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Fraternal affection and jealousy of

How to construct the relations with the senior child if in a family one more kid appeared?

In your family pleasure - the second child was born. You are happy. And, of course, you consider self-evident that all have to share your happiness. Both husband, and parents, and your firstborn. It is so remarkable - to have the younger brother or the little sister. The senior child will care for younger, to help it, to play with it. However often the birth of the younger child in a family appears for the senior not pleasure, but very severe stress. And if parents do not manage to understand a condition of the child in time and to help it to cope with a situation, consequences can be not the most pleasant.

For you it seems to

obvious that the child has to, in - the first, to rejoice to the birth of the kid. In - the second, has to understand that it already big, and is required to the small child more than your care, than to it. But the senior - does not mean the adult. If it is not prepared for the birth of the brother or sister if you lose with it contact for that time until you are absorbed by the newborn, for it this situation will look absolutely in a different way. The world which you created around your child failed. Just it was small, only and favourite. And suddenly suddenly grew, and someone gets all your love to another. He begins to be jealous of younger.

to the Child it seems to

that small to be very good, all love it just like that, all admire it, care for it, demand nothing from it. The child can begin to show the behavior that it needs your care too, can be capricious or misbehave to draw your attention. Can even try to vent the indignation on the younger child. It is very important to understand feelings of the senior and not to punish him for it, not to ignore acts, and to talk. Depends only on you whether appearance of the new child in a family will become the general pleasure.

In - the first, it is necessary to prepare the child for the birth of the second kid in advance. It is necessary to explain that family life will change now. Tell it as it is exciting - to have the brother or the sister, together it will be more interesting to it to play. Explain that you hope for its help that without it to you for anything not to cope. Be interested in opinion of the child: as we will call the little sister what we will choose for her a bed. When the kid is born, do not forget that the senior child needs still your attention. Do not demand from it too much, do not ignore it, try to involve the senior child in process of care of younger softly. But do not charge it with too complex challenges. Also do not forget to praise.

to reduce influence of a stress on your senior child, it is possible to give it the special children`s sedative, for example, “children`s Tenoten“ developed on the basis of technology of midget doses. The preparation has the soft calming effect, does not cause side effects, drowsiness and block. Tenoten Detsky also improves memory and concentration of attention that allows your kid to develop and show the abilities harmoniously.


Main, do not forget to express as often as possible approval and love, and then the child will not doubt whether you love it still.

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