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Children`s suicide: when there is no wish in the Fortress of

the Subject which induced me to share the thoughts, alas, is not new. And is more offensive for those. Even more often more loudly, one behind another, the terrifying messages on suicides of children and teenagers began to appear. The reasons, insignificant in the opinion of adults, for each child are filled with the special sense, seem a very heavy burden, seem the never-ending evil. Children do not know that from any situation there is exit. It is sometimes difficult to find it since a way to it long and difficult.

the Guide to soul back streets at everyone the, many and at mature age are lost in a jungle of the feelings that to speak about the child? The sincere labyrinth for weak spirit of the teenager is often impassable, full of insidiousness, treacheries, deception, misunderstanding and infinite pain. The conductor is necessary. And the adult can only be this conductor. The loving adult.

the suicide Subject gains steam again; callousness and indifference twists the millstones. Let`s leave beyond the scope of article of the reason of suicide behavior, value of age, sex, education level, existence of predisposition and the other factors which are in detail described in specialized literature. I want to talk about another...

current - show Goes. At one of rural schools there was a tragedy: the child died. Wrote a note that the reason for that school and the class teacher, and, probably, without having found forces to reach the house, reached the next tree...

What words can express to

that pain in which any person whom this grief concerned chokes, chokes with excess of powerlessness, from - for impossibility to turn off a time ago. The death is irreversible. Adults know about it, children - often do not realize.

the Family accuses school, school - a family. The majority of audience supports a family. And it is clear: the grief of loss depreciates any arguments. From all directions sounds:“ The school has to bring up! “, “ teachers only complain of a low wage “, “ psychologists are obliged to interfere“. At last, one of guests of studio, the famous director, says: “Here I have three children! But I am not a teacher! I work all the time. What can I?“ And many so argue. This statement became the last argument in favor of writing of these lines. Whether yes you hear yourself, people?!

What I can?!

I Answer

: to take the responsibility for destiny of the children. And first of all - for their education, for formation of system of values, for ability to make the choice. In spite of the fact that you not the teacher. You are a parent, and it repeatedly is more! Also it is not necessary to say that you have no time. Time is a physical quantity. It is always! And in days always 24 hours regardless of the fact that you think about it. Another matter as you rasstanavlivat the priorities: 20 business hours plus 4 hours of a dream or all - are still options? If is not present, then let`s call things by their proper names: you decline all responsibility for hard laborious work on education of the children under socially approved mask “I am a workaholic!“ . In the opinion of colleagues - you, most likely, the person not indifferent. And in the opinion of the children? You in general there are?

People! Mothers! Fathers! Understand - any teacher, any psychologist will not replace fully a family to of your child. And the school a priori cannot replace it. The school has other functions, it is social institute. Of course, it brings up. Of course, it influences. Certainly, takes part in formation and formation of the identity of the child. Trains, educates, corrects, directs, corrects... Any school, be it strong, weak, good, bad, rural, city actively participates in process of socialization of the child the fact of the existence. But its role will never be decisive. It vospitatelno - the influencing opportunities, unfortunately, are limited... family. However, sometimes, what a sin to conceal, fortunately are limited. These are realities of life. So was, is and will be in any historical time, in any country. At schools people work, and people are different.

How many still has to die (not necessarily physically) children`s souls that adults understood: the school and a family complement each other, but do not replace, and especially do not resist.

of People - part of the nature. Any of us - unique creation. Who will argue with it? If to aim to grow up a unique tree in the usual environment, then only the right decision will be to create unique conditions for this tree. And not just one-time to create, and to carefully support their long time until the young plant becomes a strong tree with sprawling krone and strong roots, capable to sustain a bad weather, a drought, an icy cold, a storm and other misfortunes of that habitat, where to it to live. If some time to look after a plant, and then to doom him to a self-survival, then being a live organism, it will fight for the existence very much. For life everyone can have a different price, it the: the broken branch, the dried-up leaves, the bent trunk, lack of flowers, weak roots, eating by insects. Of course, it is possible to employ the gardener and to charge him care of the favourite. If the gardener skilled and his work not to disturb, then the result will be worthy. And if the gardener even if diplomaed, was inexperienced? Insensible? And if he was invited just late? Yes you never know still can be these “if“? And so there is a wish that your unique tree was big, strong, beautiful, healthy, fruitful, generous! And it it will be obligatory if it is correct to cultivate it, and it is a daily hard work. Important: voluntary work of the gardener not by training, and upon responsibility for the garden. Forced labor of such results will never give.

it is still more difficult than

In the world of people. We speak about uniqueness of each human life. Who can provide conditions for development of this uniqueness, its protection it is, more, than the creator of this uniqueness - mother and the father?

Mother and the father - the dearest persons, the kindest and reliable hands, the most gentle voices - they will always protect, all of them can, all of them are able. The home, native walls, a familiar smell of a mother`s cooking, favourite toys, books, sekretik is the most reliable fortress!

the Real family where the love governs, is desired during any vital bad weather, any human bad weather. This is a mink where warmly and comfortably where there is a wish to return where you will be always supported that with you it happened where it is possible to lick wounds, to ask the help, council, to gain strength for overcoming of any storms. Lack of such mink often pushes children and not only them, on rash acts, those irreversible actions.

the Child does not want to go home - and it is already powerful signal of tragedy of its destiny. And this signal is visible long before the tragedy. For this reason many dramas manage to be prevented. By forces of the same school, agencies of guardianship, militias, public. Many, but not all.

Because school, agencies of guardianship, militia, the public - everyone separately and all combined - can never replace with

a family.