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The color fairy tale

I composed This fairy tale for the daughter that she remembered names of primary colors easier.


Somehow in Beautiful summer day cancer in RED sneakers moved back on sand; and on the sky flew, the ladybug from top to down looked.

- Ah, as BEAUTIFULLY, Beautifully! - the ladybug sang.

- the Beauty,“ - cancer thought about it.

A the ladybug continued to sing the simple song: “The RED flower, the RED decline - it is very colourful!“

By there passed a Beautiful boy in the RED suit, with Paints in hands. Also the boy of cancer in RED sneakers, the RED balloon, the RED sunset drew. Very BEAUTIFULLY and Colourfully it turned out!

---! - the bug to the Yellow flower flew up. Also the bug saw the boy`s drawing:

- Uzhzhzhzhasno! Where Yellow color?

- Yellow color? - the kid was surprised.

- Zhzhzhzhzh, the warmest and kind - Yellow color - answered the boy a bug.

- What a pity, - the boy thought about himself, - I do not know what it is Yellow color. Probably, same tasty as JELLY or egg Yolk. I will make a wish about YELLOW color.

I right there on a palette of the kid YELLOW paint appeared. Also the boy of the YELLOW chicken drew then, YELLOW drew the YELLOW sun, the YELLOW flower, the YELLOW balloon and even a bug! The boy - warm was delighted and kind his drawing turned out...

the kid Turned back

and saw that on his remarkable drawing the caterpillar tries to creep.

- it is not necessary to

, do not touch! - our little friend addressed a caterpillar.

- Hm, you will think drawing, tasteless some! - the caterpillar took offense.

- Why “tasteless“? - the boy was surprised.

- And where greens? Would draw leaves and a grass. Eh you! - the caterpillar answered it.

the kid Smiled to

, took paints and a brush and finished drawing in drawing GREEN parsley, the GREEN cucumber, GREEN a kiwi, the GREEN water-melon.

- I Understood, understood, - the little boy burst out laughing, - green color - the most tasty.

then collected by

A the color palette, brushes, an easel and decided to go home - to have dinner. Turned back and... It was painfully knocked by a forehead with other boy.

- Ouch - ouch - ouch, - the unfamiliar boy began to wail, - there will be BRUISE! BLUE, BLUE, BRUISE and a graze, mother Sinkoy will spread. Aaaaa!

- do not cry, - our little friend consoled it, - look better at the sky. What it is BLUE!

the Unfamiliar kid right there passed away because the BLUE sky and was valid surprising! Both boys joined hands and went together under the BLUE sky. Also they had all paints. And their world was bright and colourful because they are children!