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The baby on a sphere of

of Newly made parents always occupied a question that, actually, with the baby to do the whole day when to learn to float, draw, read. Today, fortunately, I am eager to develop the beloved child easily to satisfy - there would be a desire, money and time. I happened to test the period of postnatal euphoria too and to oblazit all RuNet in search of something developing. Everywhere danger of a hypodynamia and weakness of the mature baby in the concrete jungle seemed to me.

I Will tell


honestly, tried a lot of things: a dinamichka (we twist still), diving (threw after giving), massage (in the mode non - stop), a trapeze and short flights of stairs, prygunka and “obstacle course“. However the usual rubber ball with “moustaches“ or “horns“ as it is pleasant to whom to which the fitball soon increased (or an orthopedic ball on - Soviet) became the favourite. In the diameter of 60 - 70 cm of a bright coloring from dense rubber I bought this ball literally in a week after the delivery, and since then is a favourite toy and that is important, a sports shell for my kid.

Advantages of a fitball are compactness (it is blown off easily and it develops), ease and universality in use, a bright toy, furniture, massage “table“, a shell and a ball, actually, modest price (from 200 to 700 rubles). We took this ball with ourselves to the Sea of Azov as the watercraft for a cub, dragged on the dacha, then lodged in the apartment. Occupations with the baby on a fitball help “to straighten legs“, train a vestibular mechanism, besides, it is good prevention of diseases oporno - motive system. Absolutely tiny pull a head, having appeared on a step, and one-year-old “hoduna“ already jump on a ball.

I Will share experience, and I will tell about some exercises for the kid on a fitball (about mother you watch the previous article).

  1. To and fro on a stomach
    the Kid lies on a ball a tummy down, mother or the father put a hand to it on a back, holding the baby and shaking it on a fitball forward - back, to the right and to the left. Then around. This exercise helps to cope with “GAZ cars“ provided that it is carried out in 30 - 40 minutes after food.“ To and fro “-perfectly trains a vestibular mechanism. Do, so far to a cub or you will not bother.
  2. To and fro on a back (with 3 - x months)
    turn the baby Now and put it on a back. You will see at once as it strains a press, trying to rise. Too shake in different directions, relaxing back muscles. In general a fitball - very valuable shell for relaxation and prevention micro - shifts of vertebras.
  3. A spring
    the Kid lies a stomach down on a ball. Here the correct capture of legs is required - such captures by “fork“ are applied in dynamic gymnastics (see“ Infancy ecology“ M. Trunova and L. Kitayev or go to occupations to Leonid Kitayev to “Jewelry“). You clamp an anklebone between an index and middle finger. The thumb “closes“ a ring around the child`s leg. If the description of capture seems too difficult, just take the baby for anklebones, and you wait when it straightens legs, making a start from your palms. Jumps - springs turn out. In three - five months of the child begin to enjoy such exercises, help you. The spring can be done also on a back, then the six-month-old kid usually seeks to rise - the necessary muscles as a result work.
  4. For sedentary and walking babies there is an exercise more difficult - “Wheelbarrow“ - a stomach down.
    the Child rests hands against a ball (or takes for rubber moustaches“), and you raise legs as though you have in hands “wheelbarrow“. Sometimes it is difficult to keep balance.
  5. “Pryg - skok“
    From any age, you put the kid on a ball - not important, a stomach or a back down. The opened palm from above as in the first exercise also you spring the kid together with a ball, singing along “pryg - skok, pryg - skok, the ceiling fell off“. However, you should not realize lyrics... Repair is expensive now.
  6. Extensions
    of the Variation on the first exercise. We swing the kid on a ball only sideways - right and left, in “frog“ on a back / when legs are attracted to a tummy.
  7. On tiptoe
    With the one-year-old child (and the senior children) can resemble on a ball with your insurance. The kid gets up on a ball, you hold it for handles (a shell you fix knees), and the child tries to go. So the ankle joint and ability to hold balance trains. Exercise can be complicated: having asked the child to rise on tiptoe as the girl Picasso.
  8. A frog
    the Kid sits down on a ball, holding himself legs, and tries to jump, sitting on it. You insure. Krom of balancing act a ball we use
    as a toy - throwing each other, rolling it on the ground or a floor. I show how the ball is lifted, thrown. Usually the laughter does not stop.

Here such cheerful ball!