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Each woman wants to look beautiful and well-groomed. But not always on it there is time. On visit of the cosmetologist it is necessary not less than an hour, and plus the road takes time.

When I gave birth to the son, I lacked for anything time. There was a lot of milk therefore I on long just could not leave the house. And what to do? I found a way out.

All those procedures which were carried out in beauty shop I remembered

, just replaced some masks on, house. At first, as soon as the child fell asleep, I right there did a steam tray for the person. Added a camomile or a yarrow there. On it ten minutes left. Then on a tablespoon I heated honey over gas and when it became lukewarm, I put it on a face. Also went so too somewhere minutes ten. At this time went about the own business, brought house order, cleaned up in the nursery. Then, standing near a mirror, I did by the patting movements of hands a facial massage. As honey sticky, it stuck to hands, and thanks to it skin stretched and came back to a former state a little. Minutes five massage, and then washed away honey from a face. Skin after honey became such smooth and gentle! I do such massage also without steam tray. Just when I see that skin looks good not really, at once I smear with honey. And it is still good if a day before it to use a face scrub.

I Alternated this process to other mask which too very much is pleasant to me. In a cup it is necessary to fill a little salt and as much soda, to add soapsuds from a laundry soap. To mix everything and to put on a face, to leave on three - five minutes. When begins to pinch, the mask needs to be washed away. This mask well bleaches a face and clears skin of spots. But I do such mask only once a week. More than any masks I did not do as these two the best because the result is visible at once. They take not enough time, it is possible to manage to make everything on the house and to look for all 100%. I consider that it is possible to look the well-groomed woman and without resorting to services of the cosmetologist, without wasting on it many means and efforts.

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