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People of the earth

They live in rural areas, work at fields and farms from early morning to late evening. Exactly thanks to them on our tables there are always fresh bread and tasty milk.

the Personnel question

In agriculture a situation today difficult. The state tries to support agricultural producers, but shortage of qualified personnel remains their main problem. To attract youth with education in this branch not so easily. Having disaccustomed at university in the city, not all decide to leave and devote the life to the village.

In most cases these professions are chosen by children from rural areas. They well know what is crops and harvesting, are able to dig the earth, to plant plants, to milk cows. The children who grew up in villages with love treat animals and the nature. Their parents most often too work on the earth.

Is, of course, among toilers of the village and an exception. Quite often in agriculture people city go to work. So, the president of Russian Farms group of companies Andrey Danilenko was born in San - Frantsisko (USA), but now lives in Russia and is engaged in production and processing of milk. Its holding - one of the most successful among agricultural enterprises of the country. So the children who grew up in megalopolises should not be afraid of agrarian professions - and if there is a desire to work at the village, it is worth trying.


In agriculture engaged a large number of people. Part of them - milkmaids, cattlemen, vegetable growers - have working professions which do not demand the higher education. We will talk about those experts for whom preparation in higher education institutions is necessary for work.

Agriculture includes two main directions - plant growing and animal husbandry, and each of these spheres assumes the circle of professions.

As you will seed also that you will reap

of the Enterprise, going in for plant growing, grow up grain, forage, vegetable crops, grapes, mushrooms. The chief specialist in such organizations the agronomist is considered. He will organize crops of field cultures, develops technologies for pest control, diseases of plants and weeds, monitors performance of work on collecting, transportation and storage of a harvest. On his shoulders all responsibility for work in the field lies.

the agrochemist is engaged in

in Fertilizer and increase of fertility of soils, optimization of food of plants. This expert can increase productivity of cultures, make production of agriculture better.

Other important workers in plant growing are machine operators and mechanics. Today all main works in the village - from plowing of the earth before harvesting - are carried out by cars. It is a modern and difficult technique - combines, tractors, seeders, mowers. Only well trained staff can serve them. It is very important that the agricultural machinery always was ready in time to work, that depends on its serviceability, how fast there will take place crops or harvesting. Therefore work of the good mechanic - always in the price.

Work with a livestock

Animal husbandry is engaged in cultivation of farm animals. It is interesting that the branch includes not only the enterprises which are engaged in cultivation of cattle, but also economy where grow up bees, rabbits, fish, a bird. One of the major professions in animal husbandry - the zooengineer. This person is engaged in cultivation, feeding and keeping of farm animals. The zooengineer conducts a lot of work on improvement of structure of herd, increase in number of pedigree animals. Under the leadership of this expert the whole platoon of workers of a farm - livestock specialists, operators of machine milking, operators of shops on preparation of forages works.

to Give to

high milk yield and steadily only healthy animals can put on weight. The health of inhabitants of a farm is watched by the veterinarian. Nobody will argue that people should go to this profession with calling - to treat cows and sheep, it is necessary not only to know about diseases and drugs for them, but also to love and understand animals.

the Special profession

needs Separately to consider the farmer`s profession. For the person who chose to himself this path, farming - business of life. Having received the earth for rent, the farmer will organize on it economy - begins to grow up grain, cattle or a bird. Correctly to process case and to make it profitable, to it, in fact, it is necessary to own several specialties - not only to be able to grow up a harvest or to look behind herd, but also to keep accounting, to employ workers, to sell the received production.

it is better than

- in agrarian higher education institution

If you decided to connect the life with agriculture, it is better to go toy agricultural university. The benefit, in our country such higher education institutions is almost in each region. If to speak about the best agricultural university then, certainly, the Russian state agricultural university - MSHA of K. A. Timiryazev is in the lead (Moscow). If the school student decided to come to the main agricultural academy of the country, the faculty of pre-university preparation where short-term and long-term courses for entrants are conducted will help to be prepared for tests to him.

Quite good level and at agrarian higher education institutions in regions. For example, in a rating of higher education institutions of Russia of 2011 which was made by RIA Novosti and Higher School of Economics the second place among agrarian higher education institutions was taken by the Kuban state agricultural university, and the fourth and fifth place - the Ural state academy of veterinary medicine (Troitsk) and the Saratov state agricultural university.

