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Man`s view of breastfeeding of

Parental happiness... We care for the little man, together we endure ups and downs, we hope, we trust, we strive, we dream, sometimes we become angry and we are indignant, but always - we love. Without false modesty I can carry myself to that type of men who very much try to care for the family. When we with the spouse were going to become parents, I promised himself to support her not only performance of “man`s“ duties, but also to lend the shoulder in such truly women stuff as breastfeeding. Of course, many difficulties which my wife had to experience stayed for me behind scenes. I can only represent, it was how difficult to put almost without assistance the child to a breast in maternity hospital, to patiently adjust this process in the first days, worrying for a food allowance, amount of milk and feedings, etc. But I know that my everyday small duties (to find the consultant for breastfeeding, to equip the convenient place, to buy suitable pillows) helped. The first 6 months of the life our kid ate only breast milk. And I could enjoy a wonderful show of a unification of mother and kid and to enjoy feeling of rest and tranquility, could dream of the future. Each parent surely imagines the future of the kid. Interests someone what it will be externally. Someone thinks of what family his son or the daughter will have. And it was always interesting to me how the breastfeeding miracle influences, its process on the future of the little man to which with milk of mother and aura of a surrounding situation thoughts, dreams and expectations of his parents, all its sort are transferred...

Me it seemed to

and it seems that in the first months of life everything that occurs around the child during feeding, most strongly is perceived by it and influences his further life. Minutes of feeding the kid is most carefree, joyful and can quietly perceive the events, let and at the subconscious level.

... Rehearsal in theater, the last row, my spouse feeds our kid. I look at a scene, at my dear family. Perhaps right now our kid learns to appreciate fine, to understand emotions and feelings of other people?

... The car, native landscapes behind a window, whiff of a breeze. The daughter with pleasure snuffles, eating a mother`s milk. Whether not now in it the inveterate traveler, the lover of the cheerful companies and picnics wakes up?

... Our cozy apartment, the working TV, the figure skating World Cup got for the period of feeding. Whether at this moment in the daughter the great trainer or the figure skater arises? The strangest minutes - minutes of feeding by a breast - our family always together, even if I not near my darlings. We think about each other and we know that all difficulties are surmountable. The miracle of breastfeeding made our family happier. And we are always glad to share a piece of this happiness with people around.