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I will be soon!

Each my pregnancy was planned. Before for the first time deciding to give birth to the child, we with the husband were thoroughly prepared. Registered in consultation to the geneticist, made the test on a blood type and a Rhesus factor - a factor, several analyses on infections and hormones... A month later I understood that I am pregnant. For greater confidence bought the test which showed two stripes in a drugstore.

So turned out that my parents had to have a porcelain wedding (20 years of joint life) any day. We with the husband, without thinking twice, bought them a card with an inscription “I will be soon...“ on which the sleeping kid flaunted. The pleasure of parents was not a limit, it was the best gift! Whether it is necessary to say that all evening passed in joyful memoirs from our childhood and dreams of future kid...

Pregnancy proceeded easily, toxicosis was practically not. I tried to be as much as possible in the fresh air: giving, greens, sea, warm sand... During pregnancy read books and magazines on the corresponding subjects. In 30 weeks began to attend courses for future mothers, there learned a lot of interesting. Exactly there the woman is told about what happens to her organism, learn to behave correctly at the time of delivery, give a set of useful tips on care of the child. There got acquainted with other mummies with whom we are on friendly terms and we communicate still.


When suited time to give birth, I was so prepared that did not feel either fear, or fear! It is probable therefore also childbirth took place easily, the tranquility and confidence helped me. The charming daughter was born!

there Passed four years, and we with the husband decided that it is time “to gather for the second“. And now my parents had a silver wedding, and the same gift: “I will be soon...“ .

But here pregnancy any more not that... Awful toxicosis from the very beginning - in two weeks grew thin for 2 kg! The acute bronchitis, temperature is under 40! Heartburn is intolerable! And by the end of pregnancy of a leg swelled so that even bedroom-slippers could not be put on. But we did not despond, talked to our kid, the daughter told him rhymes and fairy tales, and the father ironed puzenyu. In reply from a tummy received a kick.


A month before estimated term all necessary: a carriage, a bed, a dresser with a pelenalny little table, a tray and which - that from things. The only thing that was not decided to be bought is an envelope on an extract because to the last definitely did not know who we will have. The child did not wish to seem.


Exactly in 40 weeks at us gave birth the second girl! We with the husband always dreamed of three children, and now, being on 9 - oh to week of pregnancy, I am absolutely happy! At the end of October we will have one more lump of happiness!

Katya Solovyova