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Camomile mood of

Till some time I especially did not think of personal care - youth and beauty were mine forever... Of course, I used the most advertized cosmetics, many novelties, especially without thinking of their influence on my skin.

After thirty I faced

many problems of skin, active aging and an allergy. For me it was shock. At the first moment I tried to solve a problem only folk remedies: the most improbable masks, house creams according to recipes from magazines and from the websites... Did various wrappings. Did not help. After a while I saw a doctor. I was helped by recommendations of the expert, partially the problem was in improper feeding and hormones. Now I already practically do not experiment with house recipes: today it is already not so actual, there is a huge number of the natural preparations at any price working with skin it is not worse, but saving time.

Ya I give preference to means with a camomile, I keep to a diet, I am fond of a contrast shower and I regularly do massage. Now became interested in nutrikosmetichesky preparations - I think, this excellent addition to leaving. The only thing that I left from all baggage of folk remedies and councils of girlfriends is a camomile! Camomile leaving creates great mood.

Every year in the summer I go to local cruises behind a camomile, usually with the girlfriend or the little daughter. We go out of town on wonderful meadows where under the sun the camomile in the company with field florets gains strength. And my purpose not only to dig huge fragrant bouquets, but also to roll about on a grass, to play with the wind and just to be glad to the sun and the whole world. It is a peculiar charge of a positive. Rest from the technogenic city. Camomile - these small flower suns - I the land on a balcony also do then of it broths. Perfectly camomile ice turns out. I use it for washing and in addition to tonics. And still I just adore also fragrant teas (it is vitamin and useful feed from within). So beauty and solar camomile mood all the year round turns out!

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