The Maclaren company for the first time began to let out carriages for twins and model, compatible to automobile seats and baskets for newborns.

Modern parents cannot imagine life without easy folding carriage. They do not suspect that this invention would never appear if on light from generation the dreamers aspiring in heaven were not born in generation.

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what communication exists between aircraft and carriages? Everything began with the fact that the test pilot and the engineer of aircraft industry Owen McLaren in 1965 became a grandfather. The loving father and the grandfather, McLaren wanted to see as often as possible the daughter and the grandson who at that time carried out the most part of life to ways between England and America. Inconvenience to travel was added by a traditional bulky, rigid and inconvenient baby carriage. To ship it in the plane, the train and the car, inhuman efforts were required...

Owen McLaren very much wanted to facilitate road burdens the darling. Aviation experience helped to succeed in it, strangely enough, to it. The pilot even before World War II took part in development of frames and the fighters “Spitfayr“ bearing designs. Devices of planes McLaren decided to apply the knowledge in life. Inspired by the compact and ergonomic chassis of the fighter, the grandfather is a pilot invented essentially new folding frame for a baby carriage. Using light and strong materials, generally aluminum tubes, McLaren created the design allowing even to the largest and restless kid to be in safety and to feel comfortable. Compactness of carriages in the put state was reached at the expense of three-dimensional system of addition which it is accepted to call the fashionable term 3D now. In the put state the first carriages of Maclaren took no more place, than an umbrella or a cane. From here also the name of such models - a cane went. So thanks to love and care the first carriage - a stroller of Maclaren B - 01 appeared.

the Invention In - 01 became the real revolution which changed understanding of parents about carriages, walks and travel with the kid. In 1965 McLaren took out the patent for production of innovative carriages, and already two years later mass production of the first model began. Having been available for broad sale in 1967, the stroller instantly won popularity thanks to an easy frame, convenient handles, compactness and seat belts. A folding carriage it is powerful only three kilograms, taking places it is slightly more, than an umbrella, beyond all bounds expanded possibilities of parents to travel with the child: now it was possible to go anywhere and on any transport! Carriages of Maclaren became classics and the present for parents worldwide and entered the list of 100 best inventions of the XX century.

Dreaming to become similar to a bird and to fly in the sky, the person hardly thought of baby carriages. Evolution of aircraft contains hundreds of nice names of scientists, inventors and designers. The ancient Greek legend of Icarus who the first rose in the sky is perfectly known to all. The earliest documentary data on the principles of construction of cars for flights reached us in sketches and descriptions of a gelikopter, parachute and Leonardo da Vinci`s ornithopter. Whether great Leonardo thought that conquest of heaven will help to make revolution in a structure of baby carriages then? For certain not. However many centuries later the pilot Owen McLaren, based on the principles of aviaconstruction, not just made a carriage for the grandson, but created the direction, new to those times, in production which still did not lose the relevance.