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Children`s club: how to open and make profitable

the Idea to open the children`s club appeared at me when I stayed at home with the two-year-old son. It was very boring for me. Almost all mothers having small children know what I speak about: you turn the whole day, there is no time to sit down, and substantial in life there is nothing. The brain is disconnected, begin to live on an automatic pilot and, naturally, gradually to degrade.

For some reason in this situation the fact that I had nothing to tell the husband when it came from work in the evening especially depressed and asked how at me put that new.

I tried to Combine work and education of the small child too. In six months after the son`s birth I found the nurse and went to work. I plainly do not remember the next year of the life, but I can partially restore according to photos. The rumpled person, the squeezeed-out smile. The child should pay attention, it is necessary to work, the nurse nearly should give all salary. The first and second turned out badly, the third - is good, but without pleasure.

Here then I also had a thought that it is necessary to open the business, namely the small children`s center - the beautiful, cozy and well equipped place where friendly and very professional teachers will give the developing classes with children of a year to school age. Besides at the future work I will be able to spend time with own child and I will have no such tough schedule, as during the hired work.

On a family council I raised a question of that to put the money intended for purchase of the new car on my use. I solemnly took out from a dressing gown pocket the document made at sleepless night - “business - the plan“, written on a half of a writing-book leaf. It worked - I received “good“ and began to act.

the Preparatory stage dragged on for one and a half years - I studied laws, regulations and techniques of early development of children in detail; looked for the room, was engaged industrial in espionage in other clubs.

Then: - also came back home the CEO, the administrator, the sales manager, the cleaner, the driver, the billposter and the distributor of leaflets, the teacher of English, the site administrator to ten o`clock in the evening.

Then the conflict with partners after which I had to start business from scratch again happened. There were mistakes in accounts department, in pricing, in marketing - all this cost to me more than two million rubles, two nervous breakdowns and a big box with antidepressants.

to Open children`s club and to bring him round it appeared not easy. Now I understand that it occurred from - for lack of a small amount of knowledge. I with confidence can declare that children`s club - at all not Newton binomial. I think, it is much easier to open it, than beauty shop, flower studio, agency on the organizations of holidays or gift shop.

to organize children`s club, it is not necessary to buy expensive equipment: refrigerators for flowers, as in flower studio, laser devices, as in beauty shop. It is not obligatory to be professor of economy at all - it to make common sense, organization, ability to training enough. And that the most attractive, big money is not required: for opening of small children`s studio it is enough to invest several thousands of dollars (it concerns to those who, unlike me, are not going “to mess up“ continually).

By the way, now very successful moment for opening of children`s club. For this purpose there are at least four reasons.

Reason № 1.

More and more parents understand that investments into development and education of the child - a safe investment of money. At the same time they realize that the good education costs money, it should not be free or cheap.

Reason № 2.

Education becomes earlier. Parents do not need to explain any more that it is necessary as soon as possible to begin to develop attention, memory, logic of the child, to work on his socialization and creative abilities. The developing occupations for children aged from a year and are even younger cease to seem exotic as it was a few years ago. Many drive children on occupations even after kindergarten. They understand that in a usual garden where in group from 15 to 30 people, their child will not receive such attention and such quality of pedagogical work, as in good children`s club.

Reason № 3.

In many cities of Russia the real baby - boom. Walk on playgrounds in a sunny day, and you will need no statistics. All whom you will see there, - your future clients.

Reason № 4.

of Children`s clubs every day becomes strong more and more. But all the same it is not enough of them, besides the majority of them absolutely kustarno. Many parents like idea of early development, but they do not accept quality of occupations in clubs. They with pleasure will agree also to preparation for school, both on languages, and on creativity - if only level was worthy.


Ya it is sure that in several years the number of children`s clubs will be comparable to the number of beauty shops. If now in the dormitory areas of Moscow, on my supervision, beauty shops are located in every fifth house, then very soon houses will fall on each 10 - 15 on one children`s club.

the Children`s club will become a habitual part of the life of young families. Parents will send almost automatically children for the developing occupations in 1 - 2 - summer age. There will be senseless a question whether to drive the child on occupations after kindergarten, - of course to drive! Mothers and fathers will wean to celebrate birthdays of the children in apartments - why to give own housing when it is possible to charge carrying out a holiday to professionals in the special placement on worry?

A lot of things say

that children`s club - the perspective direction for business. But for me put not only in money. This also just pleasant business.

Me very much it is pleasant to p that work of my company is connected with children. The efforts enclosed in their development always bring big, pleasant, and often - simply amazing results. The three-year-old child who gives all classes in English, sitting a nose to a wall, after a lesson rushes to the father in the car and begins to retell with enthusiasm to it all lesson. The two-year-old girl screaming blue murder almost always and without visible occasion after several usual classes in development (of course, individual) becomes the quiet, balanced child. The boy who was two years old recently, reads disyllables on Zaytsev`s cubes. The clamped “wolf cub“ who was afraid to cross a threshold of club in a month becomes a star of group. Similar cases every time amaze and please.

Besides, “profession“ of the head of children`s club does not stir, and helps to be good mother. I constantly “cook“ in a subject of children`s education and psychology that is useful for any parent.

U me own source of the income is - the club brings not enormous, but stable profit. I have free time to take care of the own life and own children.

I, at last, the most important (for what all was also started as you understand) - at me always is now what to tell the husband when he asks in the evening: “What new?“ By the way, in my opinion, it asks this question less frequently. Perhaps because the answer turns out too long?

From the book “Children`s club: how to open and make profitable“