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Kind babayka of

Today to us the younger grandson on a visit came. Of course, it it will be necessary to spend the night at us. For us he is the most favourite guest, and he understands it. We with the husband become his age-mates. Almost everything is authorized to it.

there Comes dream time.

- Pavlik, go to bed, I to you laid in a small bedroom. there is no
- the woman I will sleep with you. I a babayka am afraid.

Again these babayka. I know, many young parents frighten children, inventing any evil spirits. They consider that it is so possible to achieve obedience. Of course, they are not right. Children cannot be frightened!

Dear grandson as it is possible to be afraid of the kindest and the sweetest babayek. You know, I just adore them. You want, I will tell you the fairy tale, about a family babayek. So, I begin: listen and be afraid of nothing.

On a green lawn
we Lodged - babayka.
On a clearing, for penky,
We built our house.
the White porch,
Well, and in the house an oven.
A on an oven - Russian cabbage soup yes porridge. Know
- it is our food.
On a table, starting up steam,
Costs a huge samovar.
we Love tea with cheese cakes
I different pampushkas.
Ya - a babayka, it - a babayka,
I she is a babayka too...
We are similar to gnomes.
we Like to play very much
I slightly - slightly to frighten people. But we do not frighten children by
of Kids we do not offend.
Here came from work mother,
A the sonny poured
I jam broke a window incidentally.
Mother of the kid abuses
I babayka frightens. her sonny everything listened to
A he closed then ears.
became terrible to the kid. You why the sonny you frighten by
I babayka frighten
? You would not frighten the son by
would tell the Fairy tale better.
Well, pat on the back,
What to do - it awkward,
It absolutely small,
is Slightly more than valenok.
there Will drop down kid to frighten, with the kid we Will play
we Will treat it with candy, we will shake
On a swing.
A in the winter we will play
I on the sledge snowballs we will take for a drive.
Will grow the kid big,
Courageous and brave. he people Will rescue
it Will fly to space,
Well, and can become the actor
- everything subject to it.
it Will serve as the tankman,
to Protect the country.
So you, mother, do not frighten - by
of the sonny a babayka!

Pavlik listened to my small tale about a babayka and safely one went to sleep.

- the Woman, and they are pleasant to me, they kind and, it seems to me, a little bit ridiculous. And volosik at them on the head, what color?

- Ryzhenkiye, such, as at you. And eyes golubenky, and nose kartoshechka.

- Ridiculous they, - Pavlik told and strong fell asleep.