As for receipt in agrarian higher education institution, it is simple to make

. Recently the research “With What Points Graduates Went to the Agrarian Universities?“ was conducted Its results showed that entrants - agrarians gained rather low marks in the Unified State Examination. Only to the leader of a rating, the Bashkir state agricultural university it was succeeded to overcome an average level on USE of 60 points.

With the emphasis on practice

Training in agricultural universities is provided according to similar programs. Part of objects which are studied by children, general education, and part - in the specialty.

Should note

that all agrarian higher education institutions place emphasis on practical training of the students. Not to turn out to become the agronomist if you never sowed grain, or the mechanic if you did not disassemble the tractor engine. The majority of educational institutions have the technological parks, botanical gardens, uchebno - pilot farms, veterinary clinics.

Science and technology parks appeared in agrarian higher education institutions not so long ago. These are platforms on which students and teachers are engaged in development of innovative technologies, carrying out experiments. So, in the Saratov state agricultural university there is a science and technology park of “Volgoagrotekhnik“. These are several laboratories and productions which carry out scientific and research work and introduce the developments at the enterprises.

the special attention is paid by

in the course of study in higher education institution to summer work practice. Students have an opportunity to go to work to agricultural enterprise or large-scale farm, in reality to see how the situation in agriculture is. The Kazan state academy of veterinary medicine of N. E. Bauman, for example, has contracts on carrying out practice with the large enterprises of Tatarstan - JSC VAMIN-Tatarstan, JSC Krasny Vostok-Agro, the Gold Ear holding company, CJSC Tatplodovoshchprom and others.

Some firms come to agrarian higher education institutions and give a practical training for students. The CLAAS company last year held the All-Russian Olympic Games. In all higher education institutions of the country tests for students of the third, fourth year of faculties of mechanization of agriculture were distributed. Finalists were brought together at a seminar on the basis of the Russian plant LLC KLAAS in Krasnodar within which played lectures, business games, round tables. Producers of the German agricultural machinery told young people about a condition of agriculture in the world, about modern agricultural machinery, about prospects of a profession of mechanics.

agrarian higher education institutions and programs of agricultural training abroad Can brag of

. At the same time not only short trips of students abroad - for three months, but also longer - about one year are encouraged. The pupil can take the academic vacation, go, let us assume, to a mink farm in Denmark and in a year to participate in a full cycle of fur farming - to see how animals are born as they grow. What is important, during training young people get a monthly grant so it is possible not only to accumulate experience, but also to earn money.

the Permit in the field

Many young people and their parents are sure by

that in agriculture today the situation is badly. But the era of Perestroika collective farms remained behind. In branch large and average agroholdings, strong farms work. Over the last ten years in the village a lot of things changed - innovative technologies came here. Over the country large number of profitable and modern agricultural enterprises, such as CJSC Agrokompleks (production of milk), CJSC Omsky bekon (cultivation of pigs), LLC South of Russia Agrounion (cultivation of sunflower), JSC Dobrynya (production of sugar beet).

and on farms manual skills are used by

In fields minimum, almost all works are performed by cars. To take a modern farm on which grow up pigs for an example. On it everything is automated to trifles - feeding, a navozoudaleniye, adjustment of temperature. In rooms of a farm ideally purely, light-, workers walk in white dressing gowns.


Of course, beginning career in agriculture, it is necessary to be ready to live in rural areas. It is difficult to make up the mind to this step, all cultural life - the cinema, theaters, concert venues - are located in the large cities. But it is possible to refuse to itself these pleasures especially as the Internet covered almost all territory of our country and even in the remote villages there is an access to the network. Besides large agricultural enterprises are most often located near megalopolises: in total - it is sales markets for production.

Connecting by

life with agriculture, it is necessary to know also that working conditions in this branch never were at the high level. The majority of agrarian professions belong to The Person - the Nature type - it means that a lot of things in work on fields and farms depend on weather conditions, on a condition of animals. Agronomists during a sowing campaign should work the whole nights, and to the zooengineer - to rise at five in the morning to check feeding of cows. But all these victims, be sure, are worth it once to see how wheat came into ear, or to take on hands of just been born pig.