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Childbirth is a surprising event of

Ya long could not become pregnant. But at last everything turned out, and we with the husband looked forward to appearance of our kid. I wanted that everything passed most naturally and, of course, safely. From the doctor besides the qualified help there is a wish for attention and understanding, and during pregnancy especially. Unfortunately it is a rarity in many public institutions now. The girlfriend advised the 2nd maternity hospital (St.-Petersburg) and the doctor at whom she gave birth. I went for reception to K. M. Snachala it seemed to me quite strict, but then we discussed with it all questions concerning me, and I had a feeling of safety and confidence that everything obligatory will be good. It was very important for me. Still classes in preparation for childbirth very much helped. By the end of pregnancy I did not have neither doubts, nor fears.

I arrived To childbirth with very positive spirit. I very much wanted to give birth itself and without anesthesia. But we discussed with the doctor in advance that if intervention is required, then I will be at once given all necessary help.

When I arrived, fights were already strong and frequent. My doctor Ksana Mikhaelovna very much encouraged me, but at the same time strictly monitored all process. And in general all personnel very attentive and benevolent. Also it was very healthy that the husband was near always, his support and the help very much helped. He did me massage and watered a back in soul, said how to breathe when I was forgotten - by the way, it well anesthetizes and distracts from unpleasant feelings. And it is quiet when the loved one nearby. And all surveys and manipulations did not disturb will plunge into process of childbirth and not to think of anything.

B 17. 25 my son Romashka was born on October 19, 2011. Everything passed remarkably! As I also wanted.

us was transferred Then to postnatal office. We spent 5 days there. Very much it was pleasant, there was even no wish to leave. Comfortably - in separate chamber there is all necessary, diapers are given all hygienic means, shirts, a dressing gown, clothes for the child. The husband had not to drag from the house of a bag with linen and diapers. A toilet and a shower, as they say, “in number“ - it is very convenient. Purely and pleasantly. Still very much pleased food - just as at restaurant.

Many thanks to all personnel of postnatal office for leaving and care! Children`s doctors and nurses very attentive, explain everything, show. And midwifes very much helped at night when to us with the kid was “especially cheerful“. For these days I learned a lot of interesting and useful. To us made all necessary inspections, happy and happy wrote out home!

Separate many thanks of Paley Ksane Mikhaylovne, to all crew of delivery room and all personnel of maternity hospital for professionalism, good and harmonious work, care and attention! We will return to you for the daughter!

New life is a miracle! Childbirth is happiness! Of course, all people different and feelings at all different, and situations are at all different too. But a lot of things depend on ourselves. I consider that the positive spirit and the relation to childbirth not as to tortures is very important, and as to something very surprising! I cannot tell that it is not sick at all. Painfully, but it is tolerant. And at the last minute childbirth I felt even pleasant feelings. Anyway, it is worth it! Was not disappointed in labor at all. It is ready to repeat! I am happy! And I wish all health and good luck!

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