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VPCh - an onkogenny virus

by What is dangerous a virus of papilloma of the person? Why it recognized onkogenny? What communication between VPCh and a cancer of a neck of a uterus? How the human papillomavirus infection and how it is better to treat it is transmitted? The gynecologist of “The center of modern medicine“ Natalya Tsoi tells.

of VPCh and the Nobel Prize

of VPCh is a viral infection which affects epitelialny fabrics and leads to formation of warts on skin (papillomas) and mucous membranes (condylomas). Long time this virus was considered harmless until in 70 - x years of the 20th century it was found in tissues of a neck of a uterus, cancer-stricken: all histologic copies comprised DNA of virus particles. The German scientist Harold tsur Hauzen who conducted these researches in 2008 got the Nobel Prize on medicine. He managed to prove that the virus of papilloma of the person 16 - go and 18 - go type - onkogenny and can cause a uterus neck cancer. Before this opening cancer regeneration of cages was connected with a herpes virus. But it turned out that it not so.

It is interesting to

of the Way of infection of VPCh by

! Found out that about 60 VPCh types affect skin and cause emergence of warts, and other, about 40, affect mucous membranes of a vagina, a neck of a uterus, genitalia, crotch skin, and also an oral cavity, language, a throat, a gullet and - according to the latest data - an eye.

B the subsequent found more than 100 types of VPCh, from them about 40 affect mucous membranes. VPCh is transmitted from the person to the person at sexual contact or a vertical method, when passing the child through patrimonial ways. During pregnancy of infection of a fruit does not occur, but at the time of delivery there is a probability of hit of a virus in airways of the child. However, there is it extremely seldom, in one case from 10000.

Natalya Tsoi, gynecologist (“Center of modern medicine“):“ Revealed that there are 3 VPCh types: viruses of the first type are harmless and do not cause either warts, or a uterus neck cancer; viruses of the second type are dangerous in respect of emergence of warts; and viruses of the third type are dangerous in respect of emergence of cancer of genitals and most often cause a uterus neck cancer. From this onkogenny group allocated two subgroups: VPCh with high cancerogenic risk (13 viruses), and VPCh with low risk of emergence of cancer cells (5 viruses)“.

Why VPCh causes a uterus neck cancer?

of VPCh puts in bazalny layers of epitelialny cages and in the beginning is in a cage separately from nuclear material (an episomalny form), in this case it can cause emergence of condylomas, and can proceed asymptomatically. VPCh of onkogenny groups connects to cage DNA (the integrated form) eventually owing to what there is a uterus neck dysplasia (treats precancer diseases). Cages begin to secrete E6 and E7 onkogenny proteins which lead to reprogramming of cages of an epithelium of the owner, and those can already start process of aggressive growth and reproduction of atypical cages. But if immunity strong, it copes with a situation. And if there is no genetic predisposition, the cancer of a neck of a uterus does not arise even if the virus of papilloma of the person led to rather heavy dysplasia. It is already proved already that the main part of diseases is connected with this or that genetic predisposition.

Who is ill

more often?

It appears h2, 80% of modern women ever had viral infections. Chaotic or unprotected sexual communications, early sexual activity - all this led to the fact that the number of the diseases and complications caused by VPCh grew in tens of times. Most often the cancer of a neck of a uterus arises at girls who early began to have sex when the immune system is not so perfect, the uterus neck was not up to the end created, the hormonal status not up to the end was established. They are more subject to viral diseases and are ill more often than others. Smoking, alcohol, a drug taking - all this additional risk factors of infection of VPCh - an infection.

As VPCh treat?

In general any human papillomavirus viral infection at young women (20 - 30 years) in of 60 - 70% cases in a year can already eliminirovat

a cavity, that is leave an organism. And without special treatment, due to own immunity. But, naturally, at correctly chosen treatment tactics the percent of such happy end is much higher - to 90%.

At each doctor the tactics of maintaining, but is certain bases on which it is necessary to lean at treatment. Treatment has to be complex, that is besides surgical destructive methods the antiviral, immunomodulatory, all-strengthening therapy is obligatory. Both partners need to carry out treatment, at the same time it is recommended to use condoms and to exclude oral sex before full removal of VPCh at partners.

Prevention of VPCh and a cancer of a neck of a uterus

It is undoubted, it is necessary to apply “old kind“ preventive measures: ispolzovatprezervativa that considerably reduces probability of infection, however does not ensure 100% of safety. Virus particles can settle down not only on skin of genitals, but also in a crotch therefore infection is possible even in the presence of a condom, through microdamages on skin and mucous. Remember that it is important to avoid casual sexual contacts, in due time to make tests and to show consideration both for own health, and for health of the sexual partner.

Smoking and VPCh

In 2004. The international agency of oncological researches included a uterus neck cancer in the list of the diseases connected with the tobacco use. Smoking exerts impact on an incidence and prevalence of a human papillomavirus infection, it correlates with a tservikalny intraepitelialny neoplasia and an invasive cancer of a neck of a uterus. On onkogenez various factors connected with the tobacco use especially those which have local cancerogenic effect influence and locally suppress immunity.

of the Vaccine from VPCh

Future - behind inoculations from VPCh and a cancer of a neck of a uterus. The kvadravaktsina in which there is a protection against four VChP (6,11,16,18) types is already applied. And 6 - oh and 11 - y type - one of the most widespread VPCh which are more often than others cause emergence of condylomas, and 16 - y and 18 - y the VPCh types - the most onkogenny, in 70% the cancer of a neck of a uterus is caused by these types. Unique feature of this vaccine is that it gives cross protection and against other onkogenny viruses (31, 33, 35, 45) and in 90% of cases excludes emergence of cancer of neck of a uterus. At the same time vaccination has to be carried out if the woman has no VPCh 6,11,16 and 18 of types.

At what age to carry out by


If was said earlier that it is necessary to carry out vaccination from 9 to 15 years, then now very many experts hold the opinion that from VPCh it is possible to impart both in 25, and in 35, and in 45 years, that is practically at any age.

As for vaccination of young people, about it information has not enough, but vaccination of men is also desirable, in some cases they have manifestations of VPCh - an infection.

the opinion that the cancer of a penis is caused by onkogenny types a virus of papilloma of the person Is, and in literature more and more data on communication of VPCh with a cancer of a throat and an oral cavity at men appear recently. Now even say that some types of cancer of mammary glands are connected with VPCh. Therefore it is necessary to vaccinate all.