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Carefully: cystitis of

that day of my daughter it was necessary to go to school to the third lesson therefore when I left for work in the morning, it still with pleasure fell down. Its call on mobile, distributed at 12 o`clock in the afternoon, strongly surprised me. What is? It has to be at a lesson! From a tube crying of my girl and weepingly illegible was distributed: “Mummy, I die!“ - “What happened?!“ - “I do not know, mothers, such pain, just intolerable went to a toilet, and here. Come soon!“ “Pyelonephritis“, - a lightning the dangerous guess rushed in my brain. And I already at full speed rushed home. Fortunately, with kidneys at the daughter everything was safe. It appeared, just cystitis.

Cystitis (a bladder inflammation) young ladies are ill generally.“ Are guilty“ of such injustice, first of all, of the anatomist - physiological features of a female organism. Namely a short and wide urethra - only several centimeters (young men have 25 centimeters). And still its arrangement - too close to natural sources of conditionally pathogenic microflora (a rectum, a vagina).


Characteristic symptoms of a disease is the broken, painful, frequent urination, and at times and severe pains over area of a pubis. Body temperature at the same time remains normal or slightly raised. The analysis of urine in which the maintenance of leukocytes will be increased will help to confirm existence of an inflammation. But to understand what infection caused a disease state, is necessary bacteriological crops.

different bacteria (colibacillus, staphylococcus, a streptococcus, enterokokk), and also viruses (for example, a virus of simple herpes) or specific activators, such as a hlamidiya, gonokokk, an ureaplasma, a mycoplasma can Provoke pathology. However, in spite of the fact that sexually transmitted infections often go hand in hand with cystitis, their presence is not obligatory at all. Though if the girl has sex, everything is better - besides analyses of urine, to it to make tests on STD. But most often (in 80% of cases) the disease is caused by colibacillus.

doctors appoint by

At an exacerbation of an illness a course of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity. Duration of a course of treatment and a dosage of a preparation remains an unconditional prerogative of the doctor.

cannot Cure cystitis herbs, but they can be used as additional therapy.

cannot Cure cystitis herbs, but they can be used as additional therapy. Among medicinal herbs diuretic effect a bear ear, rhizomes of an acorus marsh, bearberry leaves, a horsetail field, a thyme, mint, a marjoram, a St. John`s Wort, birch leaves and kidneys have.


it is Very useful at this infection a cranberry. This berry has powerful antibacterial potential. So as at an infection of a bladder it is necessary to drink as much as possible, best of all to use broths of herbs and a fruit drink from a cranberry.

Provokers of an illness

it Turns out p that there was cystitis, existence in an organism of pathogenic bacteria insufficiently. Presence at least of one of the contributing factors is also necessary. And their set. It can be:


Many constraining girls prefer to avoid toilets in public places and to wait to the house. Especially if toilet cabins are not equipped with doors. Such long-suffering can provoke infections of urinary tract.


About intimate hygiene wrote much. Girls have to wash genitalia with clear water not less than 2 times a day. Sometimes it is possible to use gentle, flavourless and additives, soap, and it is better - RN - neutral intimate gel. At the same time it is necessary to be washed away only by a hand (but not a bast or a sponge). And to do it strictly in front back, and not vice versa.

Still wants to be told here about what. Emergence of an infection can be connected also with the beginning of sex life. The reason and in infections, sexually transmitted, and in sexual contacts (postkoitalny cystitis). Therefore around the world teenagers are recommended to use two methods of contraception at the same time. The first, the most reliably protecting from pregnancy, are the combined contraceptives microdosed oral. And the second, warning sexually transmitted infections, is, of course, a condom. Use of such combination received the name “double Dutch method“ in world medical practice.

Dangerous fashion

to Girls the linen from 100% of cotton, synthetics - a minimum is desirable to carry

. Researches of the Italian doctors showed that frequent use of shorts - thongs increases risk of an inflammation of a bladder. The narrow string crashes into mucous, injures it why there can be an infection center. In this case microbes easily get into a bladder.

Besides, squeezing of gentle sites of skin where a large number of the nervous terminations is located can arise. Therefore for daily socks this model definitely does not approach. But if the young lady wishes to wear only such shorts, let at least buy them one size more. Not to irritate gentle skin, tight jeans and leggings are also not recommended.

Behind a mask of cystitis also other types of infections of urinary tract Exist. Pyelonephritis - an inflammation of renal fabric - the heaviest of them. It proves high temperature, a fever, vomiting, waist or stomach pains.
Pathology most often occurs at the girls who did not enter the “adult“ relations yet. It is possible to make the exact diagnosis only at research of urine on the maintenance of microbes in it.

Consultant: Tatyana Kaznacheeva, the obstetrician - the gynecologist, the associate professor of reproductive medicine and surgery of MGMSU