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Dairy and meat

Never loved and did not drink milk. And in general always I refuse all dairy - I do not love. But so it turned out that when I gave birth to the son Romka, I had a lot of milk. And in maternity hospital in one chamber with me the girl at whom the daughter cried all the time lay. And the doctor told us that she lacks milk, and called me “dairy“ of - for a large amount of milk, and my neigbour - “meat“.

the Son did not want to take

a breast because it was very big and firm, he just could not make it. And I in hospital learned to decant three days milk. But there is a lot of it that I had to do it constantly. But then, when the son began to suck a breast, felt such simplification - the breast became almost empty and easy. For me it was such pleasure.

But here also problems began

. Nipples began to burst, and it was very sick to give to the son a breast. It was necessary to oil nipples sea-buckthorn. But when pain passed, it was very pleasant to look at the kid who sucks a breast. Though the son also ate much, but milk every day became more and more. I tried not to drink a lot of water, but all the same I had to decant milk constantly. Mother constantly bought to me nuts that milk was fat. I tried to eat properly that milk was useful. I wanted to accustom the son to dairy mix that it was possible to leave him with mother while I leave on affairs. But he did not want to eat it.

One night I prepared for

mix in a small bottle and decided to give it to the son. Thought, with half asleep it will not understand that it is not a breast, and a pacifier. And when he woke up, I several times tried to give him a small bottle, but he did not take it. It was necessary to nurse further it and to stay at home constantly.

the Son grew at the obedient and not whimsical boy. But when time to disaccustom it to a breast came, I very much worried. According to stories of girlfriends, it at milestones not so easily turns out. But at me it turned out very simply and quickly. The son was 1,5 years old. Once, going to bed, I just did not give it a breast. We laid down nearby, and I began to tell it fairy tales, and he fell asleep without breast! For me it was shock. Next day I did not begin to give it a breast, and just decanted milk: decided to look that will be for the second night. In the evening we also laid down, I began to tell fairy tales, and he fell asleep without breast again. In the morning I decanted milk and tied up a breast. Here so easily and quickly he was disaccustomed to a breast. Did not ask any more.

When me is asked about feeding by a breast as it at me occurred, I do not remember about pain, about small troubles. I always remember how my son, lying at me on hands, sucked a breast. Such pretty, pretty and all mine.

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